Best Mountain Bike Under 1000 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

More people are daily waking up to the realization that mountain bike riding is indeed one of today’s most titillating body ‘keep fit’ exercises as well as an exceptionally exciting and quality way to spend luxury time. Furthermore, globally, a staggering number of mountain bike riders are increasingly shifting their focus from automotive travel to commuting using their two-wheeled mechanical horses. That’s why there’s a high demand for the best mountain bike under 1000. And to compound the significance of mountain bikes, there have been and continue to be introduced numerous mtb races including mountain bike Cross Country, Enduro racing and aggressive stunt biking among other intensely adrenaline-packed mountain bike sports.

In the past few years, the global increase in demand for mountain bikes has caused a consequential rise in the manufacture and sale of various mountain bikes. This post delves deep into the intricate yet substantial nooks and crannies of several budget mtbs to help mountain bike enthusiasts pinpoint the best mountain bike under one thousand dollars.

What do experts say about Mountain bikes?

According to mountain bike experts, when purchasing mountain bikes, numerous factors must be collectively considered in order to land the most efficient and affordable item. After the in-depth consultation with some of the world's most experienced mountain bikers, we bring you a rundown of several budget options so you can easily locate the one that suits you the best. Here's their take:

Mountain bike tires

As the sole traction point, mountain bike tires are crucial components that every mountain biker must watch for before bike purchase. While small-knobbed middle-ridged tires are best suited for a smooth surface and paved road surfaces, large-knobbed choices are best suited for off-road trails and rough roads. In addition, fat tires are the best choices for exploring exceptionally rugged terrains while stiff tires are equally gifted for treading trails with prickly objects like forest off-roads. Furthermore, tubeless mountain bike tires come in handy in aggressive mountain biking like stunt biking. 

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Hardtail mtbs

As their name suggests, these mountain bikes lack suspension on rear wheels. Though they may be considered a bit rigid thus unsuitable for bumpy trails and aggressive stunt biking, they are uniquely suited for road cycling, smooth trails and uphill cycling.

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Full Suspension mtbs

These mountain bikes feature suspension on both front and rear wheels. For this, they are ideal choices for mountain biking in bumpy trails as well as performing off-ground stunts. Efficient suspension not only provides comfortable landing in off-ground bike stunts and smooth comfortable cycling over rough terrain but also prevents the bikes’ wheel rims from being warped.

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The nature of the trail on which mountain bikers choose to take their adventure is usually a clear-cut determinant of the choice of mountain bike they ought to settle for. While mtbs with plus-size tires are the most ideal choice for riding in rough terrain, thin-tired bikes are uniquely gifted for cruising soft trails and paved surfaces.

Gear shifters

Gear shifters are incorporated in mountain bikes’ handlebars and connected to the front and rear derailleurs to enable the rider to easily shift speed gears for optimal cycling. While low gears are the most ideal for up-hill ascents, the higher lighter gears are designed for speed cycling in fairly flat slopes and downhill cycling. However, the choice squarely lies on the mountain bike rider.

Skill level

Like all other sports, mountain biking calls for skill development to discharge flawlessly. In this light, more experienced mountain bikers handle high-end mtbs more deftly than their entry-level counterparts. However, it doesn’t take rocket science but practice to ride a mountain bike like a pro.

Mountain bike size and fit

Mountain bikes come in a myriad of sizes from extra small all the way to extra large. In this light, it’s vital to confirm a rider’s size before purchasing any bike to ensure the ordered machine’s size streamlines with the rider’s. It’d be trivial to purchase an ill-fitting mountain bike as it would not only be uncomfortable but also ineffective in performing desirable mtb operations including cycling and stunts. It’s therefore advisable to consult mountain bike size charts every time a rider intends to acquire a new mountain bike or upgrade to a newer model.

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Wheel size

A mountain bike's wheel size is often an indication of its top speed. Mountain bike wheels come in various internationally standardized sizes including 26", 27.5", 29" and 27.5" plus. Usually, 29ers are the fastest mountain bikes although the smaller wheeled bikes may sometimes be faster depending on the number of gear shifts incorporated in the drive set.

Bike brakes

Inarguably one of the most vital mountain bike components, bike brakes are a must-have. Moreover, it’s crucial that every mountain bike enthusiast looks into the working of any mtb before purchase. It would also be trivial to purchase to buy a mountain bike whose bike replacement components are hard to get in the rider’s market.

