Schwinn Ladies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bicycle 26″ Wheels Review

This bike is everything a lady biker has ever dreamt of. Are you a female and looking for a bike that will win your heart over? Look no further; just get the Schwinn Ladies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bicycle 26" Wheels. This is the right bike to purchase for any female rider looking for a moving machine. Whether you’re moving around the home market area, exercising on a chilly morning or going to the university library, this is the perfect bike to get you there. The bike is designed to cater for majority of the needs of the female biker.

Schwinn Ladies Perla

Features of Schwinn Ladies Perla

This great lady’s bike comes with excellent high quality features that make its owner stand out in a crowd. Some of the bike’s modern features include; a durable steel frame, efficient gearing mechanism, comfortable saddle, authoritative brakes and a pair of satisfactory white walled tires.The bike comes in a variety of amazing colors such as blue, pink and yellow. Its color scheme makes it irresistible to women riders.

Specifications of the bike


The SchwinnLadies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bicycle 26" Wheelscomes in a polished steel frame that’s made of various tubes and stays. The stays include the chain stay and saddle stay whereas the tubes include the top tube, down tube, seat tube and the head tube. Of great significance, the top tube is connected to the middle of the seat tube to facilitate a low standing point. This favors females as it allows easy dismounting from the bike. The fact that the bike frame is made of steel material guarantees its durability. The stout frame ensures that the bike can withstand sudden impact. To add to the fun, the frame enables the rider to attach a basket if they so wish. Thus, the bike can act as the main vehicle when any female is goingto the beach or grocery shopping.

The headset

Next, is the headset. The bike’s headset is anchored to the top tube.The headset is also made of aluminum answering the durability question. The bike’s headset is fitted with magnificent cruise handlebars that ascertain that the rider enjoys great modulation and balance as they cycle.At the end of the handle bars are a pair of good hand grips. The hand grips are firm and comfortable to grasp.

Braking system

The Schwinn Ladies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bicycle 26" Wheels is all about the safety of the rider. This means that the bike will get its rider to their destination fast and safe. Majority of the cruiser bikes don’t have elaborate braking systems but this isn’t the case with the Schwinn Ladies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bicycle 26" Wheels. This bike has an efficient and authoritative braking system. Owing to the fact that it comes in different speed versions, the bike has front and rear brakes. The design of the braking system is alloy linear pulland the model is alloy V.


Just as other cruiser bikes, The Schwinn Ladies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bicycle 26" Wheels comes with a v shaped saddle.It has a fighter jet appearance. Good thing about this bike is that it comes with a wide, comfortable saddle that has dual springs beneath it. The unique aspect of this bike’s saddle is that it has a double layered padding. The extra padding ensures that the rider is comfortable and relaxed as they cycle this beauty. Over and above the padding is a leather material that gives the saddle an exquisite finish. Besides, it makes the saddle weather resistant.


Who wants to get muddy after a riding session? Certainly, no one! While most bikes come onlywith a rear fender, this isn’t the case with the Schwinn Ladies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bicycle 26" Wheels. The bike come with a pair offender; a front and rear fender. They ensure the rider is dry from dirt and mud. Needless to say, the fenders have been well designed to blend into the bike’s majestic design.


Part of the bargain, is a pair of 26- inch sized white wall tires. Special emphasis has been laid to the designs of the wheels. The rims are alloy, boosting the overall durability of the bikes tires. The high quality of the tires ensures that the wheels can withstand rough rocky terrain.

Target group of the The Schwinn Ladies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bicycle

The SchwinnLadies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bicycle 26" WheelsIs manufactured to cater for female riders needs.Riders, who want to travel around the town, commute to work or travel to enjoy the beautiful country side will find this their best companion.This is one of the few lady bikes that incorporates a girlish yet professional look. The bike is pocket friendly in terms of price and any rider whether novice or pro has no reason to not own it.


  • Efficient braking system.
  • Comfortable leather saddle.
  • ​Amazing and affordable price
  • ​Durable steel frame
  • High quality fenders


  • The bike does not come with a detailed user manual
  • The front brakes may slightly be noisy

Frequently Asked Questions

​1. Question: Can a child seat be attached?

Answer: No. It’s not possible.

2. Question: Are the seat and handle bars adjustable?

Answer: Yes. This can be easily done to accommodate the different heights of riders.

3. Question: Is the bike heavy?

Answer: No. The bike weighs 40 pounds

4. Question: Does the bike come fully assembled?

Answer: The bike comes when it is 85% assembled. The saddle, front wheel and the pedals can easily be assembled by the owner or a professional.


To wrap it up, the Schwinn Ladies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bicycle 26" Wheels is simply a master class bike. Whether you want to go for cross country riding or shopping at the grocery, this bike will get you there. Its qualities will make you shine. Its excellent service ensures that it will be by you side for years to come. It’s a great lady bike for women who want to explore the world. It may have shortcomings but it is a great bargain.


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