America’s Top 20 Best Mountain Bike Towns

Biking tours are an excellent way for people to explore various destinations. To nurture a serious biking culture, a destination needs to be more than just day to day high-quality trails. The outlined 20 spectacular mountain bike destination around America offers you a full bucket list of rides, a fascinating range of outdoor recreations, recently mapped out trail development, lots of fun, and out of these world bike friendly rides.

1. East Burke, Vermont

East Burke, Vermont

East Burke, Vermont is the best place for riders to take bike tours in England. Bike magazine readers rated the Kingdom Trail as among the excellent mountain bike trails. Dirt Rag Magazines, on the other hand, referred to the area as a premier mountain bicycle destination around the East Coast.

The buffed and soft single-track which winds from around Darling Hill Ridge and down to the Passumpsic River combines it with technical bike tracks on Burke Mountain forming more than 100 miles of entirely designed multi-use roads. One among the best recent cross-country descents, the Skydive to Swan Dive, moves from the wide-open glades hardwood into the mossy spruce trees, flowing along the terrain’s natural path. The lift-access Burke Mountain Bike Park around the ski area provides 2000 vertical foot steep downhill trails.

Accessing the trails from the East Burke is easy. The riding path as mentioned earlier is a fast pedal from the village, which has a gazebo, a library lawn and a babbling brook as the down town's centerpiece appearing on a postcard of Vermont is what one can just imagine.

2. Sun Valley, Idaho

Sun Valley, Idaho

Sun Valley is among the most famous riding places. It is said to have more than 400 miles of single-track (involving the lift-accessed downhill paths around the ski area), the spectacular view around the alpine, the Sun Valleys and 30 miles paved bicycle paths.

Trails around the 10-mile radius within the town are fast and smooth. As one moves farther out, the areas surrounding the paths becomes rocky and technical as the road winds into the alpine and subalpine.

The Sun Valley Resort provides a lift-accessed biking path on the Bald Mountain. It enables riders to cruise 3,400 of vertical feet, of the big mountain's terrain downwards. The nearby towns Ketchum and Hailey offer bike parking spaces for everyone from kids on strider bicycles to experienced riders who are perfecting their skills.

There is the Osberg Ridgeline Trail that follows a 9000 feet high ridgeline which was scorched in 2013 in the Beaver Creek Wildfire that provides a 3000 foot of vertical meandering sloping passage into the town. This point has fun-loving people, beautiful culture with bars and quality restaurants to keep mountain bikers satisfied.

3. Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon

Situated in the central Oregon’s desert, around the eastern flank of Cascade Mountains, Bend provides 300 miles of natural to access linked trails. When you exhaust the smooth pumice-like single track which riders can access almost all year round, then you have 700 of other miles of paths within a 90 minutes drive. This includes the rowdy down-hill shuttles that are found in Oakridge, technical McKenzie River Trail and the Oregon’s distinctive ride.

As you approach the west side of Bend, its’ fun flowy tracks situated within the common Phil’s Trail network is a short pedaling distance away. Between the town and Mount Bachelor Ski Resort, we have the Wanoga trail which includes the local’s favorite routes like the Tyler’s Traverse, an existing downhill flow path, the North Fork- Flagline-Southfork loop that opens on August 15th every summer. Mountain Bachelor Park gives the mountain the first gravity-served bicycle trails.

Bend has a fast booming population of around 80,000. On the contrary, it's charming, and compact downtown tree-filled western side along its meandering Deschutes River makes the town appear and feel smaller. Lastly, the city boasts of delicacies with lots of craft breweries in each capital in the country.

4. Downieville, California

Downieville, California

Downieville is more than an hour’s drive from any of the nearest interstate. It is safely tucked into Sierra foothills with a confluence of two large streams. The town relies on seasoned mountain riders to keep it glowing. Close to 350 people live in California. It was one of the town’s fifth most prominent destinations during one of the states gold rush. The bike trails were constructed by prospectors to attract mountain bikers.

During the weekend, warriors frequent to check the Downieville Downhill off the bucket list. The area provides around 500 miles of bike trails. The trail network has been built to include something for each level, but a big chunk of Downieville's terrain is rugged, steep and challenging. A short distance from the town’s Lake Basin has challenging and technical trails along the significant alpine lakes. Nearby, Mills Peak provides a 3000-foot descent. The locals call it the flowiest downhill you can ever ride.

