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The world of mountain biking is daily evolving to offer practical, alluring and cost-effective perk-ups that are not only a much welcome upgrade but vital requirements to tackle the drastic challenges the sport presents in this modern era. One innovation that has stayed aloof all others for quite some time now is the introduction of electric mountain bikes, also called e-bikes. These bring in the electric motor concept. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the motor allows the mtb rider to clock in more miles at shorter time spans than ordinary mountain bikes without perspiration. Like other mtbs, however, purchasing a fitting e-bike can be a daunting undertaking owing to various market dynamics. This buyer's guide is crafted to take the hassle off your bike buying process and point you to the best electric mountain bike.

Top 10 best electric mountain bike 2020 reviews

Our pick:

Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike

Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike with Lithium-Ion Battery

This e-mtb is built with a 19” steel mtb frame, front suspension fork and 26” wheels with Kenda tires and quick-release front wheel. Its drive-train consists of a 21-gear quick-shift Shimano gear-set. It’s further equipped with a powerful 250W brushless electric motor powered by an upgraded 36V 8.8 Ah quick-release Lithium ion battery pack with the capacity to push the bike to a maximum range of 25-31 miles at a maximum speed of 15mph.


  • This e-bike is extremely easy to assemble as it ships almost entirely put together with a quick-release front wheel.
  • Its 21-speed gear system and powerful electric provide for easy riding in any kind of slope.
  • The bike is exceptionally easy to ride with quick-shifting gears and quick-release battery pack.
  • Its appearance is stylish
  • Its ride comfort is unequaled as it sports a well-padded saddle, efficient front suspension and sporty Kenda tires.


  • Its motor isn’t powerful enough to clear very steep hills without pedal assist.
  • Its considerably heavier than other e-bikes in its category due to its metal (Silver) frame.

Final Verdict

Weighing approximately 46lbs, the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike is built for riders of 5”4” and above in height and below 220lbs weight. Moreover, its battery-set is fully sealed in waterproof material to allow for convenient riding even in the rain.

Runner up:

ANCHEER Premium Full Suspension Folding Electric Mountain Bike

ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike with 26 Inch Wheel

This electric mountain bike is manufactured with a lightweight but sturdy industry aluminum alloy folding frame coated with anti-exposure and anti-rust paint mated with a high carbon steel premium full suspension fork. Its wheels consist of 26-inch ultra-strong aluminum alloy rims, super light Magnesium alloy 6 spokes and thick slip-resistant tires suitable for a wide range of terrains. Equipped with a 250W powerful electric motor powered by a 36 Volt 8Ah large-capacity Lithium ion battery with a smart fast-action charger, the e-bike has 3 operation modes: pedals-only mode, assisted mode (about 31-mile range) and E-bike mode (15.5 mile range at 17mph top speed). Further, this bike features a 21-speed Shimano gear transmission system for a drive-train as well as front and rear mechanical disc brakes for dependable stoppage.


  • Its dual suspension offers effective shock absorption in rough terrain
  • The bike’s build adopts commendable workmanship, fit and finish.
  • Its frame is heavy-duty so it will outlast several e-bikes.
  • The bike folds easily to fit in most car trunks for convenient long distance hauling and storage.
  • Its assembly is a straightforward undertaking that only takes a few minutes.


  • At 65lbs, this e-bike is heavier than most in its category
  • The factory-issue saddle is a bit uncomfortable thus requires can upgrade or inclusion of extra cushioning for added comfort in long rides.

Final Verdict

With its fast-charging Lithium ion battery pack, efficient gear and motor system as well as reliable braking, the ANCHEER Premium Full Suspension Folding Electric Mountain Bike can conveniently been used as a tour bike as well as a commuter means besides being a reliable trail explorer.

Also Great:

X-Treme X-Cursion Folding Mountain E-Bike

X-Treme Scooters Folding Electric Mountain E-Bike

Built upon a 100% aluminum alloy folding e-mtb frame mated to an RST Capa T7 front suspension fork, this electric mountain cycle is equipped with a 7-speed Shimano Tourney gear shift system and 300 Watt brushless rear-hub electric motor powered by a removable pack of 7 lightweight Lithium LiPo4 batteries. The e-bike’s seat-post is made with full adjustability and its braking system is all-disc.


