6ku Urban Track Fixed Gear Bike Review

6ku Urban Track Fixed Gear Bike Review

The 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike is a big name in the bike manufacturing industry. It is believed to be one of the top brands available on the market in the recent times. 6ku Urban Track Fixed Gear Bike delivers in quality control, reliability, affordability, warranty, comfort and practically everything. The company has a goal to produce accessible and affordable fixies, and their efforts have borne fruit. This review will take you through the salient features that have made this bike stand out from a million others, they include:

6ku Urban Track Fixed Gear Bike Features

This bike’s frame is built from 6061 aluminum alloy, which features some smooth welds that give the frame a high-end and outstanding sleek appearance.

It also has a high percentage of stainless steel 1⅛” alloy fork, which helps the bike absorb shocks on bumpier paths. The bike’s overall weight varies from 18-22lbs depending on the bike size.

The fixie’s urban track saddle displays minor racing influences, and with it comes a sport-design with minimal padding. It has an optimal coverage, however, and it stands out to be surprisingly comfortable.

This bike has a raised handlebar, which allows the user to sit more upright, making it easy for them to ride. It also has soft, durable BMX rubber – grips to improve the riders, comfort while steering.

Its urban track drivetrain is a favorite part. Its sealed cartridge on the rear hub is designed by Novatec, and provides a worry-free riding experience by preventing moisture and dirt from getting on the inside.

Again its 3D forged alloy and the 46T crank is part of the drive train. It utilizes an efficient 46:16 gears ratio. This feature gives the bicycle some little top-end speed making longer rides feel a little easy.

This machine has ensured lots of stopping power by implementing both the rear and front brakes. This feature makes the bicycle more suitable for highly dense areas allowing for easy speed control in very tight situations. The rider can remove the brakes with ease if need be.

The bike also has a set of impressive wheels, 30mm deep V double-walled alloy with pared rims of Kenda tires measuring 700cc x 25c with minimal tread model, which provides an improved grip and makes the ride incredibly smooth.


  • The bike is aesthetically appealing; it has beautiful looks and well-designed features.
  • It has a robust braking system covering both the front and rear of the bicycle.
  • ​It is lightweight and easy to handle while riding.
  • ​It comes with a friendly price tag.
  • The fixie comes in an array of color options.


  • Fitted with cheap large pedals.
  • The bike lacks a mount point for a bottle cage.
  • Its wheel reflector keeps wobbling.

Technical Features and Specifications

  • Aluminum frame
  • Easy to remover rear and front brakes
  • ​Size range 47-61cm
  • Kenda tires 700cm by 25cm
  • Comes in 10 beautiful arrays of colors
  • ​30mm V doubled wall alloy
  • 32 front and rear flip flop hub for freewheel or optionally fixed riding
  • ​1 ⅛ alloy fork
  • Gears BMX platform
  • Saddle fitted with synthetic leather

Bike Performance

This bike is a showstopper like its name suggests. It is an appropriate blend of both street and track resulting into a hybrid bike of all sorts which offers its avid users the best performance in each of the bike categories.

This fixed gear bike has its origin from track bikes, something the bike users are well aware of. While many people would not be comfortable using the actual track bicycle on the streets of the city, 6KU made a few adjustments to build a bike that can handle it; this led to the birth of the urban track. Durable, quick and light, the 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike is a force to reckon on the streets, and it will not cost you a fortune.

What to Look out for before Buying this Bike

Safety Gears Before you decide to hit the road, one of the most critical components you need to know about is the safety gear. It is essential you purchase a helmet and riding pads that fit perfectly. These safety gears allow you to adequately protect yourself from a major accident while you are on track.

Mirrors – The side mirrors should be your companion when you are cycling a single speed bicycle in a crowded place. It is essential to ensure that other motorists can see you clearly and the fact that you can anticipate their next move as you ride your bike. Equipping your machine with side mirrors helps you maintain a close eye contact with the other road users around you.

Be Familiar with Road Signs It is vital for you to familiarize yourself with road signs before stepping on the streets. Remember to always ride in the single speed bike’s lane or in a path where you feel safe. Furthermore, there are several other signs you will need to look out for as you cycle, like, a sign bearing Construction Ahead wordings; this will help protect you from minor accidents.

The Rider’s Weight The weight of the rider is among the significant things you would need to consider before purchasing a single speed bike. It allows you to have an idea on which kind of material would be the most ideal for you. For instance, if you are quite heavy, a carbon fiber frame with single speed would be an excellent option.

Proper Assembling of Your Bike If you are putting together your single speed bike by yourself, ensure you check all the spare parts before hitting the outdoors. Again you have to be aware of the track or road you will be riding on and assemble all your bicycle spared parts correctly.

Who should buy you it?

This urban track fixie bike is ideal for both men and women, and anyone can buy it young and old. It is a stylish bike and looks terrific in an array of colors, and indeed provides that track-like look you would find on an urban bike.

This bike is affordable and its performance scores incredibly high. The bike can fly, and the rider has everything they need to control and manage it when it does that. The bicycle feels quick, and it rides even faster, apart from that, it offers you fantastic rhythm and pedal efficiency which makes you feel that you are in synch with the road.

Why Should You Buy the 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

This fabulous machine comes loaded with a cluster of advantages. The benefits are as a result of the vital features which the designers of this bike intentionally incorporated in this fixie bike. Below are the reasons you should get this bike.

Aesthetic Appeal Besides functionality, this bicycle is also endowed with incredible physical appearance. It is ideal for the ladies and cool guys.

Magnificent Braking System – This bicycle is fitted with a wonderful braking mechanism, for instance, its brakes are calibrated efficiently and apply equally as well as solid pressure in case you want your bike to stop.

Appropriate Lubrication – Lubricating your bike often is one thing that will contribute towards a proper functioning bike. Also, a bicycle that is simple to lubricate results into safe and better use because parts such as the bolts and chains will remain highly functional which is a perfect feature of this machine.

Lightweight – This is another benefit of this bicycle. It is light but strong enough to serve the intended purpose.

Affordable This bike is pocket-friendly, and it comes with a very affordable price tag.

Beautiful Color OptionsThis cool bike offers the buyers the freedom to choose from the multiple color options it comes with.

Quality Welds The bicycle has high-quality welds, which makes it durable and safe for riders because any possibilities of any accidental breaking while you are riding are eliminated.

Better Lean – This bike is built in a manner that you do not strain as you cycle because of unnecessary leaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the correct measurements of the tires and wheels of this bike?

A: The bike has Kenda tires and rims that measure 700cx25c.

Q: Does this bicycle have a flip flop hub?

A: Yes, it has a flip flop hub for free wheel or optional fixed riding.

Q: What material is used in making this bike?

A: The frame is made from Aluminum.

Q: What braking mechanism does this bike have?

A: This fixie is fitted with the front and rear brakes to enhance your safety.

Q: Does this bike have a warranty?

A: Yes the bike comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame and the other components have a one year cover.


This single speed-fixe bike is a terrific machine; we have looked at its many dimensions, and we are confident that this bike is fabulous. The bike is sleek and beautiful, and it offers the riders a lovely entry experience. Though it may have an issue with the frame and saddle, with enough replacement and lubrication, you will get away with it. Think of it this way; the 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike is an excellent bike for those people who are out to buy an even better track bicycle in future.


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