The scenic gold rush town has historic buildings, wooden sidewalks, and narrow streets. The Downieville Classic is a two-day bike festival, which includes from point-to-point, cross-country races through the crest of Sierra Nevada, down to Downieville, and also a downhill biking race that falls 5,000 of vertical feet per 15 miles.

5. Bentonville, Arkansas

Bentonville, Arkansas

The Bike Magazine chose the northwest Arkansas to use it for their mountain bike test the previous year because the place has bigger and many bike trails. Previously, the IMBA also hosted the World Summit bike runs in Bentonville. The bike trail has been mentioned among the most accessible and elaborate community driven track systems worldwide. Arkansas boasts of tying with Colorado for the number of the IMBA epic bike trails.

The first Ozark Mountain Bike Festival happened in 1989. Thanks to Walmart for promoting the bike trail construction in northwest Arkansas. Tom Walton specifically. He loved mountain bike riding. He is the grandson of Walmart’s founder. He founded the Walton Family Foundation that donates land and helps in construction and funding the trail’s maintenance.

Mountain bikers have access to 100 miles of single-track which are bike paths straight to downtown Bentonville. This is like the Slaughter Pen’s 20 miles machine built route which crisscrosses the 36-miles path which is dotted with the public art. The surrounding tracks offer gravity-focused lines in technical garden rocks, on Mount Kessler, the Coler network and the sidetrack that is family-focused, as well as skills, park around the Lake Atlanta Trails. We also have the Upper Buffalo, which is 40 miles of bike track circle which is the highest point in Ozarks.

The Bentonville’s bike flourishing means hive bike shops, food trucks and good coffee, and beautiful places like the Pedaler’s Pub and the Bike Rack Brewing Company in the town’s picturesque downtown.

6. Crested Butte, Colorado

Crested Butte, Colorado

Crested Butte has a serious bike culture that attracts riders from word all over. Its mountain bike story dates back to the history of the ancient sport (in the mid-1970’s) when bold riders tackled the Pearl-pass-on speeds. Crested Butte Bike races date back to 1980. This makes it the country’s recent mountain bicycle festivals.

Equipped with 700 and more miles of single-track, starting from the buff trails winding through the wildflowers towards the rugged backcountry races, ascending to over 13,000 feet, Crested Butte brags of an uninterrupted full week’s work of excellent quality rides which includes (classics like the 401 Trail and Deadman Gulch/Reno/Bear/Flag) with perchance the most amazing bike-accessed destinations in the world.

Other close-to-town trails have emerged in the last few years. Like the Lupine Trail which is a beginner friendly train. It follows the bike tracks from north of the town to the skiing area and back. The Evolution Bike Park at the Crested Butte Mountain Resort has more than 30 miles down-hill as well as the cross-country trails. Interesting enough the little town of Crested Butte is charming and packed with many tasty eateries and watering holes full of fun.

7. Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah is incredibly beautiful. It has red-rock landscape which is indeed like nowhere on this Earth. The best way to see this beauty is by riding it. Its famous trails like the Slickrock, Whole Enchilada, and the Porcupine Rim, steals the limelight. It is the areas’ newer and less known bike paths that make a trip to Moab a must pilgrimage for all mountain bikers.

The town’s new intermediate and friendly trail networks of north city, Sovereign, Klonzo, and North Klondike, the Brands all connect to Navajo Rocks, which is off the road to Canyonlands which provides 18 miles of Slickrock, scenic views, flows and magnificent 7 or (Mag 7) provides a link to lower and upper Gemini Bridges Road in a one ledgy exciting traverse.

With the sun-baked desert biking, the high-alpine single-track nearby, La Sal Mountains, and all that is in between, it is possible to cycle in Moab all the year. Temperatures are comfortable in fall and spring with the (fall being the best time to ride the Whole Enchilada).

Moab is said to be the gateway to Canyonlands National Parks and Arches, a magnificent stretch of the River Colorado, and the world famous climbing Indian Creek in the Bears Ears National Monument.

8. Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah

The (IMBA) International Mountain Bicycling Association designates many destinations as “ride centers.” Here they offer something for every cyclist, from the backcountry epics to the beginner-friendly single-track. Of the excellent 37 in the world, the ever first gold-level status was given to Park City. In addition to the sheer quantity of bike tracks about 400 miles of the single track is Park City’s productive and active bike community has been of help to link the trails to highly functional and user-friendly network.