  • Owing to its easily foldable frame, this –bike is exceptionally easy to carry in an RV or pack down for shipment. However, it’s bigger than most foldable bikes even when folded thus may not readily fit in all car trunks.
  • It features a removable battery pack so you don’t have to wheel in the whole machine into the house for recharging.
  • The bike is built solidly with long-lasting capabilities.
  • Compared to other bikes with similar price tags, its cost is phenomenal
  • It runs smoothly as advertised.


  • The bike doesn’t ship pre-assembled so you’ll have to work out how to put most of the parts together.
  • Contrasted with other e-bikes, it’s considerably heavier and requires pedaling to clear steep inclines even with the motor on.

Final Verdict

Designed to cruise at up to 20 mph for a range of 20-25 miles, the X-Treme X-Cursion Folding Mountain E-Bike is an ideal choice for vacationers and campers, RV dwellers, college students who prefer biking to bus-commuting and any cyclist looking for a lightweight electric folding mountain bike.

#4. cyrusher Extribici XF660 4-inch Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

Cyrusher Fat Tire Bike Snow Bike Mountain Bike with Motor 500W 48V Lithium Battery Extrbici XF660 Shimano 7 Speeds System 4.0 inch Fat Tire Suspension Fork Dual Disc Brakes

Designed with a maxi um rider weight of 360lbs, this e-bike is built with a sturdy aluminum alloy mtb frame mated to similarly-forged front suspension fork with lockout adjust, specially designed for snowbikes. Its wheels are equipped with 26” snowbike-specific alloy rims, 4-inch fat tires and dual mechanical disc brakes. Its drive-train is composed of a 7-speed specialized chain, 7-speed Shimano flywheel, a TY300D rear derailleur and a TX50-7 shift lever. In addition, this electric mountain bike features a removable water-bottle-positioned 48 Volt 10.4Ah battery that powers a mighty 500 Watt electric motor.


  • The bike ships 90% pre-assembled, making its entire assembly unusually fast and easy.
  • Its front suspension and fat tires offer commendable shock-muzzling capabilities in rough country roads, off-roads and harsh terrain.
  • The bike is solidly made with a surprising 360lb rider weight support.
  • Its price is a hand-away considering its high-end integrations.
  • Its battery and motor are exceptionally powerful and reliable.


  • Its initial tune-up calls for professional handling so you may have to shell out some extra wads if lack the requisite truing skills and tools.
  • The front sprocket features a limited gear ratio, making steep inclines a bit of a hassle.

Final Verdict

Though it may take some time to get properly acquainted with its ride experience, the cyrusher Extribici XF660 4-inch Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike is among the most preferred electric mountain bikes in shock absorption and aesthetics.

#5. Prodeco V5 Phantom X Lite 9-Speed Folding Electric Bicycle

Prodeco V5 Phantom X Lite 9 Speed Folding Electric Bicycle, Matte Black, 26-Inch/One Size

Made in the USA by Prodeco Technologies, this folding electric mountain bike features an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy folding mountain bike frame linked to a 120mm ZXR Magnesium suspension fork. Its wheels consist of 32mm triple box rims and 26-inch Continental Traffic tires built for urban paved roads as well as off-roads and trails. Further, the bike is armed with a precisely engineered SRAM drive-train composed of a 9-speed XO twist shifter, 9-speed PC 971 chain, PG-970 11-32T cassette, a 9-speed X7 mid derailleur and nickel-coated outer chain plates for corrosion evasion. In addition, the e-bike’s 300 Watt (500W at peak performance) free-spinning electric motor is hooked to the front wheel, powered by an advanced 38.4V6Ah Lithium ion (LiFePO4) battery to deliver a lovable 18mph speed and 25 miles maximal cruise per charge and is manned by a ½ variable-speed twist throttle. While 180mm Avid HSX rotors cool the bike through heat-shedding, its Avid BB7 disc brakes provide for great stopping power.


