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Best Folding Mountain Bike

Riding through the rough and smooth terrains is refreshing. From viewing the landscape, to exercising your muscles, to testing your prowess in the area, you will always be glad that you engaged in this activity. It is even better if you have purchased the best folding mountain bike. Besides the fact that you will be safe and comfortable, you will get the portability that you require in the process.

Indeed, whether you are going out on a weekend and thus require carrying the bike once in a while, or even if you have limited space in your garage, this product will just be perfect. This piece is written with the aim of offering you insights on how to make the best choices for the bikes. You will also get the suggestions on the ideal products that you can purchase in the market today. 

The Top 10 Best Folding Mountain Bikes Reviews

Our pick:

Kaluo 26 Inches Folding Speed Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Kaluo 26

You will love this product if you are seeking for a bike that can fold easy and that features full suspension. The seat height is adjustable while the rim is made of double aluminum. The material used to make it is iron while the color offered is silver. The seat is padded and the gears are six in number. The rear and front brakes are featured. The breaking system is ordinary v while the suspension type is full.


  1. Easy to assemble and fold
  2. It is offered at a pocket-friendly rate
  3. Different sizes are accommodated
  4. It is safe and comfortable to ride


  1. The material is not ideal for bikes since it is likely to corrode easily
  2. It is not ideal for non-students


Do not hesitate to take this deal because you will be safe and comfortable while using it. The breaking system and the suspension are incredibly good for a young persons seeking for adventure in all sorts of terrains. The price of Kaluo 26 Inches Folding Speed Full Suspension Mountain Bike is also good for the students.

Runner up:

Columba 26 Inches W. Shimano Folding Bike

Columba 26

This folding bike is characterized with 26 inches wheels and the famous Shimano 18 speed shifter. The tires featured are kenda 26 and has a removable front handle stem. The breaking system is the V brake while its weight is 35 pounds. The frame material used is steel and has 18 speeds. The size is 26 inches. It can be folded within 10 seconds. You will comfortably ride this product if you are 5.3 to 6 inches tall. It comes in four colors namely yellow, silver, black and blue.


  1. A range of colors are offered to the rider
  2. It is durable since it is made of the steel material
  3. It is easy to fold
  4. It is safe since it has multiple gears and incredible breaking system


  1. It is heavy
  2. A person whose height is above 6 or below 5.3 inches will have to adjust the product. This may come at an extra cost.


Even when this product is heavy and limiting in terms of size, it is worth the purchase. You are offered the safety and the convenience that you require in a ride. The price is also friendly while the colors offered will allow you to ride in a style. You cannot regret after spending your money on Columba 26 Inches W. Shimano Folding Bike.

Also Great:

Cyrusher FR100 Men’s Full Suspension Folding Mountain Bike

Cyrusher FR100 Men's Full Suspenion 24 Speeds Folding Mountain Bike with 17-Inch X 26-Inch Aluminium Frame Disc Brake, Black (26-Inch)

​The bike is made of aluminum alloy frame. It is hence durable and lightweight. The front fork and the middle frame are designed to absorb shock the breaking system is made of front and rear disc brakes while the shifting system is 24 speeds. The handbar featured is done with ergonomics in mind while the seat is adjustable. The tire is anti-slip wear resistant. The rim is 26 inches and the color of the product is black. It has a full suspension type. Before shipping, the product is 37.48 pounds. It is 90% assembled.


  1. The product is lightweight and durable because it is made of aluminum material
  2. The breaking system is designed to protect you during your rides
  3. It is offered at a discounted price
  4. The suspension fork is designed to help in shock absorption process


  1. It may be daunting to use the bike after making adjustments
  2. It is not fully assembled and thus, you may need an expert to help you in the process


If you are looking for a product that allows you to save on costs and at the same time ensures you of safety, this folding mountain bike is the way to go. You may actually not need to adjust it because the design is incredibly good. The assembly process may also be easy since 90% of the product is already completed.

#4. Xspec Folding Mountain Bike

Xspec 26

The bike has 26 inches wheels. It also features high tensile frame and can fold in a few seconds. No tools are required in the process. Further, it is has a Shimano 21 speed shifter. It also has shock absorbers on the front and rear parts. It is recommended for riders of 5.3 to 6 inches. The breaking style is disc and the color offered is black. The frame material is steel. The shipping weight is 42.5 pounds and is 26 inches in size. It also features unique folding pedals and is partly assembled.


