Critical Cycles Classic Fixed Gear Single-Speed Track Bike

Critical Cycles Classic Fixed Gear Track Bike

Biking serves various purposes for different individuals. Some individuals ride for leisure, exercise, racing and so forth, but the one that is common is commuting. Getting the right bicycle for such a significant purpose, can be a daunting task, especially when you are looking for quality and affordability. There is a myriad of brands on the market offering bikes purposely for users’ commuting needs, but they do not deliver. On the contrary, Critical Cycles has come to your rescue with one of a kind machine, the Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Track Bike with Pursuit Bullhorn Bars.

Critical Cycles Classic Fixed Gear Track Bike Features

The features and specifications are vital to any product; many consumers depend on this list before they buy any product. This review is going to take you through the impressive features which add boldness and character to this bike, they include:

This bicycle is built with a hand-made steel frame, which offers the bike durability and strength with equal measure. It is also fitted with bullhorn handlebars, which offer the rider the most comfortable ride.

Again, this bike has tires which can withstand the rough surface of the road. It also uses reliable brakes from Promox meaning that the bike is made from quality components and, has powerful stopping power.

For efficient cycling, the bike has a reliable chain system from KMC. Its handlebars come with a flip-flop hub, which aids in switching in between single speed and fixed gear easily.

Moreover, this machine has 700C wheels, which make cycling on the road smooth. The rims are double-walled to provide lots of strength to handle the road. Also, its low profile VP pedals make pedaling easy.

The bike is suitable for many riders; it has five sizes one can choose from; 43, 49, 53, 57 and 60cm making it convenient for persons with different body size and physic. Also, it comes with 3 pc cranks.

For aesthetic reasons, this bike comes in a variety of beautiful colors. It is easy to assemble and to speed up the assembling process after delivery. The machine is shipped with a toolbox.

For riders who love to hydrate themselves as they cycle, the bike has a water bottle holder enabling you to carry water.


  • This bike comes in a wide range of colors enabling users to have a variety to choose from.
  • Assembling the bike is a walk in the park because it has straightforward manual instructions. Additionally, the bike is delivered inclusive of the correct assembling tools.
  • ​It is a stable machine made from the steel frame.
  • ​It has quality and responsive components.
  • Easy to use for avid riders and beginners alike.
  • ​The device has excellent chain system, which ensures smooth riding during pedaling.
  • The bicycle’s bullhorn handlebars have excellent grips on them, and you get to sit comfortably while you ride around town.
  • It has a water bottle holder which the rider uses to keep hydrated as they ride.


  • The bike comes with not so quality tires, which you may need to change as soon as possible.
  • It is a fixed gear and single speed only, making it problematic to those who choose to ride in hilly areas.
  • The pedals may need to change because of feet sliding off the pedals.

Technical Features and Specifications

  • Hand-made steel frame
  • Horizontal drop-outs
  • ​43mm deep-V double-walled rims
  • ​Flip-flop hub
  • ​Wanda tires 700 x 23c
  • ​KMC 1/8 chain
  • ​25.4mm pursuit handlebars
  • 1’’ Threaded Quill headset
  • Promax alloy stem 25.4mm clamp diameter
  • Kraton Rubber Grips
  • Rear Promax Brakes with 22.2 mm braking lever clamp diameter
  • ​9/16’’ Low profile BMX pedals VP platform
  • Bar spin clearance and no toe overlap
  • Toolbox included
  • Weigh Limit 220Lbs
  • NECO Bottom Bracket 68x110 sealed cartridge

Bike Performance

This fixie bicycle has some making magic, which keeps the commuters looking forward to their next trip. Equipped with the steel frame which offers extra strength, it is light for you to enjoy that cool, smooth ride. Its Wanda tires are robust and can withstand the rugged terrain, and coupled with its 700c wheels plus Promax brakes, it has powerful stopping power. This is a single-speed and fixed gear bike and thumbs up to the flip-flop hub, you can be able to change from either to the other using the flip-flop switch. Looking at its appearance, the make of this bicycle is slick, and it has many beautiful colors for riders who love style and color.

