Things to consider while buying your first mountain bike

Things to consider while buying your first mountain bike

Whether you want to hit the dirt or experience the thrills of rocky-mountains, considering a mountain bike is always the best option for you. However, when it comes to purchasing the right mountain bike for you then plenty of available options can make it a hard thing to do. Even more, every mountain bike comes with a unique feature range which can make you even more confused with ease. However, to make things easier for you here we have brought a list of what to look for in a mountain bike. Without any doubt, knowing this list will help you to invest in the right option. So, without any further delay, let’s start looking at the most important features which you must consider while buying your first ever mountain bike.

Things you must consider while buying your first mountain bike

Do you want to know what to look for in a mountain bike while buying? Here are some of the most essential features which are important for you to know in this regard:

1. Where do you want to ride your bike?

The very first thing which you need to identify is your route. As there are multiple types of mountain bikes available in the market and each of these is perfect for a specific type of route. So, whenever you are planning to buy a mountain bike, it is always important to understand what kind of ride you want to enjoy with it. It is because this will help you to make a better choice with ease.

2. Size of mountain bike

First thing first, it is always most important to choose the right size for you. However, it is always recommended for you to never rely on the size stated by the manufacturers. Because various companies are switching to medium, large or small instead of elaborating numbers. While, if you want to get the right size for you then you must look for the reach and stack measurements and do not afraid to go longer than a road bike. A long front triangle can help you to climb up by making your wheel planted perfectly.

3. Tire size

Tires and wheels’ diameters have settled an easier and binary choice of 29 inches or 27.5 inches. However, when it comes to choosing a futuristic mountain bike then without any doubt stiff, strong and light will become more common options in the coming years. Even, along with suitable frames and tires, the choices are still quite similar. You can favor smaller and stronger hoops for smashing trails while bigger ones for longer trails with ease. 

4. Price

When it comes to buying the right mountain bike then obviously the price you have to pay is also important to consider. Considering your budget range before making a selection will help you to understand what you can afford. Even more, it is also important for you to understand the fact that you don’t have to pay too much always to get a reliable mountain bike. Because various high-quality brands are offering highly affordable mountain bikes too which you can consider as a budget-friendly option with ease.

5. Frame materials

At the present time, frames of mountain bikes are being built with various materials. Therefore, when you have to buy a perfect mountain bike for you then it is always important to invest in the option which can go longer with you. However, most of the bike manufacturing companies are using aluminum for their frames. Aluminum frames can always be a great choice to get. Along with this, you can also find frames made of steel, and carbon which has their own benefits. So, make sure to understand the benefits of every material and make a choice which can suit you best.

6. Full sus vs hardtails

When it comes to suspension then there are always two options which you can consider for this i.e. hardtail and full suspension. Usually, hard tails come with a rear end and no suspension along with a suspension fork which can make it possible for the bike to absorb mellow trails impact. While a full suspension bike comes up with both rear and front shock which will surely give the mountain bike a smoother ride with the capability of more impact absorbance. However, when you have to climb up then a full suspension bike may make it hard to do.

7. Reliability and strength

Although weight is important but it is not important to obsess about it. Rather considering strength is more important to consider marginally while buying your first mountain bike. While riding a bike on mountain trails, random roots, rocks, and ruts may grab you from everywhere. Therefore, it is always necessary to go with a stronger option you can easily rely on to enjoy the thrill of adventurous mountain trails with ease. 

8. Prefer quality

Whenever you are going to select the very first mountain bike for you then it is always important to make proper research about your selected options. Read the reviews which other customers have given about that specific product. See how many customers are satisfied with their purchase while what are the problems which they are facing with it. All of these things will help you to identify the quality and durability of a mountain bike in the best possible way.

9. Accessories which you will get with it

When you are buying a mountain bike, then make sure to have a look at the accessories which you will receive with this. Having the required accessories with your mountain bike can make it easier for you to keep some budget back with ease.

You surely want to enjoy the best ride while enjoying the thrills of mountain trails, therefore, it is always important to invest in the right bike. And for this knowing what to look for in a mountain bike can be the best ever option which you must consider in this regard.

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