  • At 46lbs, this foldable electric mtb is lighter than most.
  • Its suspension offers smooth rides in smooth surface roads as well as mildly rough trails.
  • It’s a quality bike with high-end parts so it’s enough value for the money invested.
  • Unlike most lithium ion e-bike batteries in the market, this one’s LiFePO4 battery pack is more stable, charges at higher ampere hours and hardly deteriorates in quality at high temperatures.
  • The bike is extremely easy to assembly-it’s foldable and comes almost completely assembled.
  • It has very striking aesthetics.
  • Its efficient e-motor offers efficient pedal-assist or completely pedal-free cruising for commendable time spans.
  • It’s solidly built.


  • Though its 9-speed gear shift is more overkill than a necessity for light to mid cyclists, some riders experience minor hitches in gear shift.

Final Verdict

Built with a host of high-end components, the Prodeco V5 Phantom X lite 9-Speed Folding Electric Bicycle is arguably the best mountain bike in balancing build, performance and cost.

#6. Eshion Electric Mountain Bicycle

Eshion Electric mountain Bicycle E bike with Lithium-Ion Battery, Battery Charger, 26-Inch Wheel

Measuring 64.4 inches in length, this electric mountain bike is made with a premium quality 100% aluminum alloy frame with a maximum load capacity of 330lbs supporting a high-strength carbon steel comfort suspension fork. It features aluminum alloy seat-post tube, aluminum alloy handlebars and 26-inch double-layer aluminum alloy wheels with wear-resistant and anti-slip RST tires. Its further armed with dual disc brakes and a 21-speed Shimano drivetrain hooked to a 250 Watts high-speed brushless electric DC motor powered by a high grade, fast-charge and removable 36 V 8Ah Lithium-Ion battery.


  • The e-bike is built with high-end parts that are a definite value-return on your investment. These also contribute to its sturdiness.
  • Its high capacity fast-charging battery pack and powerful motor provide for exceptionally easy long and uphill rides at pedal-assist and full E-bike mode.
  • The bike’s dual disk brakes offer unparalleled stopping power in all weather conditions.
  • Owing to its loud horn and powerful LDE head and tail lights, this e-mtb is a sure-safe city, road and night ride choice.
  • It even has a battery lock to secure your power-pack.
  • It shifts, rides and brakes smoothly thus offers an easy ride regardless of the slope.
  • Its assembly


  • Its chain-guard is cheaply made and will easily break off.
  • Its disc brakes may be somewhat fiddly in maintenance but one gets accustomed to the exercise with time.

Final Verdict

At its peak, the Eshion Electric Mountain Bicycle can cruise maximum distances of between 35 to 60 km at a top cruising speed of 25-35ckm/h. Equipped with aluminum alloy pedals as well as other high-end components including ergonomically designed handlebar grips and fully adjustable seat-post, this is a great option to choose from.

#7. Cyrusher XF700 Folding Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

Cyrusher XF700 Folding Electric Bike 26 inch Mountain Bicycle Full Suspension 36V 10.4AH Hidden Battery Shimano 21 Speeds Double Mechanical Disc Brake

This Cyrusher-designed electric mountain bicycle features an RT860 Aluminum mini folding mountain bike frame built with strict observance of performance, affordability and comfort mated with a premium dual suspension fork. The bike sports 26” wheels, 21-speed gear shift system for a drivetrain and double mechanical disc brakes for stoppage. Further, its design integrates a powerful 250 Watts electric motor deriving its power from a carefully concealed, easy-to-install and 3-4hr fast-charging 36 V 10.4 Ah Lithium-ion battery-pack. In addition, the e-cycle contains a fashion-designed army-camouflaged LCD battery meter display.


