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Best women’s mountain bike

Modern lifestyles are today’s strongest deterrents to healthy living with unhealthy feeding habits and lack of physical exercise topping the list. However, as awareness into hearty living spreads, people all over the globe are constantly looking for strategies to better their overall health (body, mind and spirit). One effective method that’s become commonplace is mountain biking and women are already deep-etched into this formerly ‘men-only’ territory. Still, mountain cycling is considerably more challenging for women than men as the former may need to acquire women-specific mountain tandems. This guide will provide you a meticulous strategy to acquire the best womens mountain bike besides presenting you a comprehensive rundown of our top 10 women mountain bike reviews to ease your search.

Top 10 Best Women Mountain Bike Reviews in 2020

Our pick:

Pacific Women’s Stratus Mountain Bike

Pacific Women's Stratus Mountain Bike, Blue, 26-Inch

This mtb is designed with a steel low stand over mountain bike frame for optimal ride control. It’s characterized by 26-inch wide wheels, 1-piece mountain crank and a rear derailleur connected to 15-speed Torgue drive thumb shifters. Further, the mtb features steel caliper brakes for stoppage.


  • The bike’s purchase price is very pocket-friendly.
  • Its assembly is a walk in the park provided you have basic bike assembly skills and tools.
  • The bike’s low stand over mountain frame makes it a perfect fit for older kids and young adults besides women riders.
  • Owing to its 26-inch wheels, this bike is extremely efficient in general handling and performing close-cut maneuvers.


  • The bike’s stock saddle is incredibly uncomfortable so you may have to upgrade or replace it.
  • Its gear shift is grudgingly inefficient.


With its large-tyre 26” wheels, athletic design and responsive handling, the Pacific Women’s Stratus Mountain Bike offers easy, stable and comfortable rides on a vast range of terrains. While the bike’s steel low stand over mountain frame optimizes control, its 1-piece mountain crank and 15-speed rear derailleur provides a wide range of gears to ease cycling in a myriad of terrains and slopes.

Runner up:

OPATER MTB Mountain Bike for Men and Women

OPATER MTB Mountain Bike 26'' 24 Speed Sturdy Carbon Steel Frame Bike For Men and Women (Black)

This mountain tandem is fabricated using a 26x17” top quality industrial grade high carbon steel folding mtb frame mated with a suspension Aluminum alloy fork. Its build features 26” wheels with 26” x 1.95” New Haiya anti-skid tires, a 24-speed gear system composed of Shimano TX 35-8 89mm rear derailleur and Shimano TX50 front derailleur, micro-suspension integrations in its seat-post, rear triangle and seat tube to optimize shock absorption. In addition, it’s equipped with Magnesium alloy mechanical disc brakes in its front and rear wheels to provide reliable stopping power in all ride conditions.


  • Built of high carbon steel frame, this bike is ultra light thus fitting for women cyclists.
  • Its several shock-muzzling integrations grant the bike top-notch shock absorption and offer the rider unequaled ride comfort.
  • The bike is solidly built thus very strong. It’ll therefore comfortably accommodate riders of up to 210lbs and face up to rough handling.
  • Equipped with a host of handy accessories including a repair kit and bike pump, this mtb is a self-sustaining road, off-road and trail companion.
  • It contains reflective tube strips to ensure the rider is easily visible to other road users, further improving its ride safety.
  • Its foldable frame provides for easy cartage in car trunks, buses and trains besides minimizing the bike’s storage space.


  • The bike’s assembly is a bit fiddly especially because you need to fine-tune several of its components. For this, you may need to take it to a professional bike shop.
  • Its maintenance is considerably more involving than other women mtbs especially due to its mechanical disc brakes.


With its forest of integrations, the OPATER MTB Mountain Bike is affordable and durable. Besides, its foldable frame makes it a plausible choice for mountain bikers on the move.

Also Groovy:

Mongoose Women’s Silva Mountain Bicycle

Mongoose Women's Silva Mountain Bicycle 26

Manufactured by Pacific Cycle, this women-specific mountain bike is highlighted by a hydroformed tubing Aluminum MTB frame mated with a front suspension fork for thump and bump smoothing, 26” wheels composed of light alloy rims and 26 x 2.1” tires as well as front and rear V-brakes. Further, the bike features a 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur and strong riser handlebars with colored end-plugs.


