Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Road Bike Review

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed

Urban cycling is not just a hobby, it is a lifestyle. That is why riders are serious about doing the research, understanding the gear, and getting the right bikes for their requirements. Finding a bicycle that you can make your own is one of the most elegant features available, and the critical cycles fixed single gear speed set urban road bike provides you the chance to do that. Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed has five different sizes and ten different colors, you are sure to find a bike you want. Each bicycle comes with product name components, steel frames, and is capable of becoming both a fixed gear and a single speed bike with just a flip of a wheel.


Nowadays the critical cycles have achieved the unbelievable responses for their fantastic artistry in fixed gear bikes. You will love the design of each of this bike. If you like to cruise on neighborhood streets with an unusual style of commuting, this bike is suitable for that purpose. This Fixed urban road bike from critical cycles should be placed in the area of your choice.

The hand designed single speed steel track frame is equipped with a wide range of colors. That does mean you should not have any frustration for missing your favorite colors in their make. The bike has been made with almost nine gorgeous colors. The way they brought the color combination between the rims and frame, undeniably every commuter can quickly match the bike with their style. Even, with these great options of colors, the multiple convenient sizes like 43, 49, 53, 57 and 60 centimeters also ensure it would adequately suit with your exact height.

Specifications of Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed

A fixed gear bike provides a free-wheel riding style without any optimization of the gears. These fixed bikes mainly set up a flip-flop hub on the rear that offers a freewheel style ride. Some travelers who expect and like the fixed gear bike than the other gear optimized bikes. So if you have that kind of expectation, undoubtedly it is a better choice for you while the price is remarkably affordable.

Gear system drive and gender

Don’t worry about the perfection as it is a unisex fixed bike whereby men and women both can easily find the ideal in it. An excellent option for choosing the colors allows you to pick the bike with your style while the girls also shouldn’t be frustrated as it also comes with most warm colors by girls.

Tires, wheels and rims

The bike has a flat top tube and a fantastic bar spin clearance the bike lets you commute with an unusual style. In addition to this, it adds more durability by having the dual walled rims that even the off-road bike uses. That is why the roughness would not affect your bicycle. The Wanda 700c tires are also road bike specific that would offer all the required support to commute with peak comfort ability.


The critical cycles fixed single gear speed set urban road bike comes with a handmade steel metal fixed gear, single speed track frame and also comes with a bar spin clearance, flat top tube, and horizontal dropouts. All of that makes this the perfect bike for riding around town, around the beach, traveling to work or even performing freestyle tricks.


This bike is stable and light in weight bike with a weight of 25 pounds that is just below the average weight for a road bike of this type. To lightness of a bicycle, can make it feel and ride cheap, and the heavy bike makes it awkward and difficult. With 25 pounds and including high-quality components, this fixed urban road bike is just right.


The road brakes of this bike are Prom ax, and the front wheel is a quick release. Reliable and secure stopping power is established from impeccably crafted alloy calipers. This road bike comes with a custom made soft and amplified saddle so that you are always guaranteed of comfort during your ride.


This road bike comes with a custom made soft and amplified saddle so that it guarantees you comfort during your ride.

Reason the product is great

This road bike has excellent features. The price, components, and the different color options that are available are astonishing. Whether you prefer a tight look, a neutral style, or a bright and loud color scheme, the fixed road bike has it all.

The value of this bike is incredible. It ranges from 219 to 290 dollars, depending on the size chosen. This bike has the best design than almost any other bike in this price group. It has incredible features that make it become the best road bike.

This bike is excellent for the beginners, casual travelers, and any person looking for a cheap bike with parts that are better than more expensive bike than this model.

You can choose from 5 different sizes, so men and women alike will find the perfect fix, and there are ten colors to choose. No matter what your style is, you will find it with this bike by critical cycles.

Target groups of the bike

The critical cycle urban road design is the perfect solution to those cyclists that need to hit the road. It is an excellent bicycle for cyclists of all ages and experience levels. Even though this bike tends to cater to the amateur bike rider, seasoned vets will find a reason to take this bike out for a ride.


  • One of the best bikes at an affordable price.
  • Available indifferent of colors.
  • ​The hand designed frame is built out of quality metal materials.
  • ​Double walled rims can undergo the coarseness.


  • Tires are weak and pop sporadically.
  • Brakes wear out faster than they should.

Frequently Asked Questions

​Q. Is the bike expensive?

A. The bike is affordable

Q. Is it comfortable to ride?

​A: Yes the bike is one of the most flexible in the market.

3. Q. Does it come with one color?

A. It comes with different colors and sizes

4. Q. Can a beginner operate this bike?

A. Yes the bike can be handled by a beginner.


From the points of view, you can say that the critical cycles fixed gear bike is one of the affordably fixed bikes for urban riders. This creation by vital cycles offers a wide range of sizes and colors. However, the components that are used to design this urban road bike, all are quality and perfectly optimized to enjoy a freewheeling ride.


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