Most mountain bikes in the 1000 price range spot disc brakes which are by far more efficient than v-brakes (rim-type) which are usually affected adversely by unfavorable road conditions. Moreover, high-end mtbs feature hydraulic brakes that perform better than mechanical disc brakes but definitely harder to maintain.

Top 10 Best Mountain Bike under 1000 Reviews

1. Diamondback Atroz Complete Full Suspension

Diamondback Bicycles Atroz Complete Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This bike identifies among the sturdiest mountain bikes built to date. It features a super strong hand built 4-inch 6061-T6 travel Aluminum alloy full suspension frame with performance-optimized mono pivot coupled with sealed cartridge bearings that levitate performance and smooth bounce in bumpy terrain. Mated with the sturdy frame is a strong SR Suntour XCM fork that muzzles rough jolts to grant the bike rider unparalleled comfortable cycling. Moreover, the bike spots Rock Shox Monarch R rear shock for efficient shock absorption as well as Tektro Aries disc brakes for ample stoppage. Besides, it spots large 27.5” wheels which speed it up quite smoothly and clear obstacles surprisingly easily.


  • The bike’s assemblage is a breeze- straightforward and minimal
  • The mountain bike’s components are uniquely sturdy and durable thus will stand up to the abuse of aggressive mountain biking experiences over a long time
  • The rear air shock provides the unequaled bounce in rough terrain, giving the rider levitated comfort when riding in the most challenging trails and rough roads
  • ​This bike is surprisingly light for a hard trail mountain bike so the rider will have unequaled convenience in performing a wide range of mountain bike adventures without strain
  • ​The bike’s Tektro Aries disc brakes are very efficient and stop the bike on a dime
  • ​It has wide handlebars which levitate its balance and control
  • Its large 27.5 wheels easily clear obstacles and loose road and trail chipping like sand and snow


  • ​The bike’s front fork is purely coil-sprung thus overly soft especially for heavy-set riders
  • This mountain bike’s brake levers possess some unfriendly pull which lowers the brakes’ efficiency
  • The bike’s forks are somewhat stiff and sometimes get stuck in place thus may cause rim warping during off-ground jumps

Final Verdict:

The Diamondback Atroz Complete Full Suspension Sports Mountain Bike is undoubtedly the best mountain bike within 1000 bucks. With its sturdy components, efficient brakes, smooth-shifting gears and durable drive train, it beats all other bikes in its price range and even challenges higher-end mountain bikes. Despite its few cons, it’s a beautiful and affordable choice for multi-purpose mountain biking.

2. Gravity FSX 2.0 Dual Full Suspension

2018 Gravity FSX 2.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike Shimano Acera Suntour

Manufactured by Gravity, this affordable 24-speed dual suspension mountain bike spots an advanced high-quality Aluminum frame with mono pivot technology, Shimano drivetrain, tunable front shock as well as a rear cartridge shock with an adjustable lockout coil. Its wheels are composed of 26” Dbl wall alloy rims, top performance hydroformed tubes and 26 x 2.1 tires. It also features a Suntour XCT alloy triple crankset, Shimano front and rear derailleurs, 24-speed EF51 shifters and a tunable preload long Suntour fork. Moreover, it contains Aluminum riser handlebars, alloy 27.2 seat post, a narrow chain, and Tektro Novello disc brakes.


  • It’s especially sturdy and durable
  • Its front and rear suspensions are adjustable
  • ​Assembly is a breeze as a result of the quick-release mechanism holding both wheels firmly in position
  • ​The gear shifters are exceptionally easy to use
  • The bike handles exceptionally well in all kinds of terrain without compromising the rider’s comfort


  • If not meticulously maintained, the thin drive train turns very clunky and inefficient, frequently skipping gears
  • The rear coil shock hardly holds its setting especially in bumpy and rough trails and isn’t ideal for extended Uphill Mountain biking

Final Verdict:

The 2016 Gravity FSX 2.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike Shimano Acera Suntour is an affordable machine and a plausible choice for any mountain biker aiming to get serious with all sorts of cycling. Ideal for any terrain you throw at it and uniquely durable, it’s in arguably the wisest option to go with for serious entry-level cyclists.

