Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Pedals Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Mountain Bike Pedals

Over the years, mountain bike riding has morphed to one of the most widespread, loved and trusted workout exercises, commuting methods, sporting events and quality ways to spend luxury time. Among the most vital mountain bike accessories are pedals. Whether you are inclined to go for platform (flat), clipless or combo pedals, selecting the best mountain bike pedals could easily make or break your mountain bike ride.

Whether you are into mountain biking for its sheer fun, as a sport, for its assured workout perks or as a way to commute, pedals are among the major contact points between your body and bike. Ergo, selecting the best mtb pedals for your bike will indubitably guarantee you a more efficient and lovable mountain bike ride.

Mountain Bike Pedal Reviews​

#1. Bonmixc Mountain Bike Pedals 9/16” Cycling

Bonmixc Mountain Bike Pedals

Forged from high strength 6061 Aluminum alloy, these flat pedals feature non-slip dual-sided platforms and 3 surplus anti-slip pins, making them a durable and fitting choice for casual mountain biking in any terrain. With a standard CrMo Steel 9/16 inch spindle and 4 stabilized, sealed and lubricated bearings for each pedal, the Bonmixc Mountain Bike Pedals 9/16” Cycling are a plausible choice for entry-level mountain bikers as they necessitate minimal maintenance and are uniquely stable under the rider’s foot. Besides, they are very light, with the standard issue weighing about 4 ounces.


  • They have a very stable grip on the bike rider’s shoes, making them ideal for beginner mountain bikers, riding along step downhill trails and rough and bumpy mountain bike riding terrain.
  • These pedals are uniquely strong and durable; thanks to the high strength Aluminum alloy they are forged from as well as the CrMo steel that constitutes their spindles.
  • Their wide platform area grants them a very stable and comfortable foot-grip.
  • Their price is quite pocket-friendly.


  • The traction screws adhere to the rider’s shoe soles, necessitating a slight vertical foot rise to adjust the foot on the pedal. It’s easier to reposition your foot on other platform pedals.
  • The anti-slip studs easily fall out, making it necessary to constantly check them before and during mountain bike rides.

Final verdict:

lightweight and wide thus qualify for easy and stabilized mountain biking on roads and off-road trails. Due to their unparalleled affordability, they befit entry-level and rough bike riders who tend to frequently strike pedals against hard objects.

#2. Bonmixc Mountain Bike Pedals 9/16 MTB BMX Dh Platform Pedals

Bonmixc Mountain Bike Pedals 9/16

Measuring 0.98 x 4.02 x 4.60 inches and weighing 0.45 lb, the Bonmixc Mountain Bike Pedals 9/16 MTB BMX DH Platform Pedals are made from high grade 6061 Aluminum alloy to promote stability and longevity. With a 9/16 inch diameter spindle forged from strengthened CrMo steel, they are a fitting pair of pedals for rough-terrain and aggressive mountain biking. Also, each pedal’s functioning is aided by 4 sealed smooth-moving bearings. Moreover, these pedals feature platforms characterized by wide surface areas and anti-slip studs. In addition, these pedals ship with 3 additional sure-grip screws for replacement.


  • These pedals provide a superior grip on the rider’s foot with any type of shoes with sturdy flat or near-flat soles.
  • Very light pedals, making them ideal for long-trail, steep-hilled and aggressive mountain biking.
  • They’re uniquely strong and durable due to the high tensile strength of steel and aluminum alloy constituting them. This also qualifies them as fitting mountain bike pedals for aggressive and rough-terrain mountain bike riding.
  • Their wide platforms cover most of the bike rider’s shoe sole thus offer piqued stability and comfort even during bumpy rides.
  • These pedals are uniquely easy to install on your bike, making them a preferential platform pedal choice for entry-level mountain, cruiser, aggressive and track bikers.
  • A very affordable pair of mountain bike pedals.


