Mountain bike accessories: what you need to get started

Mountain bike accessories

Mountain biking is one of the best and fun ways to connect with nature and exercise. Mountain bikes usually have some specific characteristics which make them different as compared to other road bikes. The mountain bikes have fatter tires, along with rugged tread to ensure durability and stability. Even more, these mountain bikes also contain a bit higher upright cycling position which can help the rider to enjoy the views around him with ease. While their suspension system can also help the riders to absorb shock to experience a more comfortable and convenient ride. There are various ways to enjoy mountain biking. You can easily find trails of different types to enjoy the adventure of mountain biking. However, it is always better to start from a trail that is a bit smoother. Because the ability to navigate and cross the obstacles will surely develop with experience and this will become a part of your fun sport later for sure.

Best mountain bike accessories which you need to get

Have you bought a shiny new mountain bike and now planning to enjoy a thrilling mountain bike ride? Well, there are various other things that you need to get before hitting a trail. So, just hold your horses here. Because here you need to know the essential mountain bike accessories which are a must for you to have. So, if you want to know some of the most important and best mountain bike accessories which you must consider for your mountain bike ride or trip. Then have a look at the mountain bike accessories which are given below:

Mountain bike helmets

Mountain bike helmet is not only an option because in various countries it is an essential accessory for mountain biking by law. Therefore, wearing a helmet while riding your mountain bike is exactly as important as wearing a seatbelt while driving. As with every other stuff in the market, you can also find an amazing variety of helmets that are specifically designed for mountain bikers. However, when it comes to affordability then, fortunately, you can easily find the one which can fit into your budget range. While, it is always highly recommended for you to go with the option which comes with high quality, higher impact resistance, and more value of energy absorption. It is because compromising on a helmet quality means compromising your safety. So, make sure you are grabbing a suitable helmet as per your intentions on the trail.


Undoubtedly, mountain biking can be rough on your hands. Therefore, without proper protection, you can get scratches, blisters, calluses or even some nasty wounds. That’s why it is always recommended to consider getting full hand gloves for you. Gloves can offer protection and a better grip. As well as these will reduce fatigue and help you to experience more comfort on the trail with ease. However, it is not essential to go for a pricy or fancier option, unlike other mountain bike accessories. You just need a pair of gloves which can give you protection in case of any crash with ease. However, ensure the gloves are having padding in the palms and made of breathable stuff.


Make sure that you are not overlooking the importance of functional and trusty eyewear. Because these are not only essential to shield your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, but also effective to provide protection from debris and impact. Considering eyewear has become more important now because most of the mountain trails are featuring Sword-grass which can cause problems. However, there are multiple types of mountain bike specific eyewear available in the market which are comprising both goggles and sunglasses. Most amazingly, these are one step ahead of your fashion sunglasses. Even more, these are perfectly designed to curve around your head and can be adjusted with helmet easily. However, make sure to buy the one which can aid in visibility and effective in accordance with light conditions. 


Well, your footwear is one of the most important parts of your mountain bike riding kit. It is because you need to have your bike shoes which can help you in getting more control over your mountain bike pedals. Undoubtedly, your performance mainly depends on your footwear mainly. However, generally, shoes for mountain bike riders are designed to be rugged, stiff and hard-wearing. So that these can let you improve your power transfer to pedals and let you enjoy your bike riding in the best possible way.


When it comes to mountain bike pedals then you must know that this can be done with both flat pedals or pedals with clips. However, the choice is completely up to you. You can prefer the one which can help you to get a more comfortable experience. While most of the people prefer to go with lightweight clipless bike pedals to get more pedal strokes for increased power with ease. However, the pedals of mountain bikes are a bit different as compared to other road bikes. Because these are usually designed to shed the mud and can also offer a smaller cleat to ensure easier walking in a more effective way.

Frame protector

Most commonly our mountain bikes have to endure almost every kind of punishment on the trails. These may include sticks and stray debris, deflecting rocks and chain slap due to high speed on some technical trails. Therefore, considering mountain bike specific frame protection can be an important option to consider. It is because this will give you added protection and more joy. Even more, this can be an essential pick to keep your frame in the best possible condition even for a longer time.

