Vilano Shadow Road Bike Review

Vilano Shadow Road Bike

First and foremost, the Vilano shadow road bike is not any common bicycle, since it can multitask. The bike is not only suitable for road drives, but also an alternative method of transport. Furthermore, this bike is good for those who rides it for it helps a role of keeping our body healthy and fit. In addition, this bike is great for athletes and for health fanatics too. And its price is reasonable.

The set-up of this bike is easy and there are no extra tools required in order to get it assembled. It is easy to use it, reliable, light in weight and best for commuting. The Vilano Shadow Road Bike has various uses and has frequently been known as a preferred choice of most athletic progress. Whether one wants to buy the bike for regular commuting or for exploring the surroundings, the speed and reliability of this bike will be satisfactory for those purposes


This Bike has a different design compared to other bikes which normally brings attention on how aerodynamics is incorporated in the general design. It is made up of an aluminum that makes it lighter.The most important tool that helps the assembler in the set up procedure is a wrench. The package comes with all the parts needed to get the bike ready for the road and for training sessions. Even with less knowledge the whole set up course should go by in a breeze.

For a beginner’s bike, it comes with a speed that suits him or her and can be upgraded when one has gained enough experience. With Vilano shadow road bike someone can go for a race with it. The wheels of the bike are designed a way that it sits definitely on the am in road and can assist with steering the city streets smoothly.

Specifications for the Vilano Shadow Road Bike

Frame Size

The vilano shadow road bike comes in different sizes; small, medium, and large, which is appropriate for both men and women. In addition to this the frame is designed in such a way that it reduces wind resistance while riding, promotes a good posture which is useful when riding long distances.

Gear System, Drive and Gender

The gear shifters come together as a solitary unit with the breaking mechanism, which is easily manageable. The bike is a unisex cycle which comes with two color options and provides an attractive ride due to the different sizes available.


This road bike has 14 speeds which is suitable for beginner’s bike. With time when one get used to using it you can upgrade to more speeds. The Shimano STI shifters lets has a specific shifting and braking system all placed together in a single convenient unit and this shows how compact the drive train really is and in general make being compact

Brakes and Hand Brakes Type

The bike has dual pivot caliper rim brakes which are used on many modern road bicycles. The brakes are fine in terms of precision, since it is designed in a compact manner and being joined with the gear system. That means they are reliable.


This bike has anatomic comfort saddles which are suitable for long rides. You need to have a comfortable one which can’t cause strain to the rider.


This bike is light in since it has a lightweight aluminum frame, which is great for riding up hills. The total weight for this bike is about 23 pounds.


The bike has a headset 1 1/8 Integrated which is made of aluminum hence contributes to the lightweight.


The 700x25c tires are exceptional; less effort is needed to get the bike up to speed. It can maintain its velocity easily too because of the low resistance model tires.


The Vilano is light in weight which helps in steering and coordination skills. This lightweight nature makes the bike ease the transition to pedaling. The air tires offer easy rolling, better grip and smoother ride.

Is This Bike Great?

The Vilano shadow road bike has the steel aluminum frame that makes it lightweight and easy to handle. It has 14 speeds which makes it suitable beginners. As time goes by and one gets used to it, it can be upgraded to more speed. The Shimano STI shifters lets you operate the breaking system efficiently in a single convenient unit. Due to this, you are able to see how compact the drive train is which make a general solid design. The cautiously-made wheels fits well into the general design and offers adequate strength and performance abilities.

The Vilano Shadow Road Bike comes in 3 different sizes which give a rider a wide option of choice. The smallest to the largest are size are 50cm, 54cm and the last size is 58cm. The bike weighs 23 pounds making it a contestant in the lightweight category. The aluminum frame is the main factor that donates to the whole light weight of the bike.

The design of the bike helps in reducing the effects of the vibrations. This improved feature lets the bike’s vital parts to last longer. The vibrations are not completely erased with this design but the effects are meaningfully reduced. The bike is more improved and has a fairer advantage regarding its longevity. The bike has large wheels that comes equipped with, which are strong and make the stress of bumpy roads less uncomfortable and stressful. These features makes it more comfortable ride even amid the less than favorable design of the seating.

You don’t have to be a professional or have experience to assemble the parts of this bike because some of the parts comes already partlyjoined. This makes the course of joining those parts easier and much quicker.

The bike is most affordable on the market. If one is looking for an affordable bike that still has all the essential perks that is required for great performance and dependability. The Vilano Shadow Road Bike costs considerably less than bikes of a same design and is great for those who might want to buy a bike on a tight budget.

Targeted Groups of the Bike

The Vilano shadow road bike is suitable for a beginner if he or she is interested in using it as an athlete during training or even races. For those who would like to do the exercise, bike riding is one of the easiest and most satisfying forms of exercise hence making this bike suitable for it.


  • A strong durable frame that is built to last long, hold up ones weight well and is dependable for the purpose that it was made for.
  • Have many purposes. It can be used in the athletic and as well as health and fitness in form of exercising.
  • ​Its design makes it reliable since it has many purposes based on its make.
  • ​It is affordable for those buyers who would like to buy it at an affordable budget.
  • Great set of wheels. Reliable wheels are vital to the function of the bike and this one comes with a reliable set of wheels. This makes it easy for movement even on a bumpy road.
  • Easy to assemble. There is no irritation in order to get
  • Light in weight, the Vilano shadow road bike is light so that you can easily lift it when necessary.


  • The seat is not of a high standard. Comfortable seating is essential for any kind of transport particularly for bikes. The seating on this bike doesn’t offer a comfortable rest.
  • The handle bar wrapping comes apart easily which indicates that the wrapping isn’t done properly or perhaps the quality material is poor.
  • The derailleur gears get worn easily which causes the gear to constantly slip. The result is uncomfortable and awkward.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: Is it comfortable to ride?

​Answer: Yes the bike is one of the most flexible in the market.

2. Question: Can a person with less experience handle or use it?

​Answer: Yes.since it can be upgraded once you get used to it.

3. Question: Do I need a professional to assemble it?

​Answer: Not really all you need is a wrench to assemble it.

4. Question: Can it be used on bumpy or rough roads?

Answer: Yes it has wheels that can take you through a rough road and a design that is best for any road.

5. Question: Is the bike expensive?

Answer: No, the bike is affordable


Conclusively, The Vilano Shadow Road Bike is of great value road bike. It is lightweight and handles well. For the price, it is a great deal for any rider looking for a good but cheap basing on his or her budget, starting level road bike.


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