  • The bearings have some drag (though hardly noticeable) so they may not perform as smoothly as high-end platform pedals.
  • Some bike riders report experiencing crank arm stripping on their bikes as well as ankle hits with these pedals.
  • Their paintwork scratches off easily, making them look defiantly old.

Final verdict:

Regardless of the few downsides, Bonmixc Mountain Bike Pedals 9/16 MTB BMX Dh Platform Pedals spot several lovable characteristics like piqued grip stability, improved affordability and guaranteed durability that qualify them as the best mountain bike flat pedals for cyclocross, cruiser, mountain, old school, folding and dirt jumper BMX bikes as well as touring, urban, track and unicycle road bikes.

#3. Bodyguard Lightweight Aluminum CNC Sealed Bearing Mountain Bike Pedals

Bodyguard Mountain Bike Pedals, Lightweight Aluminum CNC Sealed Bearing Bicycle Pedal Cycling Pedals

Suitably designed with a universal threaded pedal mouth, the Bodyguard Lightweight Aluminum CNC Sealed Bearing Mountain Bike Pedals are some of the best mtb pedals in the market. They integrate with a wide range of bikes including BMX Mountain, track and urban bikes among others. The pedals’ design and construction also integrates the human body’s engineering harmonized with the pedals’ mechanics to save the bike rider 30% pedaling energy thus improve efficiency. These pedals also spot fully concealed bearings and nano-scale deeply strengthened (grinding chrome molybdenum) steel pedal axes as well as wide, treaded and lightweight platforms with several anti-slip screws.


  • The pedals are lightweight due to their hollow design, thus are uniquely suited for aggressive, long-trail and steep up-hill mountain biking.
  • Theses pedals are very durable and they call for minimal maintenance as they have high grade fully enclosed self-lubricating bearings as well as water-proof and dust-proof bearing seals (O-rings).
  • Unequaled mountain bike stability and comfort owing to the large flat tread pedal area which supports most of the bike rider’s feet and the numerous non-slip nails on the platform.
  • These pedals integrate full CNC process control compounded and harmonized human body engineering to give you a relaxed mountain bike ride even on steep inclines.
  • They have enviable anesthetic qualities that will make mountain bike hugely appealing, thanks to the spray technology used to color the pedals.


  • Not ideal for top-line aggressive mountain bike riding and rocky terrain as the pedals tend to break off easily when they hit hard surfaces and objects like rocks.
  • These pedals are not ideal for heavy mountain bike riders- they snap easily under substantial weight, especially when you are riding on steep inclines and uphill trails.

Final verdict:

Although several users report experiencing unexpected breaks with the Bodyguard Lightweight Aluminum CNC Sealed Bearing Mountain Bike Pedals within the first few mountain bike riding episodes, they also point out that these pedals are exceptionally easy to install on most bikes (due to the universal mouth threading) and require minimal maintenance as their bearings are completely enclosed to fend off water and dust which cause rusting and are self-lubricating. 

#4. AGPtEK 9/16”MTB BMX Bearing Alloy Platform Pedals for Mountain Cycling Road Bikes

Agptek Mountain Bike Pedals Bicycle Pedals 9/16

Made of high quality bearing alloy, the AGPtEK 9/16”MTB BMX Bearing Alloy Platform Pedals for Mountain Cycling Road Bikes are not only exceptionally light but also strong and durable. Their platform integrates an anti-slip design to pivot the rider’s foot comfortably and stably even during bumpy and slippery bike rides and that also prevents damage to your shoe as you ride.


  • Going for about $14, these are a uniquely cheap pair of bike pedals compared to others made of similar components.
  • They have a wide-profile platform which levitates your stability and comfort during bike rides.
  • Made of a sturdy metal alloy, these pedals are strong and durable when contrasted to other platform pedals in the same class.
  • They are easy to install on your bike.


