Merax Finiss 26 Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike Review

Merax Finiss

The Merax Finiss 26 Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes is an ideal bike for the mountain ride. Apart from that, it is a good bike which guarantees your safety while on the trail. It also makes the ride smooth, worry free and just fun. This bike is the best mountain bike that puts strength and durability at the top. It is built proficiently with a worry-free cycling ability, sporty looking, and light in weight. This bike is not an ordinary one since it is designed to provide the best ride for mountain bikers


The bike tends to come with numerous exciting features, and it has a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it easier to ride it without any difficulty. It also has an adequately sealed suspension that comes with preload adjustment.It has a lockout that has also been fitted for riding smoothly on the road or a hill. This bike has a suitable high speed of 21 combined with Rapid Fire shifters, and one can enjoy smooth disk brakes and shifting. Even the drivetrain is relatively excellent. Merax Finiss 26 Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike requires less maintenance compared to other mountain bikes such as Kent Thruster etc.

Specifications of Merax Finiss 26 Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike

Frame Size

The bike has a 6061 Heat Treated Aluminum of 26 inches. It is essential for a mountain bike to have a lightweight and robust frame. This feature enables a steady and a dependable support for the general bike design. It also guarantees the rider that the mountain bike can bear the challenges on the road.

Gear System, Drive and the Gender

Derailleurs are used to change gears. They connect the handlebars to the front and back wheels. When one wants to change gear, they do it from the handlebars which direct the communication down to the derailleur system, where it changes the gear. Merax has Shimano front and rear derailleur's for easy, safe gear changes, as you ride. The mechanism of changing the gear on this bike seems to be simple, smooth and convenient to some of the bikes in the market.


Merax Finiss bike has a shinamo speed of 21 integrated with Rapid Fire shifters, that one can enjoy the smooth disk brakes and shifting. Even the drivetrain is quite excellent.

Brakes and Handbrakes Types

Dual disc brakes are fixed on this bike and ensure more consistent brake performance compared with traditional rim brakes. A mountain bike should have a braking system which is dependable and speedy grip, particularly on urgent situations. This is a safety feature one should not compromise. However, a reliable braking system keeps the rider protected while on the ride.


The Merax Finiss mountain bike saddle and suspension system are the main factors for a smooth ride. It is the best and are ergonomically made to provide comfort on bumpy trails. In addition to that they bike have an unbelievable suspension system and a cushioned saddle for the bike which makes it comfortable and sore-free when riding.


The bike has a low weight due to the aluminum material used to make it. Because of aluminum, Merax Finiss weighs 33 pounds. This bike has an ideal weight since it will not be difficult to carry around or to control. Aluminum will last a long time. Bear in mind that most mountain biking tracks comprise of rocky and uphill terrains. Therefore, the mountain bike should be light in weight, comfortable to move as well as carry, particularly if the road situation demands you for such.


The bike has a headset which is made of aluminum hence contributes to the lightweight features.


The Merax bike uses 26 inches wheels which makes it suitable for an entry level mountain bike. 26 inches is what most bikers preferred since bikes with these wheels are easily controlled. The wheels move on the bumps smoothly due to the size and double walled rims. Single-walled rims do not offer protection for wheels. The double-walled rims on the Merax Finnis mountain bike have an additional layer of protection required and will save buyers money in the long term on frame repairs.

Frame and Forks

Aluminum lets the bike to be lighter in weight, making it able to move faster and easier to handle.


Due to the light nature of this mountain bike, it is easy to steer. The design and the materials used in making of this bike makes it comfy.

Reason the Product is great

This mountain bike has a double disc braking system and has a lighter weight compared to other mountain regular bikes. Also this Merax Finiss 26 Aluminum 21 guarantees durability, consistency and smooth movement in every ride. Although this bike is used explicitly for mountain biking, it can also be used as a commuter bike. However, it is recommended that one should go for a different bike for general purpose. It’s economical friendly and has the best functional features that make it an outstanding mountain bike.

Targeted Groups of the Bike

Mountain bikers use these bikes to ride since it is light tough and has a high speed which makes it enjoyable to ride it. However it cannot be used for general purpose therefore it is specifically for mountain biker’s.


  • Comes with a dual with disc brakes which are affordable compared to other mountain bikes which are comparatively expensive
  • This bike is robust, light in weight and easy to move-due to its frame which is made of aluminum.
  • ​The bike has magnesium mixture made wheels that are sporty looking.


  • The wheels of the bike are not made of a tougher material than steel or aluminum;in that case you will need a spare wheel.
  • The saddle might need some replacement work for a more safe and steady position.

Frequently Asked Questions

​1. Question: Is the bike a long lasting?

Answer: Yes the material used to design the bike makes it light and robust.

2. Question: Is it expensive?

Answer: The price of the bike is reasonable in the market.

3. Question: Are the brakes reliable?

Answer: Yes since they are made of dual disc mechanism and are easily controlled on the handle bar.

4. Question: Can it be upgraded?

Answer: Yes if you get used to the initial beginner speed you don’t have to buy a brand new one, you just advance you bike.

5. Question: Is easy to carry it?

Answer: Yes it can because of its lightweight nature it is easily carried.


The Merax Finiss 26 Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike is light in weight which makes every enthusiast admire it. This product is absolutely suggested for anyone who is looking for an excellent mountain bike. It is an outstanding bike to buy. Also, it is said by its producers to be maintenance free. The Merax Finiss claims all the great mechanisms of more expensive bikes, for an attractive price. Each component on the bike can be advanced further down the road that shows us that you do not need to buy a new bike as you move from a beginner rider to a serious rider.


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