What to Look out for Before Buying 

Since purchasing a bike is an investment, you need to know more about specific things to make your riding experience easy as you own your bike.

Bike Frame Material Composition – The best material that a single-speed bicycle can be made of is Carbon fiber. This material is excellent and extremely lightweight, and it has a non-metal component. The material presents the manufacturers a huge cutting edge while designing this single speed bicycle. Another favorite material used in making single speed bikes is steel; this material has been used to manufacture bikes for decades.

Steel frames are renowned for the durability, strength, and comfort they offer. We have Titanium, which is popular, the Titanium single speed bicycles are incredibly lightweight, and they provide the rider with a smooth ride regardless of their weight.

Mirrors – Mirrors should be your best companion when it comes to cycling a single speed bike in a crowded area. It is essential to ensure that other drivers can see you perfectly, and you have the edge to anticipate their next move as you ride your bike. Ensuring you have side mirrors on your bike allows you to keep a continuous eye contact with other motorists or riders around you for your safety and that of others.

Safety Gears – Before you hit the streets, you have to look at your safety gear. Ensure that you equip yourself with a helmet and pads that fit perfectly. The safety gear allows you to protect yourself from accidents on the track.

Be Alert – On top of everything, be alert always, by doing so, you will keep yourself from any form of accidents major or minor. Again, look around for any warning signs of danger, small warning messages like slippery rail, or falling debris from the top of the building, may allow you to change direction and take another safer route to where you are going.

Who Should Buy It?

This bike is ideal for both the ladies and cool guys who love racing, for leisure, exercise, and most common purpose for commuting. This bike is high quality, and you can buy it at the most affordable price.

Having this bike in your custody makes commuting interesting, and many people look forward to the next trip the bike has to offer to their various destinations. The bike's performance is top, and its Wanda tires can withstand the harsh, rugged terrain with ease. Not to mention its Promax brakes, which gives the rider maximum control power to stop anywhere.

Why Should You Buy it?

The benefits of buying a Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Track Bike with Pursuit Bullhorn Bars are immense, thanks to the machine’s high specs and features. If there is an investment the designer's of Critical Cycles made are the many uncountable benefits to the commuter. There is a dozen and one reason to buy this bicycle; below are a number of them:

This fixie bike comes with quality brand components. Having quality components on your bike means keeping the bike shop at bay. It will take you sometime before you pay a visit to the bike shop to replace some worn out parts of the bike.

This is a durable bike, a big score to the hand-made steel material which the bike is made of. The sturdy frame gives the bike a smooth, cool riding feeling instead of a clumsy and artificial ride.

When it comes to assembling, this bike is the easiest because it comes enclosed with a straightforward manual with tools to aid the user fix and calibrate the bike’s components to get the correct specifications.

The other advantage is the great look the bike has. It has a classic and slick design, and its wide range of magnificent colors does not disappoint.

Talking about the price, its price tag is more cost effective when you consider the bike’s state of the art elements. You get to have a taste of this remarkable bike at an awesome price.

For the riders who have no interest in hustling with different gears, you have a fantastic option because you can choose between having your bike as a single speed or a fixed gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the weight of this bike?

A: The recommended weight limit of this bike is 220lbs.

Q: Does this bike have a flip flop hub?

A: Yes it does have a flip flop hub.

Q: What kind of braking system does it have?

A: The bike uses the rear promax brakes with a 22.2mm brake lever clamp diameter.

Q: What material is used in making the frame of this bike?

A: This bike is made from a strong hand-built steel track frame

Q: What are the tire measurements of this bike?

A: This bike has Wanda City Tires measuring 700x23C


This Critical Cycle Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Track Bike with Pursuit Bullhorn Bars makes it simple to get yourself into fixie biking with low price notwithstanding. This pursuit offers much regarding durability, quality, and the overall riding performance. For all riders who have been hunting for the best economical way to get into fixed gear cycling, with an awesome, dependable bike, this bike should be on top of your list.


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