Weather-proof jacket

Whether you are going out in rainy weather or not, having a weatherproof jacket on the trail is always important. It is because in most of the places you can never trust the weather. Therefore, thinking one step ahead is always better than being stuck in an unfavorable condition.

Hydration system

Understand the fact that dehydration can ruin your entire trip and even can let you compromise on your performance. Riding a bike in the sun even for a few hours can deplete the electrolytes of your body. Therefore, it is always important to stay hydrated if you want to enjoy the best out of your trip in a more effective way. Most of the road bikers prefer to go with the bottles because hydration packs can be tough to handle for them. While in the case of mountain biking the situation is not similar. Because considering the hydration pack for mountain biking can bring various advantages for you. This can help you to keep your hands free from every stuff, while you will be able to focus more on your task at hand with ease. Even more, hydration packs can easily let you carry about 2 to 3 liters of water. Even more, various of these packs also offer sufficient storage option where you can easily keep stuff such as a jacket, some snacks, a toolkit, etc.

Clothing options with Padded Support

The stuff or clothes you are wearing can also make or break your trip of mountain biking. So, make sure to be wise while choosing your stuff to wear on the trail. However, padded shorts are always an essential part to consider. Because these will not only protect you in any crash but can also let you feel comfortable even on longer rides too. As on the trails you have to push your limits, therefore, it is a smart option to protect your body with body armor. For this, you can start from knee pads and elbow pads too. Both knee and elbow pads are available in different sizes and styles. However, it is always recommended to choose the one which is sung but flexible too. otherwise, these may irritate you and cause a distraction. While pads with the plastic exterior are always effective for mountain biking based on adrenaline. While, if you are going on a general mountain biking trip, then going with the softer pads can be effective for you.

Bike Lights

Even if you are the one who never intend to be on a trail when its dark but still you can find a need for bike lights. Because you never know the kind of surprises your trip day is having for you and what kind of issues you can counter on this trail. Even, sometimes you can get terrain dark before you complete your trail. Therefore, whatever the situation is, it is always beneficial to consider having a pair of bike lights. This will not only help you to find your way in dark but can also let others notice your presence on the trail. However, when it comes to buying the best bike lights then commonly there are two types of lights that are available. One is high-output light while the safety lights are other option. For mountain biking, it is always necessary to have a lighting system with high-output for the bike front. It is because these lights offer brighter light and can help you to see better with ease. Alternatively, you can also use a handlamp which can offer you sufficient light. Make sure the alternative option has a longer battery life, improved beam distance and reliable.

Storage or saddle bag

Storage on the mountain bike may not give excitement to various people out there. But believe me, this is an amazing accessory which can help you in case of any trouble. Saddlebags can be the best option to store your equipment when you are hitting a trail. However, some of the basic spares which you can wrap into your saddlebag can be tire levers, a mini pump, tubes, etc. While the people who are owning a mountain bike with tubeless tire must prefer to own a tire plug kit. Because this can help them to fix the problems like rubbing brakes, slipping seat post, crooked handlebars. Even more, this kit usually contains a variety of screwdriver heads and Allen key sizes along with various other small tools according to features of your bike.

Tire inflation

A tire floor pump is always the best to have with you when you are planning to enjoy mountain biking. It is important for every mountain biker to own a tire floor pump. However, it can be better to prefer the one which is compatible with the tubeless tire. A good floor pump usually comes with both Schrader and Presta valve attachments. And also have an integrated tank to build the pressure necessary to seat the tubeless tires. If you will suffer from a flat tire on a trail then a mini pump will help you to get you going once again. 


Well, this is also important for you to understand that having a multi-tool with a chain tool is also important. Because you may inevitably break your mountain bike chain at some point, so it really makes sense to carry a multi-tool with a chain tool. These tools are far affordable as compared to buying a chain and multi-tool separately. This amazing tool will not only help you to fix your chain problems. But can also assist you through various on-trail fixes that you may need to do.

Final thoughts

Mountain biking is a thrilling and exciting sport which can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it for you. However, this is the best sport which can help you to explore much more on the best trails all around the country. This can be the best mean to simply explore your local area without paying anything. Honestly, whatever budget range you have, mountain biking is always an amazing sport for you to enjoy. However, when you want to enjoy a day or more on the trails to have a quick blast, then there are some essential mountain bike accessories that you need.
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