  • They have unstable grip on the bike rider’s shoes on bumpy rides so they aren’t ideal for trail and aggressive mountain biking. They are however perfect for road biking.
  • Weighing about 207g per piece, they are a bit heavier than other flat pedals in their category so you may want to reconsider buying them if you are an all-time long-trail, aggressive or steep-inclined mountain bike rider.

Final verdict:

With their unbeatable price, sturdy design and lovable grip on the rider’s shoes, the AGPtEK 9/16”MTB BMX Bearing Alloy Platform Pedals for Mountain Cycling Road Bikes are doubtlessly a fitting pair for entry-level and mid-level mountain bikers. However, their bearings aren’t as smooth as those in high-end platform pedals so you may have to upgrade to a better pair for more aggressive trail biking. 

#5. Geediar CNC Aluminum Alloy Road Mountain Bike Bearing Pedals

Bicycle Bike Pedal,GEEDIAR CNC Aluminum Alloy Road Mountain Bike Bearing Pedals with Super Light Stable Plat

Built from strong CNC Aluminum alloy, the Geediar CNC Aluminum Alloy Road Mountain Bike Bearing Pedals feature a lovable edge design which improves the pedal-foot contact to boost grip and comfort. The pedals’ mouths spot internationally standardized threading, allowing them to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of mountain bikes. The pedals’ outer bearings are sealed to keep off dust, water, snow and mud. Besides, the pedals’ hex is designed to open easily to facilitate cleaning maintenance.


  • Sizeable platform for a comfortable and stable foot rest during mountain bike rides.
  • The pedals have a sure grip on the rider’s shoes even in wet slippery weather owing to the sturdy anti-slip pegs securing the rider’s shoe soles to the pedals’ surface without puncturing holes even in soft-soled shoes.
  • They are a lightweight pair of pedals that will allow you to comfortably ride your mountain bike for long miles without a lot of strain.
  • They are quite affordable for an all-aluminum alloy pair of pedals.


  • The traction studs are not adjustable so you’ll have to go through a more arduous clean-up process after a muddy or snowy mountain bike ride.
  • Since they are all-metal, you’ll hurt your shin or ankle real bad if you slip and contact the pedals. Also, they scratch car paint very easily if your garage is cramped.

Final verdict:

With the attractive paintwork, sturdy design and affordability, the Geediar CNC Aluminum Alloy Road Mountain Bike Bearing Pedals are a plausible low-budget choice for mountain bike pedal upgrades.

#6. Imrider Sealed Bearing Mountain Bike Cycling Pedals

Imrider Mountain Bike Pedals Cycling Sealed Bearing Bike Pedals

They feature 9/16 inch hard CrMo steel spindles that ensure direct energy transfer from the rider’s foot to the mountain bike’s drive chain. With an anti-slip studded platform, the Imrider Sealed Bearing Mountain Bike Cycling Pedals are designed to offer top-notch pedal-foot grip thus prevent sudden disconnection even in bumpy and rainy rides.

The Aluminum alloy used is also lightweight to allow the rider easier pedaling over long trails and roads. Moreover, the pedals’ bearings are sealed to fend off dust and moisture which lower pedal longevity.


  • It’s very easy to maintain these pedals as they are mostly self-cleaning-the sealed bearings keep off moisture and dust from entering the bearing-spindle mechanism and lengthen their durability.
  • They have a sure grip on the rider’s foot due to the reliable anti-slip studs enmeshed in the platforms. Besides, they ship with three replacement anti-skid screws.
  • The CNC precision process employed in the pedals’ construction grants them unequaled strength, lightness and durability that qualify them as fitting choices for riding long, steep and rough mountain bike trails and roads.
  • The pedals’ bearings spin very smoothly, granting the pedals unquestionable efficiency and saving the rider substantial pedaling energy.


  • Though they are very stable and comfortable, these pedals are a little bit smaller than several other platform types thus may not sit very comfortably under riders with big-size feet.
  • They have no reflective surface to increase the bike rider’s visibility to road traffic.