3. Diamondback Line Hardtail Sports Mountain Bike

 Diamondback Bicycles Line Hardtail Mountain Bike

Designed for Sports Mountain biking adventures, the Diamondback Line Hardtail Sports Mountain Bike features a hardtail Aluminum 6061 alloy frame with front suspension mated with sturdy rear and front Aluminum alloy forks for levitated strength in rugged trail exploration. The bike’s wheel rims are also uniquely strengthened for rough-trail biking ventures while its Tektro Aries disc brakes are a staple of stopping power. Also, its smooth gear shift, easy obstacle clearance, efficient disc braking and sturdiness makes it an ideal choice for pro mountain bikers who love the thrill of smooth-performing hard tail mtbs.


  • The hardtail Aluminum alloy frame provides increased efficiency in up-hill ascents
  • The bike’s sturdy drive chain is uniquely durable even in the roughest of conditions
  • ​The mountain bike’s disc brakes provide reliable stopping power even amidst adverse road and trail conditions
  • ​Designed with the rider’s safety in mind, this mountain bike’s components are unique in sturdiness and durability and will in-arguably stand up to the test of rough riding over a long time
  • The mountain bike’s gear shift mechanism works smoothly, allowing riders to easily cruise all manner of slopes from down-hill stretches to steep ascents


  • Several riders report complaints with the bike’s tire tubes rupturing in extremely prickly trails
  • The bike lacks tapered handlebars that are a favorite for most mountain bikers, necessitating an upgrade

Final Verdict:

Designed for road and trail exploration, the Diamondback Line Hardtail Sports Mountain Bike befits all entry-level mountain bikers intending to levitate their mountain biking experience to the next (mid or advanced) level. 

4. 29” Mongoose XR-PRO Men’s Mountain Bike


The Mongoose XR-PRO Men’s Mountain bike is a speed demon featuring 29-inch wheels, front, and rear suspension as well as front and rear disc brakes. The rear suspension comprises a pogo spring.This mtb handles beautifully, especially in single-track mountain biking. Although it requires very many upgrades, the 29” Mongoose XR-PRO Men’s Mountain Bike is a very reliable choice for beginner to mid-level mountain bikers who fancy speed above all.


  • The shifting mechanism works beautifully
  • It’s a moderately light bike that any rider can comfortably ride without strain
  • ​The bike’s handlebars grip is love-some comfortable and steadfast
  • Its speed is unequaled, allowing it to match higher-end mountain bikes


  • This bike requires too many upgrades- brakes, tires and rear suspension which is pogo (spring)- if the rider wishes to explore off-road trails
  • The bike is designed for mtb riders under 5-9, therefore, all riders taller than this will require installing an extended seat post

Final Verdict:

This is the most capable mountain bike at this price level. It’s very appealing and will surely stand out from any collection.

5. Diamondback Recoil 29er Mountain Bike

Diamondback Recoil 29er Mountain Bike

Built using a strong but light 6061-T6 full suspension Aluminum frame, this 29er mountain bike is one machine to reckon with. Its sturdy frame is mated with a 4” travel SR Suntour XCT 100mm suspension fork which is then coupled with Kinsdshock coil rear shock for levitated shock absorption. Moreover, the bike features 3x8 speed shifters connected to the rear and front Shimano derailleurs as well as a cassette mechanism which together provides reliable and flawless shifting through the bike’s 24 gear speeds. The bike’s speed is reduced and scraped using reliable Tektro Aires Mechanical disc brakes on both front and rear wheels. Moreover, the mountain bike’s wheelset is composed of SL7 double-walled Aluminum rims, 32-hole SOL7 Aluminum hubs, and tried-and-true 14g 3x patterned spokes. In addition, the bike spots a set of Schwalbe Rapid Rob 29x2.25 all-round treated tires ideal for the most aggressive trails biking.


  • The mountain bike works miracles in all manner of roads and trails, with the 29er wheels easily rolling over obstacles and loose surfaces like gravel and sand
  • The gears shift smoothly to allow for smooth riding even in the steepest of slopes
  • ​The bike is light thus ideal for several biking adventures including long-distance Cross Country racing
  • ​The bike has super efficient brakes which grant it unequaled downhill ride capabilities


  • The seat post and saddle are a little bit uncomfortable thus necessitate upgrade if the rider wants to use this Recoil for long-distance trail rides
  • The rear shocks are a bit on the low side especially if the rider is heavyset and may require an upgrade

Final Verdict:

A plausible entry and mid-level trail mountain bike, the Diamondback Recoil 29er Mountain Bike can correctly be termed as the contender for the top spot. It’s also among the sturdiest and smooth-operating mtbs suitable for both road biking and off-road trail exploration as well as year-round biking owing to its sturdiness and plus-size tires which effortlessly roll over loose surfaces like sand and snow as well as boulders.