  • The bike’s control is lovely, thanks to its 26” wheels, ergonomic hydroformed frame and suspension fork.
  • Its lightweight thus easy for women mtb cyclists to handle.
  • Though not very strong, the bike’s suspension offers sufficient bump cushioning in lightly challenging trails and off-roads.


  • The bike is made of cheap material that won’t stand the abuse of rough handling.
  • Its V-brakes are notably less efficient and unreliable in foul conditions when contrasted to disc brakes.


The Mongoose Women’s Silva Mountain Bicycle isn’t a high end tandem but it’s a choice to reckon with in its own respect. At its price, it will allow a majority of women mtb enthusiasts to start off their biking journey without breaking a bank. Besides, it’s an ideal bike for female mountain bike cyclists who are looking to casually explore light trails or tour pathways and paved roads.

#4. Raleigh Bikes Women’s Eva 3 Mountain Bike

Raleigh Bikes Women's Eva 3 Mountain Bike

This mountain bike is created with a low stand over height women’s mtb frame with women-specific geometry for optimal control and comfort. It features an SR Suntour suspension fork for bumps smoothing, durable double-walled 27.5-inch Weinmann wheels and hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels. It’s further equipped with Shimano Revo shifters to optimize gear shift.


  • Its hydraulic disc brakes are worthy upgrades from V-brakes and perform excellently in all conditions.
  • Its double-layer wheels are exceptionally durable and easily roll over trail obstacles.
  • This bike is solidly built so it’ll definitely last long if handled correctly.


  • The bike’s factory issue seat is a little too hard for women but this can be easily remedied using extra padding or upgrading to a more comfy saddle.
  • It doesn’t ship with miscellaneous components like water bottle and kickstand so you’ll have to purchase them separately.


At its price range, the Raleigh Bikes Women’s Eva 3 Mountain Bike is a worthy purchase that will hardly disappoint if used lightly. Built for the beginner woman mountain biker, this tandem is fit for casual biking, commuting and exploring light trails and off-roads when the need arises. Older kids and short male adults may also find it a plausible entry-level mtb, thanks to its walk-through frame design.

#5. TITAN Trail 21-speed Suspension Women’s Mountain Bike

TITAN Trail 21-speed Suspension Women's Mountain Bike

Built by Bike USA, this mountain bike features a 17” high tensile mtb frame mated to a Zoom anti-shock front suspension fork, 26-inch mtb wheels with Alloy rims and hubs. Its drivetrain encompasses a 21-speed Shimano Tourney TX gearing set while its braking mechanism is composed of front and rear V-type brakes. In addition, the mtb sports a double spring coil saddle and an adjustable seat-post.


  • Its assembly is a walk in the park as it ships 85% factory-preassembled.
  • It’s a very sturdy bike, thanks to its hi-tensile steel frame.
  • The bike offers uniquely comfy rides, thanks to its adjustable seat-post, double spring coil saddle, suspension fork and frame.
  • The mtb’s 21-speed Shimano Tourney TX gearing set accord the rider a wide gear range to select from.


  • With a steel frame, this bike is heavier than other women’s mountain two-wheelers in its category.
  • Its V-brakes are a notch lower than the all-superior disc brakes present in other women-specific mtbs.


The TITAN Trail 21-speed Suspension Women’s Mountain Bike is a formidable trail explorer mtb that is not only cheaply priced but also sturdily built to guarantee longevity. At its appetizing price range, it’s a definite value-return purchase you’ll hardly regret investing in.

#6. ALTRUISM Q7 21-speed 26” Men and Women Mountain Bike

ALTRUISM Q7 Mountain Bike 21 Speed 26 Inch Men&Women Bikes Double Disc Brake Bicycle Aluminum Bikes

Standing at a full length of 1.7m and weighing approximately 18kg, this mtb is built with an Aluminum alloy mtb frame fixed onto a steel rigid fork. It’s structured with 26-inch mtb wheels with Magnesium Alloy rims, Aluminum pedals as well as a 21-speed drivetrain entailing a Shimano TX30 front derailleur and a Shimano TZ50 rear derailleur. Further, the mtb features double disc brakes on its front and rear wheels.


