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It is no secret that kids love to own and use a mountain bike. Indeed, they will often have reason for yearning for one or two. It ranges from competing with their friends in the neighborhood, to showing off their prowess, to passing the plenty of time that they have after school or even exercising after doing various chores at home. It is for this reason that you should buy them the best kid mountain bike that there is in the market.

From the range of products offered on the online and offline platforms, you must desire to choose the quality and functional ones. Besides, you want to get value for your money. Knowing that you may be stuck somewhere along this process, we have gone ahead to describe some of the best bikes for your kids. Here are the details.

Top 10 Best Kid Mountain Bike Reviews of 2020


Diamondback Bicycles Cobra Junior 20” Boys’ Mountain Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Cobra Junior Boy's Mountain Bike (20-Inch Wheels)

Weighing about 34 pounds, this kids’ mtb is made with a high density (Hi-Ten) mtb frame connected with a 30mm Trail XC front travel suspension fork. Its 20-inch wheels are composed of alloy aluminum rims, 36 spokes and durable mtb tires. For a drivetrain, it integrates a 6-speed freewheel hooked to twist shifters while linear pull brakes in the front and rear wheels avail it with stopping power.


  • The bike is extremely high quality and durable owing to its high composition of high-grade parts like high tensile steel frame.
  • With a 30mm front suspension fork, the bike is a darling at offering smooth ride sessions even in very challenging terrains.
  • Its cost offers commendable value return when compared with its specs.
  • The tandem’s 6-speed freewheel provides for accurate gear shift.
  • In terms of aesthetics, this kids’ mtb is unequaled.


  • Putting this bike together and truing its components is a bit of a hustle for anyone with limited bike assembly tools and handwork.
  • The handlebar unit is unreliable and unsafe as it frequently loosens up, reducing the bike’s stability and causing uncalled for crashes.

Final Verdict

Made with sturdy and efficient components like a high tensile steel frame and reliable front suspension for optimal durability in rugged and smooth terrain alike. If you looking for balancing performance, comfort, cost and ease of use. Moreover, its fast-action 6-speed flywheel and twist shifters allow kid riders to easily catch up with their adult counterparts with minimal strain. Besides, its blue color scheme is a striking perk-up to the bike’s aesthetics.


24” Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys’ Mountain Bike


Built for young adventurous riders, this mountain bike offers both great rides and value-return after purchase. It’s built with a steel mountain-style frame mated with a front suspension fork and 18-speed Shimano derailleurs connected to twist shifters. It further features alloy-rimmed wheels with thick, tough and knobby tires, a 3-piece crank as well as linear pull brakes on both wheels.


  • It’s suitable for both boy and girl mtb riders.
  • Its efficient suspension provides for smooth riding in pot-holed roads and challenging off-roads alike.
  • Its 18-speed derailleur allows for strain-free cycling in all manner of slopes and hills.
  • It’s built with sturdy parts thus will stand rough handling, aggressive trails and outlast majority of similar-category kids’ mountain bikes.
  • Its size and weight are a perfect fit for most kid mtb riders.


  • Its gear-shift mechanism is somewhat clumsy.
  • Though ideal for kids above 10 years old, it’s a little small-sized for riders over 5’5” height.

Final Verdict

With its sturdy frame, strong forks and strengthened wheels, the 24” Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys’ Mountain Bike is built for kids looking to push up their mountain biking challenges through rough off-road and trail exploration besides normal casual park biking. It will not only enable young riders reach wherever they want speedily and safely- it allows them to enjoy some adventure along the way.


#3. 24” Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ Mountain Bike


This kid’s mtb is built using a sturdy Aluminum frame mated to a front suspension fork with front and rear shocks. It features 24-inch wheels and a 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur hooked to twist shifters. Further, it relies on alloy linear-pull brakes for braking and weighs 50lbs.


  • It’s built with a durable Aluminum alloy frame.
  • Assembly is easy as it comes partly assembled.
  • It offers very smooth rides, thanks to its front suspension compounded with front and rear shocks.
  • It’s sleek-looking with a silver and red theme
  • It features additional components like a chain guard


  • At 50lbs it’s somewhat heavier than most kids’ mtbs in its category.
  • Its chain is low quality thus deteriorates quickly.
  • Its gear shift is a little sluggish.