  1. The product is made of steel, making it durable
  2. The bike is appealing
  3. It folds easily
  4. It supports a lot of weight
  5. It features different gears, ensuring that you are safe


  1. The assembly process can be cumbersome
  2. It is heavy because the frame is steel.


You will have no regrets after taking this product home. Once you get someone to assemble the product for you, the rest will be easy. With the gearing system that allows you to ride in all terrains and shock absorbers that guarantees you of comfort, the product will serve its purpose. The best thing is that the price of Xspec Folding Mountain Bike is competitive.

#5. Morphorn Folding Mountain Bike

Mophorn Folding Mountain Bicycle 26 Inch 21 Speed Folding Bicycle Shimano Full Suspension Mountain Bikes for Men and Adults

The product has 26 inches wheels and 21 speeds. You can adjust the handle bar height and has dual disc brakes. The material making the product is carbon steel. It is suitable for people with a height of 4.9 to 6.2 inches. It is thus ideal for both the students and the adults. It can also be utilized by either women or men. The foot type is common while the fork is made of spring fork. It has a Shimano suspension.


  1. Since it is made of the carbon steel material, you can be sure that the product will be durable and light enough to be lifted during travel
  2. It is unisex and accommodates people with different heights
  3. It features a range of speed, allowing you to cycle in varied terrains
  4. The braking system and suspension type makes it safe


  1. It is relatively expensive
  2. It comes in one color, 6 wheels


Undoubtedly, you will want to invest in Morphorn Folding Mountain Bike if you love to be safe and to get value for your money. The combination of the carbon fiber material, the breaking system and the range of speeds offered to you makes this a good deal. You will not be worried about the gender or the age of the person utilizing it because all of them are accommodated.

#6. Bikecoo Shimamo Foldable Mountain Bicycle

BIKECOO 26'' 21 Speed Shimano Folding Bike Foldable Mountain Bicycle¡­ (RED, 26

The red foldable mountain bike features 21 speeds, allowing you to adjust the speed to suit different terrains. It also has an allow disc and chain to help minimize the energy consumption. The front and rear wheels have a brake disc technology that can withstand any weather condition. It also features hi-tensile shock absorption and double suspension fork. The vibrations will be absorbed while the impact that comes with cycling will be minimized. You are thus guaranteed of safety. The rim is made of a three layered aluminum alloy. The frame size is 26 inches while it weighs 37 pounds before shipment. The frame material is steel. Further, the tires are made of high quality rubber while double shifters are featured to help you adjust the gears.


  1. It is made of a durable material
  2. The size and the weight is reasonable
  3. At a price of 203.39 dollars, the product is affordable
  4. It is safe to use because of the perfect gearing system


  1. Only one color is provided
  2. It is relatively heavy because steel is used to design it


If you are working on a low budget, you should consider the Bikecoo Shimamo Foldable Mountain Bicycle. It is designed to help you achieve comfort and safety during your rides. You will also be using the product for a long time since steel is a durable material. Besides, red is an attractive yet a neutral color.

#7. Best Choice Products 6 Speed Shimano Foldable Bike

Best Choice Products 6 Speed Shimano Foldable Bike, 26

The black bike comes in one size-26 inches. It has 26 inches wheels and a Shimano 6-speed derailleur and shifter. It features both rear and front hand brakes. The seat post is adjustable. The braking system is the v type while the frame material is made of aluminum. It has 6 speeds and folds within 15 minutes. The product is not eligible for shipment internationally.


  1. The aluminum frame makes the product durable and lightweight
  2. It is easy to fold
  3. The size is ideal for all riders
  4. It features the ideal shifting and braking system for safety and comfort


  1. The product does not have any instructions on how to assemble it. This implies that you may incur extra costs when finding a professional to help you through.
  2. It only comes in one color, black


There is a chance that you will find the assistance that you need to assemble this bike. There is therefore no reason for you not to purchase the product for this reason. In fact, this does not compare with the features offered such as the durable aluminum frame and the v brakes. The price is also competitive. You will hence not regret by taking the Best Choice Products 6 Speed Shimano Foldable Bike product home.

#8. Generic Folding Mountain Bike

Generic 26

This product is designed for children of ages 7 and above. The ideal person to ride it should be below 220 LBS. It features a Shimano 6-speed derailleur and folds easily. The frame material is steel. It is partly assembled. It can accommodate a number of heights. The shipping weight is 42 pounds. The color featured for the bike is black.