Park City’s bike trail options include the sloppy intermediate terrain, long and flat cruises and the rocky single-tracks that have thrilling descents and challenging climbs. We also have the lengthy tours like the Wasatch Crest and Mid-Mountain. And even the Canyons Resort, the Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort now referred to as (one property). All these fun places offer lift-assisted ridings that make access to the higher level alpine trails much more comfortable. The gravity aficionados move towards the Canyon Bike Park for free-ride trails.

Park City town boasts of scores of restaurants and bars, affordable accommodation services (for the ski town), lots of kids stuff, concerts and other beautiful cultural events.

9. Durango, Colorado

Durango, Colorado

Located in the serene southwest Colorado, bordered by a high desert and vast mountains, Durango relishes a beautiful climate and booming mountain bike season. Equipped with a variety of bike pathways, easy access and a history of proficient elite cyclists, (including local riders as well as legends like Ned Overend, Myles Rockwell, Tom Danielson and Juli Furtado), Durango is a perfect cycling destination right in the middle of a bike-crazy state.

The rock-free Meadow Loop in Horse Gulch, the downhill of Haflin Creek Shuttle run, and the many trail options are available in Durango, Colorado provides a gamut. The Hermosa Creek Trail the 26 miles of backcountry sloppy inclination from Durango Mountain Resort descending to Durango is considered Colorado’s perfect ride.

The Animas River Trail flows with the river through the middle of Durango. This is a bike friendly community ranked at a gold-level in the biking industry. The village has a cycling program for the youth with more than 350 children. The program produces national bike champions each year. Fort Lewis College is located right in Durango. As such the place boasts of vast cultural offerings, youthful vibrancy and great coffee shops, restaurants and beautiful breweries.

10. Brevard, North Carolina

Brevard, North Carolina

Bike Magazine calls the trails near Brevard town, “America’s well-hidden secrets.” The Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina are among the best destinations for biking in the country.

Pisgah National Forest a nearby place offers a lifetime of technical riding destinations. Locals estimate it to be between 200 to 1000 miles of single-track. The Laurel Mountain Trail, the Pilot Rock, and the Dupont State Recreational Forest provide an estimated 100 miles of everything. From granite Slickrock to machine-built flow tracks with many sprawling views. At Pisgah’s National Forest entrance, the bike yard offers 440 acres biketopia, of glamping, coaching and guiding services as well as a skills park and trail network.

Brevard has the old school’s little town charm. It has a population of approximately 8,000 and boasts of great bike shops which serve the best barbecue, coffee, and beer. The place plays host to most cycling events. The famed Pisgah Stage Race is one such event. It is a five-day mountain endurance bike race. The course runs through the rooted, rocky terrain which Pisgah is known about.

11. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The art, culture, history, and food have for a long time attracted tourists in New Mexico’s capital. Thanks to IMBA’s attention, Santa Fe, boasts of the silver level center now. It is also a better marketing venue for tourists. The famous mountain biking is known to draw new crowds every season. Santa Fe provides trails for many days, 320 of lovely sunshine for visitors to enjoy from the desert valley to its summits of Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

La Tierra Bike Tracks also offers approximately 17 miles flowing, of well-signed and fast trails from downtown and besides two other jump parks for booting. For additional technical single-tracks around town, Dale Ball paths serve up the 22 estimated miles of rockier version. A Famous Winsor Trail makes 3400 feet drop around the 10 miles and begins with a picturesque climb towards a creek shuttle. Bikers with endurance can try the Big Friggin Loop, which is 65 miles track which is the grassroots, the New Mexico’s endurance series use for their race each year. Angelfire Bicycle Park provides 60 miles of the lift-accessed pathways for downhillers.

When off the bicycle, take a tour around the famous Santa Fe’s Pueblo art. Walk around the gallery and museum and sample the tasty food in this place.

12. Wilmington, New York

Wilmington, New York

For the last six years, Barkeater Trails Alliance has set up more than 20 miles new single track in Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, and Wilmington. Previously the Six- million acre belonging to Adirondack pack in an upstate New York was never a mountain bike place.