Final Verdict

Though it may be a bit heavy for a child, the 24” Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ Mountain Bike is an ideal choice for young bikers seeking he thrill of challenging mountain trails. While its 4-inkage bar full suspension linkage provides sufficient shock absorption to guarantee a smooth ride, it also stabilizes the base for improved stability and pedal efficiency.

#4. 2015 HASA 18-speed 20” Shimano Kids’ Mountain Bike

2017 HASA 18 Speed Kids Mountain Bike (SHIMANO) 20 INCH

With a weight of approximately 11.6kg (25.6 pounds), this kids’ mtb is built with a HASA COMP 2.0 6061 alloy frame connected with a 20” HASA alloy fork. Ideal for kids between 7-9 years old, the bike features thread-less ZOOM alloy stem, Shimano tourney (3-speed SL-RS35L and 6-speed SL-RS35R) drivetrain with FD-TZ30D Shimano tourney front derailleur and RD-TY21AGS Shimano tourney rear derailleur. Further, it contains a 6-speed Shimano tourney cassette, an alloy crankset, grip shifters and a ZOOM alloy seat-post. Besides, its wheels consist of 20” 28H CNC single-wall alloy rims, CN SPOKE 14G steel spokes as well as INNOVA 20” x 1.95 tires and ARISUN 20” x 1.5 tunes. For stoppage, this mtb is armed with ARTEK M207DG brakes with 4-finger linear spring ARTEK alloy brake levers.


  • Armed with 3 chain-rings (chainstays) in the front derailleur, this mtb is unparalleled in climbing steep uphills.
  • The bike’s assembly is super easy as it ships about 95% pre-assembled.
  • Equipped with 18 gears, the bike rides smoothly and easily in any kind of slope and terrain.
  • Compared to other bikes in its category (kids’ mtbs), this one is a definite value-return package: its components are comparatively high-grade.
  • The bike is excellently constructed with sporty athletic features which guarantee it unsurpassed durability.


  • The bike’s grip shifters and brake levers are considerably challenging to reach for kids with small hands.
  • It requires intricate initial components’ tune-up otherwise some components like brakes, derailleurs and the chain frequently malfunction.

Final Verdict

Unlike a majority of kids’ mtbs which feature either 6-speed or 7-speed derailleurs, the 2015 HASA 18-speed 20” Shimano Kids’ Mountain Bike’s 18 speeds make it a stand-out in any junior cyclists’ mountain bike collection. 

#5. 20” Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ Mountain Bike


This black and blue sports mtb for boys is built with a four-bar-linked aluminum suspension frame mated with a suspension fork, a 3-piece crank for a wide-range gear shift and a rear Shimano derailleur with precise-action twist shifters. While its 20” alloy-rimmed wheels provide for easy maneuverability in a myriad of terrains, its handy linear pull brakes, installed on both wheels, avail the requisite braking power for speed reduction and stoppage. Further, the bike is equipped with steel handlebars and standard pedals.


  • Its 4-bar frame is sturdy thus offers a stable mtb ride regardless of the terrain or slope.
  • The bike has enviable shock-muzzling characteristics owing to its reliable suspension fork and frame.
  • Its gear-shift performs smoothly to provide for hassle-free cycling in all manner of slopes,
  • This kids’ bicycle stock seat is lovably comfortable.
  • It’s lightweight thus easy to ride.


  • The bike contains a number of plastic components (including the derailleur) which fall apart with rough or extended use.
  • Boy riders with short hands may find it a bit challenging to ride this bike for long as the handlebars are somewhat far and low-placed.

Final Verdict

With the 20” Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ Mountain Bike, junior boy mountain bikers will be blazing across bike trails with precise gear shift, responsive handlebars and brake handling as well as a stable base and bump-evening suspension.

#6. Diamondback Bicycles Octane 24 Kids’ Mountain Bike

Diamondback Octane 24

Build by Diamondback around a 6061 heat treated aluminum alloy frame, this mountain bike features a suspension fork for increased ride stability and bump-smoothing, a 21-speed Shimano drivetrain with swift and easy-twist grip shifters as well as 24-inch knobby-tired wheels. Additionally, the cycle integrates Kraton grips for optimal control, mtb-style saddle and linear pull brakes for stoppage.