Final verdict:

Though they fetch a considerably higher price than budget platform mountain bike pedals, the Imrider Sealed Bearing Mountain Bike Cycling Pedals are a uniquely lightweight, sturdy and comfortable choice thus convenient for mountain biking in any terrain. Further, they’ll integrate seamlessly with long-distance mountain, aggressive and commuter mountain biking.

#7. INTEY Mountain Bike Pedals

NTEY Mountain Bike Pedals 9/16

INTEY Mountain Bike Pedals manufacturers adopted a hollow design to come up with these heavy-duty platform pedals. Featuring a uniquely durable aluminum body, these pedals spot CNC-processed anti-oxidant coated CrMo spindles and sturdy 9/16” chrome molybdenum steel shafts. Moreover, they contain 3 sealed, lightweight and smooth-rotating bearings a piece which can withstand heavy rider weights and force of impact from hitting rocks and bumpy terrain.

Furthermore, INTEY Mountain Bike Pedals spot wide universal (3.74 x 3.93 inches) platforms coupled with conveniently-positioned anti-skid screws to provide the mountain bike rider a firm, comfortable foot rest and grip on the bike’s drive chain.


  • The pedals rotate smoothly and flawlessly due to the 3 sealed bearings present in each pedal, saving the mountain bike rider up to 30% physical exertion.
  • With these pedals, maintenance is a breeze as the baking varnish antioxidant layer on the spindle fends of wearing off resulting from oxidation and rusting. Besides, the sealed bearings ensure minimal moisture and dust find their way into the pedals’ moving mechanism.
  • The pedals offer the rider unparalleled pedal efficiency, comfort and grip due to the wide platform, convenient traction studs and a lovable dual-sided concave pedal-shape design.
  • Increased visibility to road traffic, all thanks to the pedals’ reflective bars.
  • The pedals’ hollow super personality design improves their ground and rock clearance thus increases the bike rider’s comfort and safety in bumpy rides.


  • These pedals are super small thus will not serve bike riders with large feet (size 10 and above) well as they’ll dig into the shoe soles.
  • They are higher in cost than other platform bike pedals in the same class.

Final verdict:

Owing to their piqued tensile strength, they are very durable in any weather and terrain, making them an ideal choice for BMX cyclocross, cruiser, old school, dirt jumper and folding bikes as well as Road track, touring, urban and unicycle bikes. Moreover, their sleek design adds to any bike’s anesthetics, making them plausible choices for all mountain biking ventures including road, trail, stunt and aggressive biking.

#8. SasaMall Mountain Bike Pedals

Bike Pedals,Mountain Bicycles Pedals Flat Aluminum Alloy Platform Sealed Bearing Axle Pedals

SasaMall Mountain bike pedals’ hexes are composed of strengthened 6061 Aluminum alloy while the axles are forged from high tensile chromoly steel. The pedals also feature standard CrMo Steel 9/16 inch spindles that are suitably designed for mountain biking. In addition, these pedals spot strong DU sealed bearings as well as dual ultra-light, anti-slip and strong platforms.


  • These pedals are uniquely strong- they can safely support heavy mountain bike riders and heavy up-hill biking.
  • Their wide platforms provide for sizeable foot rest so you can ride comfortably without straining your feet.
  • Composed of high tensile materials like CrMo Aluminum alloy and chromoly Steel.
  • They offer very stable grip on the rider’s shoes- they hardly slip even during wet slippery rides.


  • Due to the exceptionally firm grip these pedals provide on the shoes, it’s a bit fiddly to disengage the foot from the pedal surface- you may have to lift your foot slightly.
  • With heavy rock hits they easily break off, thus are unsuitable for riding on very rough terrain.

Final verdict:

For a pair of budget platform pedals, these are definitely the winner. Due to their firm grip, strength and wide platform, they are highly suitable for single track mountain bike riding, light bike climbs and mildly rough trails. Besides, the pedals’ sleek design makes them an anesthetic compliment to a majority of road bikes.