  • This bike is very sturdy and durable.
  • Its appealing visual appearance makes it a stand out in any bike collection.
  • Built with 26” wheels, this mtb is outstandingly stable and remarkably easy in maneuverability.
  • Its 21-speed drivetrain offers the cyclist a vast range of gears to choose from for optimal cycling in a myriad of slopes and terrains.
  • With its extraordinarily responsive double disc brakes, it has steadfast stopping power which makes it one of the safest mtbs to ride in any weather.


  • Its fork has no suspension thus its overall shock soak up is somewhat worrisome.
  • This tandem is noticeably heavier than several others in its range.


Imbued with a host of top-gear incorporations including double disc brakes, a 21-speed drivetrain and Magnesium Alloy-rimmed 26-inch mtb wheels among others.

#7. Mongoose Women’s Switchback Sports Mountain Bike

Mongoose Women's Switchback Sport Mountain Bike

Designed and constructed for women trail lovers, this mountain bike is characterized by a rigid women-geometry Aluminum frame fixed onto an 80mm SR Suntour suspension fork equipped with lockout for bump smoothing and ride control levitation. For a drivetrain, the bike features a 21-speed Shimano Tourney while Alloy V-brakes on both wheels provide it with stopping power.


  • This bike has extremely easy assemblage.
  • Its suspension fork provides commendable shock soak up to grant the rider a comfortable ride.
  • Its 21-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain offers the cyclist a wide range of gears to choose from.
  • This mtb is very light, thanks to its Aluminum frame which is by far lighter than its steel counterparts.


  • The bike’s V-brakes are a milestone behind in efficiency when compared to disc brakes.
  • Made of mainly Aluminum, this bike is considerably less durable than others in its range.


For women mtb enthusiasts keen to explore light to mildly demanding trails with an aesthetically appealing and performance-efficient tandem, the Mongoose Women’s Switchback Sports Mountain Bike is an irresistible choice. It’s also a fair bargain thus a plausible selection for entry-level women mountain bicyclers.

#8. Raleigh Bikes Ziva Women’s Mountain Bike

Raleigh Bikes Ziva Women's Mountain Bike

Available in extra small (XS), small (S), medium, large and extra large general sizes, this mountain bike is built with women-specific geometry for optimal efficiency and comfort. It features a walk-through frame for effortless mounting and dismounting as well as a 100mm Suntour XCT suspension fork for bump smoothing. Further, its build encompasses 27.5” wheels and Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes.


  • This bike’s assembly is a breeze- it even comes 85% preassembled.
  • Its walk-though frame provides for exceptionally trouble-free mounting and dismounting.
  • The bike’s Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes perform superbly and consistently even in the face of the ride conditions.
  • Its 27.5” wheels are darlings in maneuverability and retaining momentum.
  • The bike is fairly priced.


  • It’s cheaply made in comparison with other women mtbs in its price range.
  • The bike’s suspension is a little too light for heavy-set riders and aggressive trails.


Armed with its 27.5” wheels, Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes, 100mm travel suspension fork and ergonomic women geometry, the Raleigh Bikes Ziva Women’s Mountain Bike is an ideal choice for exploring paved paths and light trails. It’s also one of the best entry-level mtbs for women mountain cyclists.

#9. Mongoose Women’s Switchback Comp Mountain Bike with 26” Wheels

Mongoose Women's Switchback Comp Mountain Bike with 26

Manufactured specifically for the woman mountain biker, this tandem is equipped with a Mongoose women-specialized Aluminum hardtail mtb frame enjoined with a 63mm travel M2025 SR Suntour suspension fork, 26-inch Alloy mtb wheels consisting of Alec DC25 Alloy double-wall rims and 26x2.0” Innova tires. Further, the mtb is characterized by 24-speed drivetrain encompassing a Shimano Altus rear derailleur; Shimano Tourney front derailleur and Shimano EF51 trigger shifter. For speed reduction and stoppage, this cycle integrates Pro Max linear pull V-brakes on both wheels.