  • With its 21-speed drivetrain, this bike easily chews up distances, enabling kid mountain bike riders to clock in several miles without breaking a sweat regardless of the terrain.
  • Its generous suspension provides laudable shock absorption for comfortable ride experiences.
  • The bike’s grip-style gear shifters are remarkably easy to use and efficient (instantaneous) in operation.
  • Its huge 24-inch wheels not only grant the bike extraordinary speeds but also outstanding boundary roll-over.


  • The bike calls for extensive tune-up after assembly especially if it’s shipped.
  • At its price point, this bike’s brakes and their cables are somewhat low-grade.

Final Verdict

Designed for kid mountain bikers ready to advance from the small-wheeled alternatives to the bigger 2-wheeler demons, the Diamondback Bicycles Octane 24 Kids’ Mountain Bike is the perfect mtb for around-the-block cycling, road biking and trail exploration. With its all-purpose wheels, it will not only effortlessly roll over potholes, ruts and bumps but will also reach and maintain remarkable speeds with minimal pedal hustle. This is also due, in part, to the bike’s fast-action and efficient grip shifters and 21-speed derailleur.

#7. Pacific Derby 20” Boys’ Mountain Bike

Pacific Derby 20” Boy’s Mountain Bike

Made with a comfortable athletic design, this kids’ mountain bicycle features steel suspension frame connected to a full suspension fork for optimal control and bump smoothing. For propulsion, the tandem is equipped with a 3-piece crank for maximal gear range as well as a rear derailleur linked to 6-speed Torque driver twist shifters. Also, its wheels contain 20-inch rims and beefy tires for added stability and comfort in numerous terrains.


  • This bike is lovably lightweight thus easy for 8-10 year-old kids to ride and haul around.
  • The bike’s 3-bit crank offers hassle-free pedal cranking with astounding efficiency.
  • Its 6-inch gear shift enables young mtb cyclists to easily explore a vast range of terrains and slopes.
  • The bike is exceptionally maneuverable, thanks to its 20” mountain-style wheels.
  • Assembly is like slicing butter


  • The bike’s rim quality is low-grade and bit worrisome for bending easily.
  • It’s not the best bike choice for road biking as its dual suspension tends to reduce pedaling efficiency on smooth surfaces like paved roads.

Final Verdict

The Pacific Derby 20” Boys’ Mountain Bike is hardly a speed demon but is definitely one kids’ mtb to reckon with in terms of shock-absorption and bump-muzzling capabilities stemming from its dependable dual suspension.

#8. 20” Mongoose Girls” Ledge 2.1 Purple Mountain Bike


Designed and built for girls between 8-12years by Mongoose, this mtb is fabricated using a 20” full suspension girls’ mtb frame and fork, a Shimano derailleur joined to 7-speed handlebar twist shifters as well as a 3-piece mtb crank. Its 20-inch front and rear wheels sport linear pull brakes for deceleration and stopping.


  • Its dual suspension muzzles up any ruts, bumps and pot holes and optimizes the comfort of your young girls’ ride regardless of the terrain.
  • The bike’s 7-level gear shift allows for strain-free pedaling in a myriad of terrains.
  • Its 3-piece mountain bike crank optimizes pedaling efficiency and enables young female mtb cyclists to enjoy unstoppable rides be it on smooth roads or rough trails.
  • Its 20” wheels are exceptionally maneuverable.
  • Its price is very pocket-considerate.


  • Its parts are not high-grade so it speedily deteriorates in efficiency and quality.
  • The gear-shift mechanism responds sluggishly when contracted to higher-end options.

Final Verdict

With this tandem, the fun of your bike-hyped girl child doesn’t end with the road but continues, unhindered, into more demanding forest trails and off-roads.

#9. 20” Boys” BCA MT20 Mountain Bike


Created by BCA, this kids’ mtb features a sturdy steel mtb frame mated with a tuned front suspension fork, a 6-speed Shimano drivetrain with twist shifters and 20-inch knobby off-road-friendly tires. In addition, hand-pull brakes on both wheels provide reliable deceleration and stoppage while its comfortable quick-release-clamped seat-post can be easily adjusted to a preferential height without any tool.