  • Armed with a throttle, the e-bike offers commendable hill-climbing and fast-speed power at full E-bike mode and electric/pedal assisted mode.
  • Its folding mtb frame allows the bike to be easily packed down for storage or transit.
  • Assembling this e-mtb is a walk in the park encounter.
  • The bike’s design and weld are lax, hardly showing any weld buggers.
  • Armed with its efficient 21-speed Shimano gear mechanism and on-the-fly 5-mode Pedal Assist (PAS) electric motor, the bike offers unequaled speeds and long-distance coverage in a myriad of terrains.
  • The hidden battery offers this e-bike a simple yet striking appearance where it’s commonly passed for a pedals-only mtb. This adds to the bike’s safety- it’s less prone to theft than its conspicuous counterparts.


  • The kickstand mounting point is made of soft stamped steel alloy which allows the stand to bend unfavorably sideways with repeated use and eventually break off.
  • It ships without a carrier so you have to invest some extra bucks in installing one if your daily ride involves carrying some extra luggage apart from your backpack or college bag.

Final Verdict

Featuring 3 ride modes including pedals-only, electric/pedal assist mode and full E-bike mode, the Cyrusher XF700 Folding Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike can average 20mph maximally and can be used to easily swallow up vast distances while commuting, touring or exploring smooth to mildly rough wild trails. Equipped with a 4-LED headlight and tail light, this electric mtb is a plausible choice for city and night-time commuting.

#8. Vilano PROTON Electric Folding Mountain Bike

Vilano PROTON Electric Folding Mountain Bike, 26-Inch Mag Wheels

Made around an alloy folding frame coupled with a pre-load adjust suspension fork, this electric mountain bike features CST 26” x 2.10” thick electric mtb tires encasing sturdy Magnesium alloy rims. Its drive-train is composed of a Shimano Tourney derailleur hooked to a 7-speed Shimano Revoshift twist-grip shifter. Further, the e-bike’s integrations include a brawny 250W brushless hub DC electric motor span by a 36 Volt Samsung Lithium-ion battery capable of pushing the bike to a commendable 15-30 mile range as well as mechanical disc brakes on both wheels.


  • At its price point, this e-bike is a real bargain and a sure value return.
  • Assembly is a walk in the park undertaking. It even has a quick-lock/release mechanism.
  • Though it lacks a throttle, the e-bike’s 5-stage pedal-assist mode offers lovesome cruising and efficient hill clearance.
  • Its human-engineered frame provides for comfortable and efficient rides over long distances.
  • The e-bicycle’s easy-to-fold frame provides for hassle-free transportation in car trunks, buses and subways besides lessening the space required to stow the bike away.


  • Weighing about 50 pounds, this electric mountain bike is heavier than many others in its range.
  • Its mechanical disc braking system is a little more demanding in initial tune-up and subsequent maintenance.

Final Verdict

Equipped with strong 9/16 platform pedals and reliable pedal-assist besides full E-bike mode, the Vilano PROTON Electric Folding Mountain Bike is a fitting choice for zipping around town on light errands and exploring mildly challenging trails and off-roads besides commuting.

#9. Pro Folding 500 W Power 26” Speed Electric Mountain Bike

Pro Folding 500W 26

This electric mountain bike is built with an ultra light but sturdy foldable Aluminum alloy men’s frame coated with rust-resistant paint, steel suspension fork and 26-inch wheels with aluminum alloy spokes. The bike’s design features a 7-speed gear shift system with a 7-mode flywheel and a 500 Watts robust electric motor powered by a long-range and fast-charging 36 V 8 Ah Lithium-ion battery. For stoppage, the bike is built with handy disc brakes integrated in the front and rear wheels.


  • Equipped with its brawny electric, this e-bike can speed up to 30 km/h with pedal assistance and clear even the most challenging inclines.
  • Its reliable disc braking system provides safe deceleration and stoppage in all weather conditions.
  • Its foldable frame provides for minimal-space storage and easy cartage in car trunks, buses and subways.
  • The bike has a solid build that befits heavy-set riders and rough-terrain riding.


  • Once fully assembled, this bike is a little on the heavy side when compared to several other e-bikes.
  • Its men-specific frame may restrict the rider’s height to tall riders only.

Final Verdict

With its powerful electric and smooth-shifting gear system, the Pro Folding 500 W Power 26” Speed Electric Mountain Bike is a convenient way to explore mildly rough trails or commute cheaply without negatively impacting the surroundings with green house fumes.