Wilmington now boasts of a major street with a ride-from access to a state track system which is the region’s dirt-jump park. Wilmington’s Whiteface the 100-kilometer trail and its annual Bike Fest draws more people into town than other single events. The Whiteface Mountain Bike Park, now offers 2,426-feet down the hill runs. It is the longest drop vertically in the East, and probably the techiest and gnarliest lift-accessed trail around the country.

The Wilmington Flume Trail has a smooth intermediate singletrack rugged, rocky, down low technical riding at a higher level on the mountain. Hardy Road, another trail lures 20 to 45 cyclists each Friday evening for the “Hardy Hour” on the trail systems smooth singletrack for the hand-built flow paths, and the challenging slick and slab climbs. The Poor Man’s Downhill attracts cyclists with $5 van-shuttle riding halfway up the Whiteface Mountain to cycle down to 1,200 vertical feet for over three miles.

13. Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville has its riding culture built on thoroughbred for a long time. But, bikes are slowly making headlines as the latest steed in within town. A few years back, Louisville opened an inactive railroad bridge across Ohio River for bicycles and pedestrians. It went ahead to launch a bicycle sharing program, which played host to the known cycling-cross international Championships. After completion, the non-motorized 100-mile Louisville Loop will circle the big city and connect neighborhoods to parks. The Kentucky Mountain Bike Association will be part of the hundred miles of singletrack natural surface.

At the moment, the Seneca Park and Cherokee systems provide the most accessed singletrack trail around town. It is combined with the conventional bike paths of Cherokee Park, and it's 2.2 approximate miles that are technically built sections with short and steep climbs through Seneca Park, with the golf course, for the ten-mile loop. The popular after work path, Waverly Park, provides fast trails that have challenging hills going through the 300 acres hardwood trees.

The most fantastic bike trails around Louisville are found in the limestone cavern which is 75 feet long near the zoo in the city. Louisville’s Mega Cavern which is the first world’s underground bicycle park consist 320,000 feet jump lines, 45 trails, BMX, singletrack, pump track and more.

14. Eagle, Colorado

Eagle, Colorado

Eagle Colorado a desert town that is halfway between the Grand Junction and Denver, has turned around the economy through the famous sports mountain biking. Eagle has been singled out by the state as the best model cycling commune. As a result, the mayor of the town earned a prestigious national award for constructing a trail which acted host to High School Biking League for the State Championships. Events such as the decade’s past Eagle Outside the Festival Attracts active visitors, and they showcase the surroundings trail networks.

A big thank you to the Eagle’s Sidewalks project, that is working towards linking the schools with neighborhoods and the trailheads, most Eagle residents have access to dirt trails around the driveways. The least number of riders can flock to college while tourists can begin and end runs from down the town.

The new extension of Haymaker Trail gives berms, rock bridges, tabletops, fast terrain, rolling and more. The Hardscrabble Ridge leads riders over the treeline close to 4,000 feet up above the town. Sawmill provides a techy sloppy descent. The Eagle Ranch delivers a rollercoaster bike ride; it also ensures that the Boneyard track network is easy to access through interstate 70.

15. Helena, Montana

Helena, Montana

Helena has often been overshadowed by two university towns, Missoula and Bozeman. However, it is now distinguishing itself not just as Montana’s capital, but also the town's capital in Mountain biking. The city is cycle-friendly, and it can access close to 75 or more miles singletrack from twenty distinct trailheads. The Trail Rider free shuttle bus pulls a large bicycle caravan to help cyclists to gains access to South Hill Trail System as well as the well designed Continental Divide Track.

Helena, Montana a silver-level IMBA ride center brags of rides as well as breweries from all directions. near town, Mountain ascension consists the Little Moab and the Favorite Downhill Entertainment. Off from the Helena Ridge pathway, the place comprises the open slopes, the meadows, and large thick forest. Mount Helena Ride Trail gives away high transverse around the city with little bits of everything. The Continental Divide Trail and MacDonald Portion trail offers the real taste of the back-country of Montana bike riding.

Situated in between Glacier National Park and the Yellowstone, Helena has a gold-rush past story, museums, grand architecture, food trucks, the great American Liquor Festival’s winner Lewis & Brewery Clarke, as well as the vibrant cultural program.