  • This mtb is exceptional, built with strong components thus is unusually durable.
  • With a quick-release tool-free height-adjustable seat-post, it offers unequally comfortable and efficient pedaling.
  • Its rugged wide-surface tires offer great traction in all ride surfaces.
  • The bike is extremely easy to put together and tune-up with basic bike assembly skills and tools.


  • Some buyers complain that the bike doesn’t feature a 6-speed Shimano drivetrain as advertised.
  • Although it explores uphills and downhill road rides quite smoothly, its hardtail frame limits the bike’s efficiency and comfort in challenging terrains.

Final Verdict

The 20” Boys” BCA MT20 Mountain Bike is a cheap but value-worth purchase especially for a kid who will inevitably grow too big for it in a few years. It’s not a high-end mtb but a plausible selection for any kid starting out on mountain cycling with an eye on mainly cycling uphill. Also convenient for commuting, it alloys kids to enjoy, unobstructed, an all-style casual mountain biking experience on paved surfaces as well as off-roads.

#10. 24” Diamondback Tess 24 Girls’ Youth Mountain Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Tess 24 Youth Girls 24

This mtb is based around a steel frame attached to a 40mm Hl Zoom travel fork to soak up bumps, a 3 x 7 speed Shimano tourney in its drivetrain for trail-conquering and 24-inch mtb wheels. Moreover, it features reach-adjustable brake levers controlling linear pull brakes on front and rear wheels to avail the much-needed stopping power in challenging trails.


  • This kids’ mtb is uniquely sturdy and durable, thanks to its steel frame and solid build.
  • It possesses commendable shock-muzzling capabilities required for challenging trail exploration.
  • Its reach-adjustable brake levers offer convenient and reliable stoppage, consequently optimizing ride safety for young mtb cyclists.
  • With its strong easy-to-maneuver 24-inch wheels, 21 speeds and powerful brakes, it can effectively be ridden anywhere.


  • It’s a bit big for riders below a height of 5’3” and those above 6’2”.
  • At 41.1 pounds, this bike may be a bit heavy for riders below 10 years.

Final Verdict

Built with all the features in a full-size women’s mtb, the 24” Diamondback Tess 24 Girls’ Youth Mountain Bike at developing the skills and perseverance of girl mtb riders suitably aged between 8-12 years and having 5’3”- 6’2” standing height. It reliably stays on its top game on both paved surface roads as well as on the more challenging forest trails and off-roads.

Prominent Features of the Best Kids Mountain Bike

Quality is the key factor to consider when choosing the best kid mountain bike. You do not send your child into the rough and thick terrains with a product that does not guarantee them of safety. Still, the design must be done in such a way that the user can enjoy their ride. Accordingly, you need to understand the most prominent features of such a product. The two most vital features to consider are the suspension type and the diameter of a wheel. It is also important to take into account the materials used to make the frames. The gears, brakes, fit and maintenance essentials are important as well.

The Suspension Types

The rigid type

These bikes are uncommon because they do not have the very-much-needed suspension element. Your kid will obviously love the comfort that comes with the feature. They are however easy to main and cheap. Thus, this is the bike to opt for if you are running on a low budget. It is also the type of product you choose for a child whose ability to maintain anything is in-existent or minimal.

The Hardtail

The bikes have the suspension feature and thus will ensure that the impact on the front is well absorbed. It only means that your kid will be comfortable when riding in all terrains. They are considerably affordable. They have few moving parts, making them easy to maintain. they are a piece of cake for kids who love cross country rides because they are designed in a way that power is effortlessly transferred between the rear tire and the pedal stroke.

Full suspension

This type of a mountain bike is designed to fully absorb the impact of a trail. Specifically, the front fork and rear shock are developed with the aim of ensuring that the rider has an enjoyable and a memorable ride. On top of this, majority of these bikes are equipped with rigs to ensure that the rider does not lose energy when climbing uphill.

Guide to kids' bike wheel sizes

Most of the kid’s mountain bikes have 24 inches wheels so that the short legs can be catered for. The youngest children will find the 20 inches wheel appropriate.

