Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

The Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle is everything a male biker has ever hoped for. The bike has precisely been designed to satisfy the needs of a male rider and bike enthusiast. The bike is a smooth riding, easy to pedal and fun bike to own. The high quality workmanship makes it appear classy and stylish. The bike is simple, safe and comfortable for cruising around the beach, market and to the local bar. Its features have made it popular and a hit in the market. The bike is available in a wide color scheme. Some of the colors it’s available in are; royal blue, shiny brown, matte gray, army green and much more. With regard to size, it comes in three different sizes namely: the small size, medium size and the large size. 

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review Features

The bikes hand-craftsmanship is a testament to modern innovations in the bike industry. Its modern style gives it an edge over its rivals in the market. Some of the bikes majestic features comprise of a long lasting steel frame, a pair of apt aluminum wheels, white walled balloon tires, easy to use brakes, and broad handle bars with great grip, 3 different speed versions and a comfortable saddle. The speed versions that the bike is available in are the single speed version (Shimano model), 3 speed version(Shimano Internal 3 speed model) and the 7 speed (Shimano Tourney seven speed).The bike is suited for any weather but careful riding is advised just as with other bikes. The bike is ideal for cruising around the beach.

Body Frame

First and foremost, The Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle brags of an ultra modern bike frame that is composed of two stays and 4 tubes. The tubes comprise of, the top tube, seat tube, down tube and head tube whereas the stays are the seat stay and chain stay. As opposed to its female counterpart, the bikes top tube is connected to the top of the seat tube. This ensures that the bike has a high standing point which is best suited for men. The chain stay is connected to the bikes chain while the seat stay is connected to the saddle. The bikes available in two major types of body frames: the 24 inch and the 26 inch body frames. The 24 inch body frame is best suited for riders who are 4 foot to 5 foot tall while the 26 inch is suited for riders who are 5 foot to 6 foot tall. However, the bike can be customized to meet the heights that are more than 6 foot and below 4 foot .The 24 inch is available in a wide selection of colors such as black, army green, chrome plate matte brown, matte gray, matte red, royal blue and shiny brown. On the other hand, the 26 inch is available in matte black, orange and red colors .In short, the color palette is vast. The bike is fashioned to carry up to a maximum of 350 pounds.


The bikes top tube is connected to a stout headset accessorized with medium sized high quality handle bars that give it a finishing touch. The chrome plated handle bars are swept back in style. The handle bars are designed to be erect and make it certain that the rider is seated up right as they enjoy their ride on this majestic bike. At the ends of the handle bars are great hand grips. The hand grips are firm and grasp your hand and not the other way round. This goes to ensure that the rider is in total command of their cycling experience.


Tightly fastened to the suspension fork is a durable long stem. The long stem is anchored to the bikes modern headset. The suspension fork attaches to the reliable internal hub which contains sealed or unsealed bearings. The stable, stout suspension fork gives the bike the required stability even on rocky riding surfaces.

Gearing system

Part of the bargain is an efficient gearing mechanism. Based on the different speed versions of the bike, the single speed version has a fixed gear, whereas both the 3 and 7 speed versions have elaborate gears. The elaborate gear mechanism consists of shifters and derailleur. Good thing about this beautiful bike is that all the gears systems can be found in this bike. The single gear makes it easy to pedal on flat ground while the elaborate and sophisticated gears get you flying over hills and mountainous terrains. What’s amazing is that it’s easy for the rider to switch between the gears.

Braking system

Additionally, The Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle comes with different braking systems. The type of braking system is determined by the bikes speed version. The single and 3 speed versions have the coaster braking system whereas the 7 speed version has front and rear brakes. The coaster braking system has no hanging cables and the rider needs just to pedal the bike backwards and it will halt. Regardless of the braking system both are efficient and precise. They will not let down the rider in case of emergency braking.


The bike boasts of a comfortable and cushiony saddle. Beneath the saddle is a dual spring that absorbs any form of impact. This prevents any form of injury to the pelvic bones.


  • Adjustable handlebars and saddle to accommodate different heights.
  • Curvy bike design and style
  • ​Cool cuff guards that protects the rider’s clothes from getting frayed by the bike’s chain.
  • ​Large and over sized saddle that provides comfort to the rider.
  • 3 different speed versions.


  • The bikes tires may wear out especially if the bike is rode on rough roads.
  • The inner tubes are light weight and may puncture easily especially if the bike is rode on trails

Suited for all men, The Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle is a chic magnet. Want your crush to notice you? Get this bike! The bike has 3 different speeds; 3 to 20 MPH for the single speed version and 3 to 30 MPH for the 3 and 7 speed versions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: Is the bike heavy?

Answer: The bike weighs 40 pounds.

2. Question: Does the bike come with fenders?

Answer: No. But this can be ordered and placed on the bike.

3. Question: Does the bike come with a warranty?

Answer: Yes. The bike comes with a warranty and easy to read users guide.

4. Question: Can you ride the bike on sandy surfaces?

Answer: Yes. That’s why it called The Beach cruiser.

5. Question: Do the tires arrive flat or inflated?

Answer: The tires arrive flat. The tires can easily be inflated at home or at the closest gas station.


Just to sum it up, The Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle is a great and exciting bike. Any man who wants to cycle for leisure, sport or for fun should not hesitate to get this bike. This is a bike that will give you a smooth and pleasant experience. It’s the kind of bike that you will cycle for hours without feeling the pain or fatigue. In short, as you ride this bike you don’t have to worry about anything because the Firm strong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle got you covered. If you’re purchasing a bike, look no further. Get The Firm strong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle.


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