#10. Bifast 26-inch Power Plus Adult Unfolding Electric Mountain Bike

Bifast 26 Inch Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike for Adults, Unfolding E Bike Road Bike with Removable Lithium-Ion Battery, Battery Charger, LED Light

Measuring a full length of 64.4 inches, this electric mtb is characterized by a rigid 100% Aluminum alloy frame, high-tensile carbon steel fork with premium front shock absorption and 26-inch diameter wheels composed of double-layer Aluminum alloy rims and high quality lithium tires imbued with anti-slip and wear-resistant characteristics. Further, this e-mtb features 21-speed drivetrain equipped with a 250W brushless high-speed motor that’s powered by a detachable rechargeable 36V 8AH Lithium-ion battery. In addition, this electric mountain two-wheeler contains disc brakes on both wheels and is built with an ergonomic design encompassing adjustable handlebars, seat-post and RST.


  • This tandem is made with high quality materials that guarantee it longevity and sure value return.
  • Weighing around 20kg, it’s quite light thus easy to wheel into and out of storage as well as bike racks.
  • Its ergonomic design and build ensure the rider revels in not only efficient but strain-less biking.
  • Armed with the all-time dependable disc brakes and anti-slip wheels, this tandem offers exceptionally safe and hassle-free rides in the rain.
  • With this e-mtb, you can comfortably cruise on e-bike mode, enjoy assisted pedaling or opt for an all-human pedaling ride venture.


  • This bike features an unfolding frame which greatly reduces its ease of carriage in car trunks as well as storage.
  • While its front suspension offers commendable shock muzzling, it’s unfit for extremely rough terrain thus the bike only rides well on smooth to mildly bumpy roads, trails and off-roads.

Final Verdict

Built with high-grade components, the Bifast 26-inch Power Plus Adult Unfolding Electric Mountain Bike is also equipped with trustworthy and easy-ride inclusions including a powerful e-motor, making it one of the best commuter and tour electric mountain bikes in the market today.

Key factors of consideration when scouring the bike market for a suitable E-bike

Commuting, touring or exploring trails with an electric mtb is, without a doubt, more refreshing than using a pedals-only mountain bike. Some cyclists, however, especially pro bikers, prefer the latter which allow them to experience, unimpeded, the full thrill blast and adrenaline rush of unaided pedal cranking. Still, riding an e-bike presents a basket-full of colorful benefits we simply can’t overlook. In order to land a suitable e-bike in today’s market, there are some pre-purchase considerations you’ll need to attend to if your venture is to be successful. They are discussed below.


What’s your raid style? It could be that you are looking for an environmentally friendly, affordable and all-time-available commuting means that will also let you enjoy the freshness of your along-the-way wild trail as you go to and come from work or school. Or are you looking for an e-bike to tour nearby fields during your leisure time? In all cases, coming clear on your intended use for the electric mtb is always an easy way to set a solid footing in any electric mountain bike buying process. Moreover, you should consider the type of terrain you’ll be riding your precious motor-powered mtb before settling for any choice. Here, it’s crucial to note various electric mountain bikes are designed and built with varying integrations befitting different ride verticals.

Motor power

As aforementioned, an e-bike derives its name from its outstanding differentiating feature- electric motor. Hooked to the mtb’s drivetrain, this inclusion either allows the rider to cruise (without pedaling) or eases pedal-cranking, saving substantial energy and time in the process. Being an additional Achilles’ heel to your to-be mtb, the motor is therefore a vital component deserving of profound analysis. The easiest way to ascertain an e-bike motor’s suitability to your ride perspective is by looking at its power specifications, usually denoted by a numerical component with a ‘W’ suffix (example 500W). The power of the motor not only points to its capabilities but electric power consumption as well- these two factors are directly proportional to the motor’s power specifications.


Just as an Achilles’ heel needs a living ‘Achilles’ to push it; an electric mountain bike’s electric motor has a rechargeable battery for propulsion. Batteries with higher voltage and power specifications invariably offer more motor and longer lasting motor power but are, in most cases heavier, more costly and more involving in maintenance. Also, you’ll want to settle for a suitable choice between external batteries and those encased within the mtb frame.