#9. Alston Mountain Bike Pedals

Alston Mountain Bike Pedals Cr-Mo CNC Machined 9/16

Made by the 50-year-old ALSTON using strengthened 6061 Aluminum alloy, Alston Mountain bike pedals spot sealed ball bearings, Cr-Mo spindles and wide Aluminum cage platforms with anti-skid surfaces coupled by traction screws. Their axles are forged with exquisite workmanship, each screw intricately polished to fend off rust, improve grip and lengthen longevity. Moreover, their platforms are specially designed with a concave shape to pique pedaling efficiency and comfort.


  • Their wide platforms and anti-skid design provide bike riders unequaled comfort and adequate grip on a majority of shoes.
  • The pedals’ anesthetics (colors, design and shape) integrate smoothly with those of many bikes so they’ll make yours stand out.
  • A very sturdy and durable choice of pedals.
  • With their high-end qualities, they are fairly priced.
  • They integrate smoothly with a majority of bikes as their mouth threads are internationally standardized.


  • Bike riders unaccustomed with Allen wrenches will fumble a bit with these pedals’ installation- they don’t go with the more common hex pedal wrenches.
  • The pedals are slightly heavier than several other platform pedals thus long-range riders may experience more physical exertion.

Final verdict:

Made by a uniquely experienced and trusted manufacturer using high grade materials (CrMo steel and 6011 Aluminum alloy), Alston mountain bike pedals are unique with incorporation of human engineering mechanics, making them ideal for a gigantic range of biking endeavors including cross country, road racing, recreational cycling, aggressive mountain biking and commuting. Besides, they are ideal for almost all bikes including cruiser, old school, folding, mountain and dirt jumper BMX bikes as well as touring and track road bikes.

#10. Lumintrail PD-6065 MTB BMX Road Mountain Bike Platform Pedals

Lumintrail PD-606S MTB BMX Road Mountain Bike Bicycle Platform Pedals Flat Alloy Sealed Bearing 9/16

The Lumintrail PD-6065 MTB BMX Road Mountain Bike Platform Pedals’ bodies are made using reliable solid extruded CNC-machined aluminum alloy to extend their longevity even in the face of heavy use. They also feature 9/16 inch CNC-processed CrMo steel axles and spindles. Furthermore, they spot wide pedal platforms and cleats as well as a binding mechanism for improving the bike rider’s foot-pedal contact to levitate stability and comfort.


  • It’s a uniquely lightweight pair of pedals that offers minimal strain during long-distance, aggressive and steep up-hill bike riding.
  • The pedals’ detachable reflective bars improve the bike rider’s visibility to oncoming traffic thus increasing their road safety.
  • They are long-lasting bike components, thanks to their solid aluminum alloy and CrMo steel composition.
  • These pedals have unparalleled firm and comfortable foot-grip.


  • The reflective bars easily break off upon impact on hard surfaces.
  • The pedals’ bright finish scrapes off easily so they may not be your best choice if you cherish your bike’s anesthetics above all else.

Final verdict:

Owing to their hiked pedal-foot stability and comfort, lightness and sturdiness as well as inclusion of safety reflectors, the Lumintrail Mountain bike platform pedals are the good choice of mtb pedals ideal for long-range (cross-country and commuter), road mountain and recreational MTB/BMX bikes. Moreover, they offer enhanced mountain bike ride experiences in cross country cycling, road racing, recreational biking and trail riding. Simply put, they install flawlessly on all bikes.

Type of Best Mountain Bike Pedals

The foremost decision in your mountain bike pedals search is determining whether you want flat (platform), clipless or combo pedals.

