Schwinn Men’s Volare 1200 Bike, 700c, Grey Review

Schwinn Men's Volare 1200 Bike, 700c

If you are shopping for an incredible, excellent performance road bike which will not rob your bank, then check out for the Schwinn Men's Volare 1200 Bike, 700c, Grey from all time favorite American bike company the Schwinn. Their road bikes have always been trendy thanks to the exceptional quality and affordable prices. There are some Schwinn models on the market but this bike, in particular, stands out among the rest, here is why.


This is a stable and robust roadmaster machine which is built from a sturdy aluminum frame. The buyer rests assured that the road bike will not fail them.

The frame of the bike is designed in an upright manner enabling you to ride smoothly and more comfortably. Furthermore, it is laden with a dual suspension mechanism so that the user is assured of comfort all the time as they ride.

This fantastic road bike is built for all kinds of surfaces; it provides you the privilege of a comfy ride over various off roads and road surfaces.

It is fitted with an incredible braking system which significantly guarantees your safety and other road users because you have a stable bike and better controlling power over your bike’s movement.

This machine is built to accommodate riders with different heights. Also, the bike is shipped when it is almost fully put together. The user only needs minimal assembling time of around 30 minutes. Furthermore, you do not need any particular or tactical mechanical skill to set it up. You just need to follow easy and clear manual instructions.


  • This road bike is a durable bike for the men
  • The saddle has a quick release mechanism for the ease of height adjustments
  • ​The bike comes with necessary tools to aid in assembling
  • ​The road bike comes in numerous colors like green, red, black and blue
  • ​It is built with quality Shimano components
  • The parts are easy to assemble
  • It comes in three sizes, 50cm, 54cm and 58cm
  • The bike is suited for different road terrains
  • The bike also cruises through many geographical terrains, especially the uneven surfaces
  • It offers smooth and effortless gear shifting


  • This bike has poor quality tires if you compare it with its competitors.
  • The bike does not have a wrench to aid in installing the seat.
  • Its brakes are of a low quality you may want to have them replaced.

Technical features and specifications

  • Alloy rims high profile
  • Product weight 35.3 lbs
  • Aluminum fork and frame
  • ​Four colors, green, red, black and blue
  • ​21-speed gears
  • ​Schwinn alloy crankset
  • Quick release front wheels
  • ​Shimano shifters and derailleur
  • Kickstand available
  • Alloy brakes
  • 700c wheel size

Bike Performance

The Schwinn Men's Volare 1200 Bike, 700c, Grey comes with 21 gear speeds which are built around the Shimano components which are of high quality. They also include the quality functioning crankshaft and the Shimano derailleur. The premium road bike parts give the bike a seamless experience anytime you change the gears providing it with an added advantage to the commuters who are depending on this reliable bike.

This road bike is an ideal machine for a rider who is after reliability in daily commuting, or for someone who is looking to enjoy a more casual riding expedition. The road bike is affordable but performs very well like bikes that cost even more. It is also a good bike for someone looking to get out on the road to keep themselves healthy and fit. It is an incredible ride, and we recommend it to anyone out to have fun with this excellent road bike.

What to Look out for Before Buying the Schwinn Men's Volare 1200 Bike, 700c, Grey

Road biking is a fantastic way of improving your fitness, meeting up new people, and absorbing your environ at a much slower pace. Before settling on purchasing your bike, it is crucial you have an idea about the essentials. They include:

Bike size and Fit – It is vital that you get a bicycle that fits you properly. Purchasing a bike that does not fit will only cause you a headache. You will not ride comfortably, and you may end up straining and hurting yourself. Visit an actual bike shop and get sized by an expert in bike matters or a person who understands what they are doing. Remember, a great deal is not worth it if the bicycle does not fit.

The Material of Frame – When buying a new bicycle, there are four options of materials to choose from, each material comes with its advantages and disadvantages. The road bike’s frame is made of aluminum making the bike lighter and an excellent choice for time trialing and for racing. This material makes the bike durable, and it does not rust.

Correct Tires - For maximum performance of your road bike ensure that your frame has a clearance room for wider tires. But then you do not have to worry so much about what tires your bike comes with; you can switch them out and have them replaced with the more appropriate ones.

Safety – Your safety as a rider is paramount. Ensure that your road bike is equipped with best safety measures. Before setting off to any destination ensure that your brakes are working to avoid any mishap. This bike is fitted with this incredible braking system which guarantees you and other road users’ maximum safety. You are in control of the bike. You can also get yourself the appropriate riding gear and a properly fitting helmet to protect yourself.

Purpose – There are many road bikes in the market and they serve different purposes. Before you set out to acquire one, ask yourself what you intend to use the bike for. Is it for recreation, commuting or bike racing? When you know the purpose, it will be easy for you to get the correct bike and you will not be disappointed at the performance, because the bike will have the right features for the proper purpose.

Who Should Buy it?

This road bike is a versatile machine which is designed stylishly with male-conscious and many handsome features that gives the cool guys an excellent riding experience. The bike makes you stand out boldly among other riders. As expected from its looks, it is the unique salient features of this machine that makes it confer to men riders all the many incredible functions it has. This road bike for men cuts across all dimensions you can look for in a bike; simplicity, style and elegance, convenience all these wrapped up in this powerful road bike. This bike is a must-have for all the handsome men. Do not be left out.

Why Should You Buy It?

This road bike is a bike built to provide a broad spectrum of problem-solving solutions to riders in their everyday life. Below are essential highlights of why you should buy this bike.

Easy and Fast Mobility – This bike is a fast machine which can be relied on for ease of commuting every day from work. It also facilitates your transportation needs to meet your family or buddies, you are guaranteed of arriving at your destination on time.

Unlimited Access – Another added advantage of this machine is that this bike has a cutting edge over cars. It enables you to navigate even the remotest parts of the city and the suburbs. This means that there is no part you cannot reach with this cool bike.

Facilitates Recreation and Relaxation – Aside from performing most official duties, this wonderful men’s bike is a great bike for getting you refreshed and relaxed. You can spend some time cycling through the city streets as you stretch yourself while enjoying the sunset. This is a beautiful relaxation opportunity which this road bike offers you.

Saves you Precious Time – Having an incredible road bike like this one helps you overcome the endless traffic jams you have to beat to reach your destination on time. Whatever errand you want to run either making deliveries or collecting customer orders, your bike will certainly do that for you. This mobility road bike gives you a splendid advantage over many other roads uses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does this bike weigh?

A: The road bike weighs 35.3 lbs.

Q: Is this bike made of carbon fiber or aluminum?

A: This road bike has a sturdy aluminum frame making the bike lightweight and very strong.

Q: Does this bike have a kick stand?

A: Yes it does.

Q: Apart from Grey, is the bike available in any other color?

A: Yes it is available in four other colors green, red, black and blue.

Q: How many gears does it have?

A: It has 21 speed gears.


Schwinn Men's Volare 1200 Bike, 700c, Grey is a versatile and impressive road bike which comes at an affordable price. The machine packs in all the salient features of a high-quality end road bike which performs flawlessly in varied conditions. This is a perfect machine for anyone looking for an excellent bike for commuting from school or work or for a person looking for a bicycle to use it for a workout. This bike is a treasure. You can order for your whole family. You will never go wrong with such a powerful performer.


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