  • This bike is exceptionally light, thanks to its all-Aluminum mtb frame.
  • Its assemblage is like slicing through butter with a knife- easy and straightforward!
  • The bike’s 26” wheels are darlings in control- they are easily maneuverable.
  • Its double-wall rimmed and wide wheels provide great traction in a myriad of terrains without offsetting the bike’s control, comfort and durability.
  • Its Shimano drivetrain offers a broad gear range while the trigger shifters provide for exceptionally easy gear shift.


  • Since it’s mainly forged from Aluminum, this tandem isn’t ideal for aggressive terrain and rough handling as its condition deteriorates easily.
  • Its V-brakes are considerably low-grade when contrasted with disc brakes in other mtbs in the same category.


Made for the beginner and intermediate female trail explorer, the Mongoose Women’s Switchback Comp Mountain Bike with 26” Wheels is a remarkable choice that will serve its purpose beautifully. At its price point, it’s easily affordable by any woman mtb enthusiast eager to start off their mountain biking journey with minimal financial strain.

#10. 26” Huffy Women’s Trail Runner Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

26 Inch Huffy Women's Trail Runner Mountain Bike Dual Suspension Frame and Suspension Fork, Black

Built for the woman mountain biker with a penchant for trail exploration, this tandem is characterized by a dual suspension steel mtb frame linked to a suspension fork for maximal control and optimal shock absorption, a Shimano rear derailleur hooked to 18-speed easy-to-shift index sifters and 26-inch wheels composed of 26”x1.95” rugged tires and silver alloy rims. Further, the bike is equipped with a 3-piece crank, a two-tone ATB saddle and linear pull brakes on its front and rear wheels.


  • This mtb has admirable shock muzzling thanks to its two-tone saddle, suspension fork and dual suspension frame.
  • Its 3-piece crank, rear derailleur and 18-speed index shifters offer the rider a wide gear range to explore trails comfortably and effortlessly.
  • Putting together this bike is a straightforward undertaking.
  • Its price is pocket-friendly.


  • Its linear pull brakes are somewhat less efficient and less dependable than disc brakes in challenging ride situations like in the rain.
  • This bike is considerably heavier than most women-specific mtbs due to its steel frame.


Although it’s heavier than most women’ mountain bikes, the 26” Huffy Women’s Trail Runner Dual Suspension Mountain Bike is solidly built and features commendable shock-muzzling integrations.

Notable differences between Best women’s mountain bike and unisex ones

A big number of prospective female mountain bicyclers are baffled by the staggering cornucopia of mtb brands. How do women-specific Mountain bikes differ from male and unisex options and which choice should you opt for? Generally, women are lighter than men and mtb manufacturers rarely overlook this when designing and building tandems. We have outlined some of the most identifiable dissimilarities between unisex mtbs and women-specific ones below in a bid to help you identify the best mountain bike for women.


In general, women bike riders are of smaller builds than their male companions thus women’s mountain bikes commonly come in small and extra-small sizes to accommodate them. However, this doesn’t imply women can’t ride unisex mountain two-wheelers and vice versa. In fact, it all boils down to personal preference and suitability.

Crank arms

Normally, a majority of women riders have somewhat shorter legs in comparison to their male counterparts. In this regard, women-specific mountain tandems are built with shorter crank arms to optimize pedaling.

Frame design

As women are usually narrower than men in the chest area, their mountain mtb frames are constructed with shorter top tubes and more petite distances from saddle to handlebars so bicycling can be more comfortable and efficient.

Mountain bike gears

As women riders’ strength and endurance are bound to be naturally lower than those of a majority of their male companions, it’s paramount that their mountain two-wheelers feature sufficient integrations to optimize pedaling. In this light, women’s mountain bikes are commonly built with more gears to aid their users explore challenging terrain and climb steep hills more easily.


It’s inarguable that men are built with broader shoulders than women. Therefore, while men and unisex mountain bikes feature wide handlebars, women-specific mtbs are designed with narrower handlebars to match their riders. This not only makes rides more comfy but the ergonomic design also ensures women can hold on to the controllers for longer and pedal more efficiently.

Gear shifters and brake levers

Commonly, women have smaller and narrower hands (palms and fingers) than men. For this reason, women-specific mtbs are made with smaller brake levers and gear shifters befitting their riders’ hands. This way, women mountain cyclists can effectively perform all hand mtb controls and maneuvers with minimal strain.