  1. It is offered at a pocket- friendly price
  2. It is easy to fold
  3. It is fashionable and comfortable
  4. It is durable


  1. The product is heavy because it is made of a steel frame
  2. It may give you issues when assembling it. For instance, you may have to incur costs to find an expert for assistance.


Overlooking the fact that the bike is heavy and may require assistance to assemble it, Generic Folding Mountain Bike is a must-have. You will have saved on costs and at the same time offered your young ones a bike that guarantees them of comfort and safety. Regardless of their height, they will use and love it.

#9. Bikecoo Folding Bike Mountain Bike

Bikecoo 26

The product has 21 speeds and is designed for high cost-performance. It is green in color and has a steel frame. The aluminum alloy rim allows you ascend and descend at any speed. It has Shimano 3x7 speed shifters and you can be sure that shifting will be effortless since it features 21 gears. The breaking system is v-brake. It has a varnish finish to ensure that the product is free from corrosion. The suspension fork is rugged, making it possible for a rider to go through all terrains safely. The design is also stylish while an aluminum alloy screw stem is featured. Resin non-slip pedals are offered.


  1. It is durable because the steel material is featured. It is further protected using varnish
  2. It is affordable
  3. It is safe and comfortable
  4. It accommodates many people’s sizes and heights


  1. It is heavy
  2. You may need an expert to help you with the assembly process


This product is durable, safe, affordable and comfortable. It accommodates a lot of people’s tastes, preferences and needs. Investing in Bikecoo Folding Bike Mountain Bike is therefore wise. Even while the product is heavy, it is foldable. As such, you will get the portability that you need while on the road.

#10. Change 26 Inch Compact Full Size Mountain Folding Bike

Change 26 Inch Compact Full size Mountain Folding Bike Shimano 27 speeds DF-609D-B

This bike prides itself for having passed the European mountain and road frame safety standards. It has no cuttings and has a triangular structure design. Various sizes are offered so that different heights and ergonomic needs are accommodated. To ensure the right alignment during the folding of the frame, interlocking teeth ring is provided. No tools are required during folding. 27 speeds are offered while the frame is aluminum. The braking system is sram avid BB5 and weighs 28.6 pounds. The saddle is velo VL-1534 while the Shimano Acera 27 S shifter is featured. At a price of 1350 dollars, you can take the product home.


  1. The product has an ideal frame material
  2. It has passed safety standards
  3. It folds easily
  4. A range of sizes are accommodated


  1. It is relatively expensive
  2. Only one color is offered


Change 26 Inch Compact Full Size Mountain Folding Bike is ideal for you if you have been thinking of investing in a product that has an amazing design. The manufacturers have take time to include all the features that you will be looking for, whether it is the size, the material, the ease-of-folding and safety among other things. Parting with a little more money will thus not be a difficult decision to make.

Where are folding mountain bikes mostly used?

Folding mountain bikes are majorly utilized by riders who love the rocky and rough terrain. Whereas they are packaged in a way that they can be folded with ease, their quality is unsurpassed. They are durable and rugged, just like the typical bikes. They will further feature the portability aspect so that you can carry them on and off the trail. Further, you will be proud of owning this bike if you are likely to go an airplane travel. You will not be worried about the space that the bike may take in such instances. Car drives are also going be a cup of tea for you because the cumbersome bicycle rack are eliminated. Still, you can use the product to commute from one place to another. Since you will not be worried about storage, you can use them when going to work or to the stores.

Even more, the products have reinforced components and are made of durable materials and as such, they can be used in the city terrain. You may have noticed that these areas are sometimes laden with the same grass, dips, and debris that are normally found in the mountains. Thus, do not hesitate to use them in your city rides because you will be safe and comfortable. If you live in areas where the population is significantly high, you need to invest in this bike. Instead of relying on the public transport or even wasting your time in traffic, just take your foldable mountain bike and enjoy the ride.

The element of the compact packaging in these bikes makes it easy for you to take turns in the available transportation lines with ease. The best thing is that you do not have to think about investing in expensive chain and lock systems because the folding mountain bike will be easy to pack inside the office or any other space. In fact, you can be sure that the chances of theft will be fewer since you have the chance to keep the product within close vicinity. It is certain by now that the foldable mountain bikes can be used in any space and time. Whether you need to go to the mountains, ride through the city or even visit the stores, this product can help you do it all.

