Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano

The Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano is a highly rated and recognized machine worldwide. This road bike is a brand name in and out of conventional race tracks. Bike collectors and professional riders always settle for this brand. These road bikes come with different collections of bicycles which would fit any biker’s requirements. It does not matter whether you are a professional biker, a hardcore rider or just an ordinary rider. There are adequate road bikes that would undoubtedly meet everyone’s requirements.


This road bike is designed for both beginners and professional riders who would love a bike which is capable of performing to the expectations of a highly rated bike without having to spend vast amounts on it.

The bike is made of high-quality materials which are comprehensively developed from raw materials to quality products. It is also made from a professional and genuine workmanship which you will love and won’t get enough riding it.

The bicycle is lightweight; it is composed of a double-butted 6061 aluminum frame. This material is durable and lightweight. The weight savings that arise from the frame is what makes the bike as one of the lightest bikes in the class of road bikes.

It is well designed and has an easy to access drivetrain. The Shimano drivetrain has an adjustable gear mechanism. Adjustments can be made on the 21 gear setting to conveniently the meet the users riding speed so that there are no restrictions as you cycle. You can use the rim brakes to stop swiftly and safely.

This 21 Speed Shimano road bicycle is equipped with a 700c quality fork which works efficiently to absorb shocks from the harsh terrain. The fork ensures sure that the user has a smooth ride regardless of the type of terrain they are cycling on. Moreover, the fork helps the controlling of the machine even while you are cycling over the rocks and the roots.

The bike is comfortable and smooth to pedal. This means you cycle without much of a struggle. The bicycle’s wheels are exceptionally robust because they are made with 700c double-walled aluminum machined sides. The 700c perfectly builds the sturdy wheelset by 25c tires that make sure that you have a smooth cruise on all the surfaces.

The road bike has 21 speeds that are facilitated by the Shimano rear A050 thumb indexed 7-speed and the front friction of 3-speed shifters. The bike also has mount points around the frame to provide room for a rear rack and a bottle of water making it excellent for commuting.


  • The road bike has an attractive and eye-catching design making it the peoples favorite
  • The bike is lightweight and fast enough
  • ​It has great invisible cables which are appropriate for the handlebar and beautiful paint works
  • ​​It comes equipped with a dependable seat.
  • It is affordable and is ideal for persons who do not want to spend lots of money on road bikes.
  • ​Simple to assemble
  • ​Available with mount points
  • Comes with free pedals


  • Has poor quality tires
  • Seats are uncomfortable

Technical Features and Specifications

  • Double Butted 6061 Aluminum Frame
  • Shifters Shimano A050
  • 21-Speeds
  • Threadless Fork 700c 1 1/8 inch
  • Shimano Rear and front Derailleur
  • Alloy Crankset Triple 50/40/30
  • 700c Wheelset Double Walled
  • 700c x 25c Tires
  • KMC Chain
  • Alloy Caliper Brakes
  • Freewheel 7 Speed
  • 1 1/8 inch Integrated Headset
  • Saddle Urban Comfort
  • Saddle Urban Comfort
  • Alloy Handlebar
  • Alloy 27.2 Seatpost

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano Bike performance

The highlight of the Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano is the shifters, the design, and the frame. The bike’s aluminum double butted frame is strong and light in weight as compared to other bikes in its class.

This is excellent for the beginners as well as novice bicycle riders. The Shimano shifters while they are not integrated like other road bikes, they are perfect, and the user can shift the gears with ease. The design is attractive and stylish and comes in a wide of sizes and colors.

What to Look Out for Before Buying the Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Shimano

Purpose of the bike - A road bike can serve many purposes, they can be used for recreation, racing, touring, and commuting. So it is essential for you to figure out first which will take priority. Remember what the bike is meant for is as important as what the bike is.

Sizing is essential – Choosing the right size for your bicycle is critical. Do not take a bike that is too small or too big just because it is a good bargain. Even the best deal in the world is not worth it if your road bike does not fit. Also, raising the seat high in the sky is not the answer either. Take advice from the bike shop and ensure you only get a bike with the correct size of your body height dimension; this is when you will make much out of your hobby.

Bike composition - The material used in fabricating the road bike matters a lot. As far as price, weight and comfort ratio are concerned, bikes fashioned from carbon fiber seem to give the user most value. Carbon fiber is not the most coveted material used in making frames for bikes. It was once an ultra-expensive choice, but now it is affordable and available for $800.

Do your research – A bike is an investment, and as it is with expensive investments, it is necessary you spend time researching the options. With a stipulated budget in mind, it is significant you carry out some research about the product you want to buy. For you to be able to buy a good quality bike that will serve you a lifetime, you can start saving early as you carry out your research. At the same time, shop around for a bike that would fall within your budget.

Who Should Buy this Bike?

The road bike has been made for intermediate and entry-level cyclists. The device is especially great for commuting and is fantastic as a starter bike for new riders and professionals or for those persons who are budget conscious and do not want to spend a fortune on a machine but still want to own a quality road bike for day to day use. This simple bike is a marvelous starter bike for everyone interested in road biking.

Why Should You Buy It?

Affordable – This road bike is notably one of the best-priced road bicycles for what it gives to the buyer who is budget conscious. At the same time, the reason you should buy it is that it comes full of numerous quality parts like the Shimano A050 Shifters plus a 700c high ten 1 1/8 thread-less Fork which lasts longer as compared to some of its cheap aluminum counterpart.

Agile – This bike is nimble and gets its agility form from the aluminum construction. If you are looking to commute daily, you should consider a bike with a lighter aluminum construction, it will help ease the cycling, especially if it is a longer one.

Beautiful and attractive - The paint job done on such kind of bikes and with this price points is well done. Many people go for this bike because of its looks, and it is one of the high selling points of the brand. The machine is professional, sharp and understated. The bike even looks like it is suitable for any situation, and for any individual regardless of the gender or age.

Easy to upgrade – This aluminum road bicycle is exceptionally customizable to a person’s liking. Each part of the bike can be enhanced and customized, making it another good reason for those who are looking to jump onto the road cycling or searching for an economical machine.

​Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the wheels of this road bike quick release?

A: This bike is designed with perfect front and rear quick release features.

Q: Can women use this road bike?

A: Yes they can, just make sure you get the one that fits properly.

Q: Is it possible to get this bicycle completely assembled?

A: No, It is not possible, the bike is usually 80% assembled the remaining bit is little it should not take you more than 40 minutes to get it done.

Q: What is this bikes’ speed?

A: This bike is a 21-speeds.

Q: What material is used in making the fork?

A: The fork is made from Aluminum.

Q: Does it use disc brakes?

A: No it uses alloy caliper brakes


If you are looking for a well-designed road bike which will not put a dent in your bank account, then the Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano should be top of your shopping list. This machine is well constructed, lightweight, and smooth and is excellent for commuting. However, you should brace yourself to replace the tires and seat.


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