Wheels specifications

As the sole contact point between your e-bike and the road, wheels are indisputably among the most important points of consideration prior to any mtb purchase, especially an e-bike as it will definitely weigh more than an ordinary mtb. Considering that your weight will be supported by the same wheel-set, you’ll need to opt for an electric mountain bike equipped with the right tires, rims and spokes for your particular ride angle and terrain.

Further, remember to opt for an e-bike whose wheel size best addresses your bicycling needs. While 29-inch wheels offer lovesome acceleration and momentum (speed) retention besides exceptional barrier clearance, they are considerably harder to maneuver in close-cut moves than their 26-nch and 27.5” counterparts that provide for easy maneuverability but are more tasking in acceleration.


Being the chassis onto which other mtb parts are attached either directly or indirectly, an e-bike’s frame ranks among the parts whose particulars’ consideration is fundamental to help a buyer identify the quality of a electric mountain bike. Here, you’ll need to pay keen attention to the frame’s shape besides its material as some frame designs and sizes may restrict the rider’s height. In such cases, a more personalized frame design, female-rider-specific or a larger size alternative will help you side-step this hurdle.

Remember to go for frame material imbued with characteristics befitting your specific ride vertical: long-haul commuter e-bikes should feature lightweight frames while casual tour electric mtbs may sport heavier frames. Ensure you look closely whether the frame is forged from Aluminum, Steel, Carbon fiber, Magnesium or alloy components then gauge its suitability to your precise rider purpose before deciding which e-bike option is best.


The luggage rack and computer mount, commonly positioned over the rear and front wheels respectively are miscellaneous additions that you may need to watch out for if your ride vertical includes luggage carriage. This mostly affects commuter and tour electric mountain bikers who may need to tag some light luggage or panniers to pack down their bikes in their various biking endeavors.

Availability of replacement parts

Are the e-bike’s e-motor and battery replaceable and readily available? These components will inevitably malfunction at some point as is common with all electric gadgets. Settling for an electric mtb with easily available replacements is the way to go to avoid future inconveniences.

How to identify the best Electric mtb

Armed with the crucial considerations discussed above, the following influential tips will streamline your e-bike hunt and guide you to the best electric mountain bike in the market:

  • Consider your budget: designing a bike-purchase budget and restricting your expenditure to the set boundaries will not only help you spot the most affordable electric mountain bike but also keep you off splurging in the otherwise overwhelming bike market.
  • Conduct an in-depth due diligence process on the bikes’ manufacturers, sellers and shipping outfits to ascertain their viability and suitability so your beloved electric motor-hooked mtb arrives as advertised. Here, you should inspect the dealers’ licenses and accreditation and ascertain they are up-to-date. This way, you will also stay clear fraudulent dealers.
  • Look into verified and published reviews from past buyers, owners and riders of various e-bikes under your scrutiny to identify those that align with your expectations. You may also heed recommendations from trustworthy allies and established e-bike enthusiasts.
  • Pore over the warranty provisions of your select electric mountain bicycle’s supplier- it will come in handy if your prized electric mountain tandem arrives damaged, requires component replacements or proves unworthy and calls for a refund or replacement.
  • Explore the Internet for electric mountain bike assembly, tune-up, repair and maintenance information to establish which e-bike will best suit your skill set. Besides, you can test-ride similar electric tandems to gain a more hands-on experience of the finest one in terms of performance.


The 10 electric mountain bikes reviewed above came top of our list in terms of affordability, performance, sturdiness, durability and suitability to various ride verticals. Though this list is far from exhaustive, it’s designed to point you in the right direction in your e-bike hunt and hopefully features the best electric mountain bike for your particular ride purpose. Regardless of your choice, it’s important to always look into the bike supplier’s credibility to steer away from fraudulent dealers and sub-par e-bikes. The aforementioned pre-purchase tips will also serve as a clear pointer to the most suitable e-mtb choice in the otherwise overpowering bike market.

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