Top tube

Formerly, women’s mtbs were built with lower top tubes to allow for convenient cycling even with long and low-flung skirts. However, modern design focuses on body ergonomics, ensuring women’s tandems conform to female bodily proportions. This way, they can be comfortably ridden by anyone with a shorter reach or long legs without compromising the bike’s overall efficiency.

Overall bike weight

While a bike frame’s constituent material plays a major role in determining its total weight, mountain bike manufacturers are keen to build lighter cycles for women riders. This is aimed at helping women cycle, whisk around and store their bikes more easily. It’s worth noting that, on a general note, women have somewhat less body strength than their male counterparts thus require lighter tandems if the bicycling playing field is to be a level ground.

Features you should closely watch before purchasing a women’s mountain bike

Owing to the large supply and limitless availability of bikes in today’s market, it’s extremely easy to be overwhelmed. You may thus find yourself buying an unsuitable mtb, splurging or utterly mystified on which choice to go for. Don’t panic as we have sorted this issue for you, to its core! Read on to identify the chief considerations you ought to make to land the best mountain bike for women in this otherwise devious bike market.

Your riding style

While most entry-level female mountain bikers are content to have a versatile tandem befitting most ride styles, professional and vastly experienced mtb cyclists may want a mountain bike that best aligns with their specific ride vertical. If you are such a biker, you may want to first come clear of the terrain you’ll be mostly cycling in and your precise riding style. If you are a diehard fan of trail riding, hardtail women mtbs are your most suitable choice and are fitting for both casual and serious cyclists. On the other side, Cross Country (XC) mtbs are excellent choices for racing and commuting as they are snappier, lighter and are built with smaller and tighter angles.

Moreover, Enduro (all-mountain) women mtbs feature sturdier frames, encompass full suspension and are built with a wide gear range thus are ideal for aggressive off-road bikers. On the other side, downhill (gravity) women mountain bikes are characterized by heavier and sturdier build befitting extreme downhill rides. Finally, if you are a woman mountain cyclist with a penchant for snow, sand and mud-riding then fat tire bikes are your most plausible choice.

Wheel size

Although many women mtbs are built with 26” wheels, it’s common to find options that integrate either 27.5-inch or 29er wheels. Small-sizes wheels in women-specific mtbs are preferable as they are more responsive to close-cut maneuvers. 29-inch wheels are adore for their reliable momentum maintenance and are preferred for commuter and racing mtbs whereas 27.5” wheels offer a lovable compromise between the two wheels sizes thus are today’s most popular option in women-specific mountain bikes.


Here, you’ll want to make a choice regarding what kind of shock-absorption mechanism best serves your ride style. Bikes with only front suspension, alias hardtails, are light and fairly priced. They are ideal choices for most casual ride verticals including commuting, trail exploration and park touring. Full suspension mtbs encompass dual suspension which makes them uniquely comfortable even in the roughest of terrains. However, they are considerably heavier and pricier than hardtails. Rigid bikes on the other side are built with neither front nor rear suspension. Usually, these are fat-tire bikes which use their super-sized tyres for shock muzzling.


Brakes are among a mountain bike’s most fundamental inclusions as they are the only component responsible for the bike’s deceleration and stoppage. It would therefore be trivial to attempt riding an mtb with faulty or an absence of brakes. Linear pull and V-caliper brakes are inexpensive but unreliable in foul weather. Disc brakes, however, are significantly more costly than the former but are, without a doubt, more dependable. Though somewhat more involving in maintenance, mechanical and hydraulic disc brakes are a common integration in most modern mtbs.


There you are- an exemplary buyer's guide for the ultimate best women’s mountain bike in 2020. Whether you are an mtb enthusiast looking to kick-start your mountain bicycling journey or a pro rider seeking a suitable women-specific mtb upgrade, this guide will be a reliable reference point in your bike search journey. It will also point out all crucial points of consideration to aid you in locating the most fitting mountain tandem for your particular mtb ride vertical. Hopefully you’ll find practical solutions to all your nagging mountain bike questions and misconceptions herein.

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