Platform pedals

On this type of pedals, the rider’s feet are stabilized using anti-slip screws but are free to move about and away from the pedals’ surface. Forged from plastic or some types of metal, flat pedals present the following advantages to mountain bike riders:

  • They are generally easier to use than the other types of pedals as you can conveniently disengage your foot and hop off the bike, making them an ideal choice for beginner, dirt-jump, freestyle and downhill mountain bikers who need to move their feet constantly from the pedals for balancing.
  • Generally, they fetch leaner prices compared to clipless and combo pedals, doubtlessly due to the minimal inclusion of surplus accessories. For this, they are a plausible choice for entry-level mountain bike riders.
  • They are immensely convenient to ride on since you don’t require a special pair of shoes to step on them- any shoe (preferably flat) with a sturdy sole will suffice.

Modern flat pedal designs feature slimmer and broader platforms which improve the rider’s foot’s ground clearance, increase foot-pedal contact to reduce pedal flipping thus improve stability, lower the rider’s center of gravity to levitate balance and spin nearer the pedal axis to increase efficiency.

Clipless pedals

Here, the bike rider’s foot is attached to the pedal using special cleats that clip into the pedal when the rider applies downward pressure and disengage when the heel is tilted sideways. Advantages of clipless pedals include:

  • Flawless handling in technical rides including bunny-hopping, bumpy descents, steep ascents and aggressive trail riding.
  • Piqued pedal efficiency due to the balanced out stroke energy transfer throughout the pedal.

Combo pedals

Combination (combo) mountain bike pedals merge features of clipless and platform pedals, spotting wide platforms, traction screws and cleats. Although they’ll enable you to enjoy the combined advantages of the aforementioned pedal types, combo pedals are usually bulkier and heavier. Besides, they may be a little more cumbersome to clip in than exclusively clipless pedals.

Considerations to make when buying best mtb pedals

The evolution of mountain bike pedals has seen improvements in weight reduction, platform height reduction and surface area increments to make them more stable, efficient and fun. Read on to find out the most crucial factors to consider in your search for the best mountain bike pedals.


The degree to which a pedal allows adjust-ability to a rider’s preference is a critical factor to consider when searching for convenient mountain bike pedal upgrades. If you are a clipless pedals’ enthusiast, the pedal’s float (degree of allowance for sideways foot rotation when clipped in) and tension configuration (the amount of foot pressure required to engage or disengage the clips) are important features to watch for. On the other side, various platform pedals allow for replacement of spike pins and customization of pedal body colors.

Pedal weight

Generally, lighter pedals are better suited for long-trail and aggressive mountain biking while heavier ones are best reserved for casual rides. However, it’s important that you conduct in-depth research before automatically settling for a pair of lightweight pedals that may present a durability downside.

Quality, availability and ease of maintenance of pedal parts

In your quest for the  mtb pedals, it’s important to consider the ease of fixing (rebuilding/repairing) the pedals in case of breakage as well as availability of pedal spare components like anti-skid pins, bearings and seals. With some pedals, you have to purchase another whole pedal if one part breaks down.

Cleaning capabilities

The ease of dislodging mud, snow and other sticky dirt from the pedals is an important consideration that you shouldn’t overlook. Mountain bikers are advised to ensure their choice pedals spot sizeable spaces to ease in cleaning.


To save yourself intermittent visits to the bike repair shop, you should settle for a pair with all the bells and whistles of log-lasting mountain bike pedals including top grade bearings, solid structure and features befitting your bike riding purpose, frequency and terrain.

Without much ado, let’s have a look at 10 of the most dependable mountain bike pedals to help you choose the best pair for your ride.


Evidently, the evolution of mountain bike pedals is a continuous process- the aforementioned pedals’ differentiating properties are indelible proof of this. Entry-level mountain bikers are often overwhelmed by the superfluous availability of a wide range of bike pedals and mountain bike pedal information thus end up splurging their resources on unfitting pedals. To obtain the best mtb pedals for your mountain bike, it’s recommended that you always conduct in-depth due diligence, particularly paying keen attention to the pedals’ type, size, price, constituent materials and weight specifications. Furthermore, it’s always wise to consider your preferential pedals’ warranty and return-policy provision before investing your hard-earned money.

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