6. Diamondback Overdrive Hardtail Complete MTB

New 2015 Diamondback Overdrive Complete Mountain Bike

Available in a range of sizes from 5’ – 6’4”, the Diamondback Overdrive Hard Tail Mountain Bike is simple but not ordinary. It features plus-size 29-inch wheels for easy clearance of obstacles and loose road and trail surfaces. It also has a fixed back (no back suspension while its front fork comes with an efficient suspension to muzzle the shock from rough terrain. The large 29er wheels easily roll over obstacles allowing the bike to be comfortably ridden over curbs and in very challenging terrain with little effort.


  • The bike is very light thus will comfortably ride even over long distances without strain
  • ​The bike is immensely cost-friendly and will easily compare to more expensive mountain bikes
  • ​The hardtail of this mtb makes it one of the most efficient bikes for cycling up-hill as very minimal energy is lost in bounce


  • Assembly is a bit tricky if the rider isn’t an expert at putting together all the components
  • Most of the bike’s components are low quality thus will easily snap off when exposed to tough biking like aggressive mountain biking

Final Verdict:

Although it has its fair share of cons, this 29er speed demon is fair game especially considering its beckoning price tag. Besides, it has great aesthetics that will stand out from any collection. With intricate maintenance and careful use, it will definitely outlast other bikes in its category as is doubtlessly among the top of the line for entry to mid-level mountain bike enthusiasts.

7. Diamondback 2016 Line 24 Complete Youth MTB

 New 2016 Diamondback Line 24 Complete Pavement Bike

Designed for youngster mountain bikers, this lovely Diamondback mountain bike features a sturdy disc specific 6061 Aluminum alloy junior frame with formed tubing mated with SR Suntour XCT junior 24” 80mm travel fork which has adjustable preload and front suspension. For stoppage, this youth mountain bike spots effectively Tetra Aries mechanical disc brakes on both front and rear wheels. The Line 24’s wheelset comprises stiff and stable 24” 2.35” wide Kendall tires uniquely built for tearing rough trails while its drivetrain is SRAM 1x8.


  • Assembling this youth mountain bike is exceptionally easy
  • The bike will safely handle all manner of rough riding and will stand up to the most aggressive kid mountain biking due to its sturdy components
  • ​The bike’s pain quality is excellent and gives it stand-out aesthetics from any bike collection
  • ​The bike’s mechanical disc brakes are super-efficient and will allow kids to safely ride this mountain bike anywhere without worrying about clumsy stop response
  • Unlike most kid bikes that are fitted with inefficient twist shifters; the Line 24’s trigger shifters are exceptionally efficient and fast-responding


  • The bike’s handlebars are a little bit beefy for a kid’s bike and may necessitate trimming for younger, smaller kids
  • Line 24 comes with XCT spring front shock which is a little less efficient than the air-type shocks

Final Verdict:

Built with the same sturdy components as the full-size mountain bikes, the Diamondback Line 24 youth mountain bike is an exceptionally strong and durable mountain bikes. Designed to stand up to the full abuse of youth mountain bikers, it will satisfactorily handle any manner of terrain and biking it’s exposed to, even the roughest of trail bumps. Surprisingly, the bike’s stiff tires will safely clear any potentially destructive obstacles like trail thorns.

8. Diamondback Overdrive 29er  Hard Tail Mountain Bike

 Diamondback Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike, Black

This lovely 29er mountain bike spots a very sturdy hand built tried-and-true 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy frame mated with SR Suntour Suspension fork for increased comfort and levitate control. The bike additionally features lightweight butted and strengthened customer formed tubing. Its Shimano 3x8-speed drivetrain provides reliable cranking while the Tektro mechanical disc brakes provide efficient stopping power in even the most adverse road conditions.