16. Aspen, Colorado

Aspen, Colorado

Situated slightly over the Elk Mountains near Crested Butte, Aspen has always been unnoticed as a mountain biking destination. That has since changed for the last five years. More than 28 miles singletrack have been added between Snowmass and Aspen. Most have been machine built, appropriately designed and is intermediate friendly. Snowmass Bike Park becomes bigger each year, and the cross country valley trails link up to create a 24-mile loop. In 2017 it will host the US Enduro World Series.

The Sky Moutain Park has a beautiful taste of recently build flow trails that comprise of a downhill trail that has berms, jumps, and tabletops. The Hunter Creek Valley offers rocks and roots to fulfill old guards and the recent trails such as the Hummingbird Traverse which eliminates the double-track cycling. The Donwvalley’s new trail is coming up from Glenwood Springs and Basalt where one can find the dry cycling season.

For over 20 years, Aspen Cycling Club has been host to weekly mountain and road bicycle races all summer long which draws a loyal following of fans from, locals to high schoolers.

17. Duluth, Minnesota

Duluth, Minnesota

Duluth, an industrial town with a population of approximately 86,000, was once considered a seriously distressed city in America, but it is slowly finding a second wind in outdoor events. The town has close 7,000-acre park, close to 200 miles forest trails, Olympians with a cranking out reputation, Class five white-water and the now among the perfect riding destinations in Midwest.

The City offers 60 miles smooth singletrack challenging bike trail on the rough bedrock, a lift-access riding in skiing section beyond Lake Superior. Duluth is among the only four gold-level IMBA ride destinations in the country. Networks such as Lester Park, Spirit Mountain, Mission Creek. Piedmont Brewers Park and Hartley Park will all link via the most extensive mountain-bike track networks around the world as soon as the Duluth Transverses a 100 miles singletrack track cresting the ridge of city length is completed.

18. Copper Harbor, Michigan

Copper Harbor, Michigan

This region boasts of the IMBA Epic biking trails that climb and then descend over the hills through the valley with cedar-planked boardwalks, buff single-track, and bridges across the rough bedrock with correctly made berms, jumps and topping at the 550 foot of the scenic summit. This destination boasts of the high 35 miles smooth flowing trails around the whole country.

The Copper Harbor Trails Club has constructed trail builders with the hope to purchase a considerable track of adjoining timber yard to expand the trail networks. Phase one of the 30-mile Keweenaw Point Trail has been completed. The route will follow Peninsula's old waterfalls and the campsites which are likely to be lined on the way. The Copper Harbor Trails Fest attracts endure cyclists and the downhillers over the long Labor Day weekends.

19. Boise, Idaho

Boise, Idaho

Cyclists in Boise represents one-third of the towns outdoor addicts. The bike commune has spent quality time building as well as perfecting adventurous track systems, accessible from downtown. The IMBA designated Boise as the highest gold-level bike ride center and awarded their outstanding efforts in 2015, for the town’s various trail riding, good gravity scenery, and progressive bicycle park.

The Eagle’s Bike Park has a pump pathway, flow trails and jump lines. Many people call the Dry Creek an excellent descent around Boise area. The Sweet Connie comprises a flowing descent which has been redone for lots of fun, the Mahalo Challenge with a technical singletrack with boulder drops. Approximately 16 miles from Boise, Idaho, Bogus Basin provides the lift-serviced rides.

The women’s correctional facility in South Boise, inmates have bike repair programs known as Shifting Gears. This benefits bicycle projects in Boise cooperative for the community. The grand tour lures around 10,000 cyclists at ago and the beer aficionados gather at the city park for the benefit from local nonprofits.

20. Harrisonburg, Virginia

Harrisonburg, Virginia

A little college town situated in Virginia’s beautiful Shenandoah Valley, Harrisonburg is reaping from a mountain bicycle boom which is uniting communities’ front and center as examples of mutual benefit. The local participate in by maintaining the trail. IMBA has designated the destinations as a bronze-level bike ride center for its continued progressive trail-construction philosophy and well-organized systems that cater for everyone, from amateurs to many hard-core mountain bike riders like Jeremiah Bishop who calls “The Burg” home.

Close to 500 miles of variety trails weave through town and George Washington National Forest. Learners can begin off around the green loops at Hillandale Park as they work their way up through the intermediate as well as the advanced trails.

The newly energized and bicycle-friendly downtown includes the 19th Century architecture, local fare, ethnic restaurants, breweries, event-heavy bicycle shops and designated cultural and Art District. The James Madison University in Harrisonburg helps keen the population youthful.

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