Advantages of the Best Folding Mountain Bike over Fixed Frame Mountain Bikes

Compared to the fixed frame mountain bikes, the foldable types have a range of advantages including:

Increased storage space

The bikes can be stored in your office space, in your garage, and in the stores without hiccups because they can be folded effortlessly. On the contrary, the convectional bike will take a lot of space and effort during such a process.

Improved protection against theft

In a day when people are economically strained, they will find any means possible to take off with your bike. Even when you have invested in heavy duty chains and requested someone to be on the lookout, a person with ill-intentions will find a way around stealing the product. It is for this reason that you need to have the bike stored in a place where you can see it at all times. The best foldable mountain bike allows you to do this.

Booking restrictions are eliminated​

Thinking about travel is often bothersome for the majority. You have to answer a range of questions to the relevant authorities and personnel when doing the booking. One of it is the type of luggage that you are likely to carry and how much space it can take. If you decide to carry the mountain bike with you, there is a chance that you will either be expected to pay a higher fee than other people, or requested to live it at home. This does not have to be your story. It is particularly true when it comes to public transportation facilities such as ferries, buses, and airlines.

Better resale value​

If at some point you want to upgrade your bike or are in need of urgent cash, you will resell your foldable mountain bike at a good price. The products are always on high demand as compared to the conventional types because of, among other things, the portability aspects.

Affordable and convenient urban travel​

It is undeniable that it is very daunting to find a parking space in the urban centers. You will end up wasting time in the process. With the foldable mountain bike, this story changes instantly. You will walk right into the stores or office carrying your bike and have a good time, knowing that it is safe. Waiting for the busses at the terminals will also be a thing of the past since the products are designed for city and the suburb rides. You will also have saved on the costs and at the same time attained good health.

Clearly, there are many advantages that come with owning a foldable mountain bike as compared to the fixed frames types. You must hence start the process of finding one that suits your needs and preferences.

Key Factors of Consideration Prior to Buying the Best Folding Mountain Bike

Just before you rush to the stores for a folding mountain bike purchase, you should consider the following:

Ease of unfolding​

This is one of the most important aspects to consider when buying these products. If you are using this bike regularly, you will need a product that can be assembled easily. You will also not require any tools to help you in the process. Any other product will waste your time on the road and may even cause accidents in cases when you need to stop suddenly and carry the product. There are three types of folding mechanisms namely triangle fold, split fold and breakaway. Each of them has pros and cons and as such, you must find a mechanism that works for you.


It is logical to think that one of the reasons why you will go for a foldable mountain bike as opposed to the fixed frame type is because you want to carry it from one place to another effortlessly. You must, therefore, be careful to find a size that suits this need. It is worth noting that the foldable mountain bikes are significantly larger than the normal foldable bikes. They are however still easy to carry when packaged. There are two aspects that you must consider when making decisions about the size of a bike. The first one is the frame. The typical frame size is 16 to 20 inches while the tires come at a size of 26 inches. They can however be more or less this size depending on the design and the function. The ideal height of the bike should be such that the seat is below the crotch area. This way, you can be comfortable when riding because you legs will be slightly bent when you extend them.


You need to find a product that is light enough to be carried after your rides. At the same time, it should be durable. The best material for this is aluminum because it combines both features. It is also affordable. Another option is the carbon fiber; the material does not corrode and it is durable. It is also light weight. It is however more expensive than aluminum. For a person working on a low budget, the option to go for is the steel material. It is heavier than aluminum and carbon steel. It will hence give you trouble when carrying it along. Nonetheless, it is durable.


All in all, you will be pleased to take home a foldable mountain bike. It offers you a chance to relax since the worries of getting robbed off the bike vanish instantly. You are also assured of riding through the rough and smooth terrains without hiccups. To find the best foldable mountain bike, you must consider various aspects such as the material, the size, ease-of-folding, and the suspension type. You must also be careful to find out whether the products are sold by a reputable dealer so that you do not end up with a sub-standard bike. Some of the products that will not disappoint you include Kaluo 26 Inches Folding Speed Full Suspension Mountain Bike, Cyrusher FR100 Men’s Full Suspension Folding Mountain Bike, and Best Choice Products Shimano Foldable Bike, among many others.


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