  • The Tektro mechanical disc brakes are exceptionally efficient even in adverse road conditions
  • Designed as a ready-to-ride mountain bike, this mountain bike’s assembly is extremely easy and minimal. All that requires installation are seat post, pedals and front wheel
  • These big 29-inch wheels provide easy clearance of obstacles to offering the biker comfortable rides even in bumpy trails and loose surfaces
  • ​This bike is light thus ideal for a myriad of mountain biking adventures including steep up-hill climbs, Cross Country racing and long-distance bike commuting
  • It’s a surprisingly sturdy mountain bike so even heavy-set riders will comfortably ride it without worry. Besides, it’ll stand up to the torture of rugged trails even after extended periods of cycling


  • The factory issue seat post is very uncomfortable especially for bumpy rides thus will require replacement
  • The drivetrain a bit clunky for long distance haul and will definitely need an upgrade if the rider is a daily long-distance cyclist

Final Verdict:

Design with speed, sturdiness and durability in mind, the Diamondback Overdrive 29er Complete Ready Ride Hard Tail Mountain Bike is surely an unmatched machine. The rider will not only have the privilege of exploring rough off-road trails with unparalleled speeds and comfort but also have a chance to cruise road and paved surfaces with unequaled safety.

9. Diamondback Recoil 29er Full Suspension MTB

Diamondback Bicycles Recoil 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Designed for speed and comfort, the Diamondback Recoil 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bike features 29-inch plus-size wheels for fast cycling and easy obstacle clearance as well as a solid lightweight full suspension Aluminum alloy frame for shock absorption. The rear shock is composed of coil spring and the bike additionally spots 8 x 3 gear shifters for improved speeds and easy up-hill ascents. The bike’s large 29-inch easily roll over boulders and other obstacles to allow riders explore the forest and other off-road trails unperturbed.


  • This bike is very tough and it will definitely stand the test of rough terrains and aggressive biking over a long time
  • ​The front and rear shocks easily smooth out most of the rough trail bumps and allow riders uniquely comfortable off-road mountain bike adventures
  • With its 3x8 speed drivetrain and plus-size 29er wheels, this mountain bike is exceptionally fast
  • Assembling this mountain bike is quite easy as it comes 90% assembled


  • This bike is BIG thus unsuitable for kids and short mountain bikers below 5’5
  • The spring rear shock is a bit inefficient for heavy-set mountain bikers and may thus require an upgrade to a better air-type shock

Final Verdict:

The Diamondback Recoil 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bike is a plausible choice for novice mountain bikers who intent to get serious with mountain biking in wild trails and paved surface roads alike. Although it will not serve short bikers and very heavy cyclists, it will inarguably beautifully serve light mountain bikers. However, upgrading some of the bike’s components including shocks, tires, and drivetrain will definitely qualify the bike as the best mountain bike under 1000 for entry to mid-level mountain bike excursions.

10. GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

This 1-speed mountain bike features a strong floating beam full-suspension Aluminum frame mated with an elastic (spring) zoom suspension fork. Its wheelset comprises 26-inch strong V-shaped rims and high-grade alloy hubs while the gear shift mechanism is composed of Microshift push shifters that control top grade Shimano TZ-30GS derailleurs. In addition, the bike spots Promax front and rear disc brakes that are by far superior to rim brakes even in the most adverse road conditions.


  • The bike handles beautifully with steering, brakes, gear shifters and shocks performing flawlessly
  • Assembly is very easy and minimal
  • ​It’s a very sturdy bike that will hold to its true awesome state even after many miles of rough riding
  • ​This mountain bike handles bumpy, rocky and rugged trails quite smoothly
  • Its Promax disc braking system is very efficient and surpasses most


  • At about 45lbs, this mountain bike is heavier than most
  • It has some cheap and low-quality parts like front and back reflector bars which are brittle thus snap off easily
  • The handlebar grip is wanting and usually calls for an upgrade if the rider intends to use the bike for other purposes apart from casual cycling

Final Verdict:

For this price, this is a very good mountain bike, definitely the best mtb under 1000. Although it’s heavier than most, continued use will assuredly help the rider to get the hang of it and perform pretty much what they would with other mountain bikes.


Although there are numerous other mountain bikes in the given price range out there, the above discussed have been carefully considered and thoroughly researched to avail the best mountain bike under 1000 in the market in 2018. However, it’s crucial that each mountain biker further performs in-depth research into each option to find out which machine best satisfies their requirements.


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