Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike

Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike

The Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike is a fundamental bike for riders with elementary needs. This is a bike that you can easily own without robbing into the country’s treasury. The designers have paid adequate attention to the finer details in regards to its design. Its unique quality speaks for itself .Furthermore, it is the perfect bike to give you a wonderful ride to the nearby town market, and university library or local bar and accommodates both entry level riders and pros.


Designed for the current generation, this great bike comes in a wide selection of cool colors such as yellow, orange, grey,black and blue. The bikes features are what make it great. At a glance,some of the bike’s majestic features include:a well handcrafted frame,a great hub for the fixed gear or free wheel mechanism, a pair of wide and tough tires,authoritative front and rear alloy brakes, a pair of 32-hole alloy wheels and a comfortable leather saddle just to mention.

Body frame

Firstly, the body frame of this particular designhas been described as superlight weight despite it being made up of steel.Its light weight gives it the aerodynamic design of aircrafts. The light body frame allows the bike to move at a high speed with minimal peddling. It’s true to say that this bike is ‘athletic’. Needless to say, the body frame is durable and long lasting.


Connected to the bike’s body frame is a strong headset and long stem. The headset is well fixed to the top tube that’s part of the body frame. The imperishable stem is then coupled to a suspension forkthat’s fastened using tight bolts. The bolts are tight to ensure that the bike is stable even on gravel roads .The fork is then bound to the flip flop hub. The high quality hub contains sealed bearings.

Handle bars

Thirdly, the bike’s handlebars compliment the solid headset. Its flat design ensures that the riders is relaxed while cycling and does not have to lean forward. Additionally, the handlebars have a great grip at the ends

Gear system

The Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike’s a fixie meaning that the rider cannot quit peddling at any particular time. This is because the bike has a fixed gear system and does not possess a free wheel mechanism.The fixed mechanism is simple and thus has a low upkeep. Simplicity in the gear system means that the bike can last longer. The gear system has no derailleur or shifters. This translates to more flexibility for the rider. As opposed to other bikes, the rider has the alternative of utilizing the modern flip flop hub.This hub is dynamic and allows the rider to either select freewheels or fixed wheel depending on their liking. Another determinant, on which selection of the hub is made, is the terrain on which the bike is rode on.

Front and rear brakes

The bike brags of precise and authoritative brakes. The brakes are made of supreme quality alloy calipers. Their halting power isn’t something that can be easily ignored. They make the rider be in full control of the bike and slow it down whenever they want.


Next, are the wheels? The wheels are made of alloy that makes them stout. The bike is fitted with a pair of superior performance triple walled 700 x 32 wheel sets.Furthermore,it has a strong rim and solid spokes that allow it to endure any ground that the bike is rode on.


What’s a bike without tires?To be specific, good tires? This beauty is made up broad based tires that measure 700 x 32.The tires provide amazing stability to the bike which is what is needed by amateur riders.Besides,the broad tires can withstand rough riding roads.These beautiful tires have a high traction and very low rotating resistance ensuring a continuous smooth cycling experience .The tires also have a high quality treads that grip the smooth road for seamless cycling.


Additionally, this brilliant bike comes with well polished pedals that are embellished with reflectors. The reflectors match with the saddle color and bike frame. All this give the bike a pretty cool look. Who doesn’t want this? The polished pedals are firmly anchored to the crank.This translates to a constant rotation of the rear wheel. Precisely, if the rear wheel moves forwards, the pedals move in a similar direction.


Many bikes often come with poor quality saddles but this isn’t the case with this bike. The Sugiyama comes with a V-shaped saddle that gives it a fighter jet appearance. The saddle is made up of two parts: the wide seating area and the nose. The seating area is well padded with thicker foam to prevent injury to the pelvic bones .Moreover; it provides comfort to the rider. The nose is medium sized to prevent the rider’s clothes from getting hooked to it.


  • Simplicity in function.
  • Simplicity in style
  • ​Spectacular design
  • ​​It comes equipped with a dependable seat.
  • It is unisex. It suited for both men and women.
  • Affordable
  • Supreme front and rear brakes.


  • It is not suitable for rough terrains.
  • It can only be ridden in single speed or standard wheel.
  • The inner tubes are light-and easily puncture.

Target audience of the Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike

The Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike has been engineered for both men and women. Its availability in different colors makesit appealing to different age groups.The bike comes in two sizes; small sizes and large sizes .The small size measures 52 cm, whereas the large size is 59 cm.The bike is best suited for anyone who loves town riding. Its simplicity and efficiency distinguish it as a high performer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the weight of the bike?

A: The bike weighs 28 pounds.

Q: Is the bike ideal for town riding?

A: Yes. However, ensure you are a pro so as not tocause accidents.

Q: What’s the price of this bike?

A: It goes for as low as 196.99 dollars.

Q: is it good for rough environment?

A: It isn’t advisable to use this bike on rough environment it could puncture easily. However, this can be modified by having rugged tires.

Q: Does the bike come with chain?

A: Yes it does .It comes with a rough and fast running chain​


Just to sum it up, The Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike is an agile and perfect bike that offers easy gliding through the town areas .Its colors make it look insanely amazing. This ensures that heads roll whenever this beautiful bike is spotted.Purchasing this particular bike guarantees high performance, simplicity and convenience.


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