Frame materials

The frame of a mountain bike will determine its strength, weight, and longevity. The commonest material utilized during the manufacture of the product is the aluminum alloy. Nonetheless, other materials such as steel and carbon fiber are used. Aluminum is ideal because other than the fact that it is light, it is also durable. Steel is also a good choice for someone seeking for longevity in these products. However, it can be heavy for a kid’s mountain bike. Titanium can also be considered because it is light and at the same time of good quality. It is however expensive, which means it is not suitable for consumers who are facing financial constraints. In the same category is the carbon fiber material. It is common in many bikes. The product will however be expensive considering the human capital put towards its manufacture.

The gears

The feature is crucial when factoring in the terrain that your kid will be riding the mountain bike. You do not want to see your child coming back home with bruises just because you did not research well into the type of gear fit into the bike. If they are likely to be climbing up and down the hills, a bike with more gears is a must-have! Otherwise, you can just opt for a bike with few gears if you are sure your kid will be riding on flat terrains. The amazing thing about making such a choice is that the bike will be kept light, which enhance the quality of a ride. Do not worry if for some reasons you take home a product that does not suit these descriptions; the gearing can be adjusted easily after the purchase.

The brakes

There are typically two types of brakes that you may find when purchasing a mountain bike. The first one is the disc brakes, which are consistent and affordable. The second types are rim brakes, which are easy to observe in case of pad wear. Compared to the disc brakes, they are inconsistent in some conditions.

The kid’s mountain bike fit

The height and flexibility are some of the major aspects to consider when seeking for a fitting kids mountain bike. When the right choices are made, it is possible for a kid to confidently ride in all terrains. The size of a bike will match the height of the child. The best way of testing for this is to take your child with you so that they can conduct a test before making the purchases.

The maintenance features

It is critical to purchase some of the products that can help you keep a kid safe at all times. They include a pump, spare tube, helmet and a chain lube.

Having considered the features that must be considered when buying the best kid mountain bike, let’s now look at the best rated ones.

Usable Tips towards Purchasing the Best Kid Mountain Bikes

Having identified the ten bikes that you can purchase, you may want to be equipped with the following tips on getting the product of your choice.

Make the orders right away

You probably may have seen that kid's mountain bikes are being advertised on the online platform and realized that the product of your choice is available. The first thought that will naturally come your way is that you should make the purchases at that point. But it is also possible for another thought to creep into your mind that you should find out if the prices will be lower. The latter may land you into misery since the products listed in this review are on high demand due to their quality. Do not be tempted to wait! Just make the order and your little one will forever be grateful.

Purchase the product from a credible website

After viewing these products in a website with a credible record, make your orders from it. Buying them from other sites is risky since they may deliver the counterfeit products. The best way to find out whether a site is good enough to make the purchases from is to go through the reviews and at the same time finding out the ranking on the search engines.

Be sure of what you want

Since you already know you kid’s tastes and preferences, this should be a cup of tea for you. However, you may still want to confirm whether they may have changed their minds so that you do not waste your resources in the end. Further, it is wise to understand some of the features that can make a bike ideal for your child. These are inclusive of the weight, breaks, color, material and fitting amongst others. Having listed these elements, you will land the mountain bike of your choice within no time.


If you have not bought a mountain bike in the past, it is advisable to consult other people who have skills and experience in the area. They may include the website owners, other customers, your colleagues, family members and most importantly, the company selling the product. Ask as many questions as you can so that you can make excellent choices. There are also many websites that offer the related information.

Find out want the reviews say

You could have selected a bike with the notion that it will be suitable for your kid only to find out that it has a poor reputation on the online platform. Why should you go through this painful process when you have an opportunity of finding out what the other clients say about it? It only takes a few clicks on the credible sites and the rest will be easy for you.

With these tips, you will have landed the most functional, affordable, and quality mountain bikes for your kid.


All in all, you will buy the best kid mountain bike if you understand the prominent features to look out for. They are inclusive of the breaking system, suspension types, wheel size, maintenance features and fitting among others. You must also consider other issues such as the prices, the reliability of the vendor, and tastes and preferences of your kid. An extensive research into the topic coupled with consulting the experts or even your friends will be of great assistance to you. Nonetheless, you can never go wrong by opting for the products featured in this write-up.

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